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Flashback: Timeline of Democrats’ Brutal Attacks On Brett Kavanaugh

Flashback: Timeline of Democrats’ Brutal Attacks On Brett Kavanaugh

If you were angry then, just wait until Democrats brutalize the nominee to fill the Ginsburg vacancy.

President Trump has stated that he will move “without delay” to name a nominee to fill the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Speculation is rampant about whom he will nominate, but one thing we can count on is Democrats behaving shamefully.

We know this because of the way they relentlessly and groundlessly tried to destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

Here at LI, we covered that vile spectacle from beginning to end.


Major developments:

Ford’s testimony was  a disaster for the anti-Kavanaugh mob, as we noted:

She couldn’t deliver. The persons she claimed were witnesses were unable to substantiate her claims, and it didn’t help that her story didn’t hold up even under the most casual scrutiny. Where did this assault take place? She didn’t know. When did it take place? She didn’t know. How did she get to the location of the assault or get home from that same location? She didn’t know. Who was there? She claimed that four people were and named them, but none of them substantiated her claim.

Republicans did everything they could to hear her out, even offering at one point to come to California since she claimed she had a fear of flying (a fear that is debunked by her extensive air travel records). She had her day in front of the Senate committee, and it didn’t go well for her.

The fifty-eleventh FBI investigation into the litany of bogus sexual misconduct allegations turned up nothing

Kavanaugh defended himself:

The increasingly crazy allegations against Kavanaugh collapsed, one by one:

A witness was allegedly pressured to change her testimony:

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse beclowned himself:

Sen. Kamala Harris lied about Kavanaugh on birth control

No, Kavanaugh “did not refer to contraceptives as ‘abortion-inducing drugs’ as his own view, he was summarizing Priests for Life’s case”

And then there was the infamous “bland eater” allegation:

The pile-on by various leftwing activists and agitators was, at that time, shocking:

Anti-Kavanaugh activists harassed and threatened Republican lawmakers:

The media, of course, was all-in against Kavanaugh:

All of this was too much for Sen. Lindsey Graham:


But they just can’t let it go.

Two years later, Sen. Chuck Schumer threatened Justice Kavanaugh (and Justice Gorsuch):

If anything, Democrats and their burning, looting, murdering hordes will be even more brazenly, disgracefully awful this time.


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“The truth behind my transparently narcissistic, contrived, partisan political stunt, lies indelible in the hippocampus.” Or, something.

Whoever the nominee is, expect the democrats to try bringing battalions of blasey-fords into the hearings. Delay and smear. After the Kavanaugh hearings it would seem the democrats would have at least a little shame, but they really are shameless ghouls. If difi tries bringing a sealed envelope in at the last minute, slap it out of her hands and hold the vote.

    guyjones in reply to CKYoung. | September 19, 2020 at 9:05 pm

    Indeed, totalitarians possess no shame.

    A political party that threatens riots and violence unless its political demands are met, and, if the political opposition exercises its Constitutional powers, is plainly and appropriately characterized as a goose-stepping band of bullying, totalitarian thugs.

The d burned down the remaining carcass of comity and good will then salted the earth during the Kavenaugh fiasco.

Not willing to even contemplate listening to their claptrap. Ram the nomination through the Judiciary Committee and onto the floor for debate, cloture and final vote.

The days of go along get along are well and truly over. Resist the siren song of collegiality. The d won’t respect you in the morning, they will simply f you again if you let them.

    guyjones in reply to CommoChief. | September 19, 2020 at 9:10 pm

    The only open question is how the predictably self-aggrandizing machinations of spineless and feckless Romney and Murkowski play out. Senator Collins at least is in a tough re-election battle, so, her reluctance to engage in a SCOTUS fight, I can understand, even if I think she should gird her loins, suck it up and get on board. But, Romney and Murkowski have absolutely no sound reason for opposing a SCOTUS nominee, other than personal animus towards POTUS, himself. And, that’s childish and idiotic, as hell.

    We are up against a band of vicious, spite-filled and America-hating totalitarians, so, why the hell can’t the GOP caucus ever get its act together and achieve some semblance of unity? It’s frustrating as hell.

      Connivin Caniff in reply to guyjones. | September 20, 2020 at 6:33 pm

      Here’s the problem for Romney, Collins and Murkowski: If they remain recalcitrant to the extent of thwarting the President’s nominee, and next year a D’Rat President and Senate nominate and approve some Marxist wacko onto the Court, their names will forever live in infamy, and will be invoked with every decision of that putrid Court that robs good citizens of their fought-for rights. They may be against an early vote, but once an early vote is approved, it would be a dereliction of duty to vote against a qualified nominee merely out of pettiness or spite. It would be totally unfair against the nominee to not vote on the merits because of an earlier procedural disagreement.

southern commenter | September 19, 2020 at 9:21 pm

During these hearings America saw the REAL Kamala Harris. The women is of Satan. She has NO conscience or soul!

    I’m going to extend your observation as applying to every single Dhimmi-crat apparatchik, today. There are no equivalents to, or, even, faint shadows, of, the likes of Daniel Moynihan, John Kennedy, or, Scoop Jackson, in the Party, today — pragmatic, centrist and patriotic Democrats, with whom consensus and compromise could be achieved, for the benefit of the country. The contemporary Dhimmi-crat Party is a party of infantile, obnoxious, vengeful and embittered totalitarian bullies.

A side question.. Nobody heard of Blasey-Ford before the hearings, nor have we heard a peep from or about her since. Where is she now?

    guyjones in reply to vinnymeyer. | September 19, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Back to the obscurity from where she sprang; a dusty old political prop whose moment in the Sun as a narcissist-zealot-saboteur failed to achieve its ultimate goal.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to vinnymeyer. | September 20, 2020 at 12:01 am

    She’s a clerk at a Little General convenience mart in Mississippi. She relieves Elvis off the night shift.

    Seriously, you ask a good question.

That “hearing” was the moment when the Dem party finally shoveled out the Augean Stables and discovered themselves underneath. They are still stuck there with no hope of cleaning up.

    Now would be the time for the GOP to run ads about what happened, following the timeline above. Remind America what a clown show the Democrats are.

The president needs a nominee who is just as DGAF about leftilibral vitriol as he is.

I’m remembering when his original EPA head Scott Pruitt quickly bowed out because he was unprepared for the massive leftwing hate leveled at him and his family.

We don’t need a hearing, another fraud show, just take it right to the senate for a vote.

How many DNC media stenographers were camped out on Kavanaugh’s front yard for a month on the off-chance that his wife might say something? To paraphrase an increasingly common phrase, “I don’t want to hear another word from the media about their funding troubles.”

I hope Mitch McConnell will lay out the rules and guidelines for conduct and procedures during the confirmation hearing including the voting. There should be strict guidelines and compliance for professional behavior for all Senators with no exceptions and violators should be removed from the hearings. Unsubstantiated allegations should not be allowed! It is sad that we have to discuss this but after what we saw and heard in the past two hearings we have to eliminate unacceptable and devious behaviors. We are better than that and it is shameful it has to be implemented.