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REPORT: Kamala Harris Joins the Anonymous, Unsubstantiated Claim Party

REPORT: Kamala Harris Joins the Anonymous, Unsubstantiated Claim Party

Harris submitted letter in which “Jane Doe” alleges Kavanaugh carried out a gang rape “in the back seat of a car.” No place, date, or accomplices were listed.

You had to know California’s junior Senator would get in on the anonymous, uncorroborated claim party.

Late Wednesday night, Kamala Harris introduced a new accusation against Judge Kavanaugh. Harris claims an anonymous woman alleges a Kavanaugh gang rape party in the back seat of a car. None of the details have been provided.

Gee, I wonder if Harris has an ulterior motive here?

Could it be money?

From The Daily Caller:


California Senator Kamala Harris has posted around 3,600 different Facebook ads opposing the confirmation of Trump SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Most of the ads include a statement about Kavanaugh’s “opposition to Roe v. Wade, “loyalty” to the “president who appointed him,” or a complaint, such as the documents that have not been released, and all of them in some manner encourage voters to sign a petition opposing the judge’s confirmation to the court.

Although Harris isn’t running for re-election this year, once voters click the petition they are linked to a fundraising page that suggests campaign contributions of $15 or more.

“Judge Kavanaugh was hand-picked by conservative special interest groups because of his opposition to Roe v. Wade, and we know his loyalty will be with the president who appointed him, not to the Constitution or the American people who deserve someone who will treat everyone equally under the law,” reads one of the ads. “This is why we must work together to do everything we can to oppose his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Sign our petition if you’re with me in this fight.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, “no other senator appears to be doing as much Kavanaugh-related advertising on Facebook.” As of Wednesday, dozens of ads from Harris’ account were active.

Also relevant:

This is getting laughable, which is incredibly concerning given the damage this does for victims of sexual abuse, the real ones though, not the imaginary ones invoked by Judicial Committee Democrats.


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Are we going to get to a point where we need to outlaw anonymous allegations? Is that even possible? (I’m not a lawyer and I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn for a few years. 😉 )

The Democrats are really getting desperate here.

I fully expect by Friday that every woman in America will have accused Kavanaugh of gang rape. Anonymously of course.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Blueshot. | September 27, 2018 at 9:05 am

    The back seat of a car is awkward for two people, how in hell could there be a gang rape? #MeTooLiars

      Good point.
      Must have been a clown car at the circus?
      (Wonder if any of the current Dem clowns were involved…)

      PLUS —

      A bunch of guys.
      I only know of one.
      Here, hold my beer….

    Arminius in reply to Blueshot. | September 28, 2018 at 12:30 am

    I expect the Democrats to submit an anonymous letter “credibly” accusing Kavanaugh of raping Mrs. Lincoln in a restroom at the Ford Theater shortly after killing the President and framing John Wilkes Booth.

I don’t know how Kav had time for this with his rape houses and cocaine shipping operation.

    With everyone knowing even back then that he was a shoo-in for the Supreme Court, there was no problem keeping this massive crime spree secret. I’m still waiting for their master stroke: the “mass murder with an assault rifle” that left no dead bodies, no reports of it ever happening, where it happened and no witnesses.

This is the same thing as the media using “anonymous” sources. Just make up whatever fits your narrative, then say you cannot identify the source, just trust me, I wouldn’t lie.

Don’t forget his baby saving activities too. That’s much worse in the eyes of the Democrats!!

How exactly do you fit a giraffe into the back seat of a car to gang rape it?

I’m almost to the point of believing avenatti, stormy daniels and now the gang rape accuser are Donald Trump employees. Sent out as covert wrecking balls to shatter the msm and democrat party and select rinos.

Komrade Harris is a dangerous, sick POS.

There is really no better way to describe her.

She’s in a league with maxine waters and hillary klinton -and no league is lower.

If the Uniparty has any sense, they will refocus their energies to fight the real threat to their existence: the communists wresting control of the Democratic Party and destroying every American institution along its path. And they are being enabled by the NeverTrumpers who have made themselves valuable useful fools as Trump’s main obstacle within the already corrupt but feckless GOP establishment.

Our choices in November are simple: Trump (and the hope of a return to normalcy and common sense) or communism (and the horror that always follows). You only get to vote your freedoms away once. Their is no civilized path to ever getting them back.

There’s 2 things left to do here….confirm Kavanuagh handing the Dems their first defeat, then go into the election and the people hand them their second defeat. I am deciding who I trust less….the Repub Senators to achieve mission 1 or the Repub voters to achieve mission 2.

    Elzorro in reply to jaudio. | September 27, 2018 at 7:38 am

    These democrat Heathens that we are forced to contend with will be defeated and crushed. We can not co-exist with them.

I called it on Facebook last night … #4 before the hearings start and #5 before the end of today.

Last Saturday this was posted discussing the suspicion that an underlying purpose of this allegation train has been to provide campaign material for Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren for 2020 runs.

This LI post would seem to confirm those suspicions.

See “The Kavanaugh Kalculation” here:

    Backfire, I think.

      MajorWood in reply to Petrushka. | September 27, 2018 at 12:40 pm

      I don’t think they have fully adjusted their sights for Trump yet. He has been amazingly calm in all of this, and I bet they were hoping to provoke him into a rash action early on. You don’t win many friends when suddenly every teenage boy who has tried to get to second base is characterized as a rapist. Grassly just needs to say “Hitler” and move on to a vote.

Well, today is the day of circus acts. Kavanaugh will confront the Trash at their grandstanding trashiest on camera. No minds will be changed. An honorable man vs all the #tag slogans the Democrats can muster. This has the makings of a major turning point in our ongoing ‘cold civil war’.

One has to think that, with all these moving parts, the bad deeds of this cabal of “safe senators” from non-battleground districts will be discovered through some kind of trail of bread crumbs. Someone will be stupid enough to leave behind emails, texts, recorded voices, or something to point out this pathetic plan.

Escaped from RI | September 27, 2018 at 9:11 am

Today during the hearing Kamala’s latest trick will be to claim that Brett Kavanaugh raped her in the waiting room before the hearing.

4th armored div | September 27, 2018 at 9:13 am

THESE GUYS STICK TOGETHER AGAINST THEIR CRITICS, I GUESS: Amy Dryden: Banned From Facebook For Sharing Truth About CNN’s Kavanaugh Investigation. So much for “listen to women.”

Wow. These odious Leftists with their daily projectile vomit are a click bait bonanza for conservative sites like L.I.


Kamala Harris trying to get in a last-minute “me too!” is indeed risible. Nonetheless, she’d surely be a more formidable opponent in a presidential election than Hillary Clinton?

Although that’s not saying much, is it?

If ever the mask has been ripped off of a monster this is the time. Ethics, civility, the rule of law and the American tenet that we are all innocent until proven guilty have been thrown aside by the left. After witnessing this dive into anarchy we can see where a total takeover of the government by the left will lead. obma got the ball rolling but with the newly found mantra of the left, our nation will not survive another total Demorat takeover. Their leaders have shown that there is no rule or law that they will not bend break or ignore to obtain their goal. Can we survive such an event?

Currently, Harris is considering who she needs to sleep with to advance her career to the “next level”.

The question remains, has Trump wrangled the 3 holdouts?

“This is getting laughable, which is incredibly concerning given the damage this does for victims of sexual abuse, the real ones though, not the imaginary ones invoked by Judicial Committee Democrats.”

Actually, this fiasco does little to adversely affect real victims of sexual assault. In my career in LE, I was involved either directly or peripherally in several sexual battery and assault investigations. In every case, the procedures for investigating such cases were followed to the letter. In most cases, physical evidence that a sexual battery had very likely occurred was obtained and evidence linking the accused was obtained and verified. There were very few cases which were declined except for a lack of evidence, exculpatory evidence or a total lack of credibility on the part of the victim/witness.

LE and prosecutors rarely dismiss claims of sexual assault. The Weinstein case is the exception, rather than the rule. And, Weinstein was actually protected by most of his “victims”.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 27, 2018 at 1:43 pm

There’s a Ford in your future!!!!!!!