At 10:00AM ET, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford will testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ford has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault back in high school.

I will update this thread as it goes. You can follow along and watch a livestream.

Democrats Asking Ford Questions


Yeah, Harris made it all about herself.


Now it’s time for Sparatacus. Oh, I mean Cory Booker.


Hirono lectured Mitchell, a seasoned sex crimes prosecutor, how to do her job. Good Lord.


Blumenthal spent the majority of the time fawning over himself because he believes Ford.

He finally asks Ford if she wishes the FBI would get involved. Ford says yes because then maybe she could find out the exact dates Judge worked at the Safeway.




Everyone’s favorite senator from Rhode Island has a turn. He’s asking her about her request for an FBI investigation.



Ford tells Leahy that there is no way she mixed up Kavanaugh or Judge.

She said she remembers them laughing, which is the strongest memory she has. “The uproarious laughter between the two”

Feinstein first:

Mitchell Asking Questions For Republicans

The man that Ed Whelan talked about on Twitter is the man that introduced her to Kavanaugh. She also “went out” with that man.

FBI investigations have come up. Ford said she’d be more than happy to cooperate.

About the funds:

Ford said she was hooked up to a machine for a long time and being asked a lot of questions. However, the polygraph results only showed two questions and the polygrapher said he only asked two questions.

Counsel advised Ford to take the polygraph test, which she found stressful. She didn’t see any reason not to take one. She didn’t choose the person who did the polygraph test. She doesn’t know who paid for the polygraph test either.

The polygraph test took place either on or the day after her grandmother’s funeral, which is why it happened at the hotel.

Mitchell said she did not retain a lawyer right away because she didn’t think she needed one.

Ford said she didn’t fully understand the offer for the senators to come out to California to question her. If she did she would have been more than happy to host them and thanked them for their offer.

Mitchell asked why Ford went to WaPo on July 6.

Beach friends gave her advice to go the media. She did not contact The New York Times because she thought one media outlet was enough.

Now comes up Ford’s fear of flying, but yet she has an extensive background of traveling by plane.

Mitchell reminds Ford that WaPo said they saw the notes.

The therapist notes have come up.


The map shows that her home is about 6.2 miles away. She agreed it was fair to say that someone drove her to the party or home afterwards. No one has called her and reminded her that they were the one who did that.

Mitchell asked about the timeline. Ford said she likes to drives herself so it must have been before she got her license because she did not drive to or from the party.

Mitchell gave Ford a map to describe where she lived.

Mitchell has gone back to the music. Ford said she doesn’t remember anyone turning down the music, but said probably since she could hear the boys walking down the stairs.

No one has contacted Ford saying that they attended that party, too.

Mitchell then asked if the first floor was loud and if there was music. Ford said no.

Mitchell has asked Ford if she was on any medication (no) and that she did not know if she expected Kavanaugh would be there. She also said that Judge and Kavanaugh were drinking before the party.

Ford is currently rereading the letter to make sure it’s the accurate. She found three areas she wants to address.

The other area was when she saw Judge at a Safeway. To figure out when he worked there would give her a better idea of exactly when the alleged assault took place.

Mitchell asked Ford if she wrote the letter to Feinstein on July 30, the date on the letter. She says she believes so, but definitely near that date.

Ford’s Opening Statement

Ford has shown up.

Feinstein Gives Her Opening Remarks

Grassley Opens the Session

From Earlier Today

Here are the logistics:

What They Will Say

Kavanaugh’s and Ford’s prepared remarks came out yesterday. Kavanaugh denied the allegations once again and insisted he will not resign over a last-minute character assassination.

Ford wrote that she came to the hearing because it is her “civic duty” to tell everyone what happened to her. She claims that Kavanaugh “locked her in a room, held her down and tried to remove her clothes at a party when they were both in high school.”


Arizona sex crimes prosecutor will question Kavanaugh and Ford instead of the Republicans. She has worked for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for 26 years.

The Democrats on the panel will question Kavanaugh and Ford.


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