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Left-wing protesters are still demonstrating outside Brett Kavanaugh's home for some reason, and his neighbors have had it. At this point, even the protesters know that the Supreme Court isn't going to reconvene and reverse its decision on Roe v. Wade, so this is an exercise in futility.

Sheldon Whitehouse's war on the Supreme Court just took a particularly insidious turn, but unlike his obsessions with Brett Kavanaugh's "boofing" and "ralphing," Whitehouse's latest obsession is nothing to laugh about. It's part of a rising tide of Democrat rhetoric inciting activists against the conservative...

Following the very real threat to the life of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Republicans are reupping their efforts to protect judges on the court and their families. The threats are escalating, with Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s church and family now targeted. Liberals, who constantly claim to be the good guys, are mocking them for their efforts.