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Trump Tweets He Will Move “Without Delay” In Selecting SCOTUS Nominee

Trump Tweets He Will Move “Without Delay” In Selecting SCOTUS Nominee

“We have this obligation, without delay!”

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away Friday at the age of 87.  The left immediately began issuing threats to our nation should President Trump decide to replace her before the November election.

President Trump is, of course, undeterred and announced that he will move “without delay” in selecting a nominee to fill out the Court.


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Trump’s killer instinct is what has been lacking from the GOP in decades. It matches the democrats perfectly.

Just nominate someone. Anyone. The Bolsheviks will fight it so hard, they will forget that there’s an election right around the corner. Because, when it’s about public attention and outcry, the Dems are not known as the party of multi-tasking – with the majority of their voters having the attention span of a fruit fly…

One thing I think everryone is forgetting. Kammila Harris is on the Judiciary committee.

    What difference does that make? It’s not as if her vote might ever have been in favor of T’s choice. The Ds on that committee, the Ds in the Senate as a whole, will vote in lockstep to say NO to anyone T nominates.

      clintack in reply to pfg. | September 19, 2020 at 12:55 pm

      It means that holding a confirmation hearing puts her in a tricky spot. Does she continue to “campaign” (is she even doing campaign events?) or does she fly to Washington and question the nominee, while running for VP. Will she end up giving Trump useful campaign soundbytes? Will she look like she’s making campaign speeches at the hearing?

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to pfg. | September 19, 2020 at 1:15 pm

      In addition to her vote being “no” anyway, the entire nation gets to watch her be the same nasty, vile harridan she was in the previous hearings. I see that as a bonus.

      Connivin Caniff in reply to pfg. | September 19, 2020 at 1:44 pm

      I agree 100%. And speaking of “lockstep,” I certainly do not wish to speak ill of the dead, so please tell me why Ms. Ginsberg was anything other than a totally predictable, lockstep, left-wing hack, whose opinions could be accurately predicted with simple algorithms: example: Babies live, “No”, Babies die, “Yes”. She also had a bad habit of speaking out of place – amazingly to the very end, with her outrageously presumptuous last words being a pathetic attempt to set non-Constitutional terms for the appointment of the successor to “her” seat. Left-wing politics to the end from her, but sorry, Ruth, it ain’t “your” seat – terms for life are certainly long enough. And how dare you consume those last words to take a last slap at President Trump’s ability and judgment to make good appointments; really, that also is a slap at all of his previous appointments themselves, including those of some of your colleagues on “your” Supreme Court.

    Another Voice in reply to thad_the_man. | September 19, 2020 at 1:07 pm

    On the other hand K.H. in the course of the coming 45 days will need to place her priority by being Joe’s public appearance missing link for personal campaigning. She needs the facetime recognition for presenting herself as the Harris in her quoted ” Harris-Biden presidential term”. As stated elsewhere here today, those in the Democrat party find it very difficult if not impossible to multi-task and stay on message. Also, that this period in time of elections for all 3 branches of government, all candidates want to be back in their home districts rather than on the job. Those returning to Washington for a Senate Vote might be swayed in the out come of their own re-election or NOT. It’s going to be totally insane how the left MSM is going to double down on Trump and ANY candidate. But I have to believe if it can be pulled off in the upcoming 105 days, Trump and McConnell will do it again. He has nothing to lose if he wins another term and everything to gain if he loses in the General that he nailed it before 1/3/21. Go Big or Go Home.

That man fights, that’s why I would go to the end of the earth to vote for him.

    MarkS in reply to Skip. | September 19, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Now if we can only get Mitch and Lindsey to fight

      I don’t think you have to worry about Cocaine Mitch, and probably not Graham either. It’s the quislings like Romney that I’m worried about.

        Another Voice in reply to Paul. | September 19, 2020 at 1:15 pm

        You have to realize that any vote taken in the Senate will not be until after the elections which changes the tenor of any position they may be making now. It’s the nature to be all political now, more pragmatic later.

Barbara Lagoa ftw!

Hispanic (cuban) American–an actual “wise Latina!”

Reliably conservative

Would likely be on the Court 30 or more years

Would be hard for democrats to attack

    Wisewerds in reply to Wisewerds. | September 19, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    Oh, and would probably sew up Florida for Trump.

    Nothing makes a conservative hard for the democrats to attack. You aren’t really black if you vote for Trump. You aren’t really gay if you vote Republican. There are little white college girls calling black police officers “White supremacists” and no one bats an eye.

He has the Constitutional right to, and he should. He is 100% right. This is what I voted for.

Let’s get it done.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 19, 2020 at 12:46 pm

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said the Senate would work to confirm a Supreme Court nominee this year if a vacancy arises

If you run across Trump, please let him know that I am available for SCOTUS. Even though I don’t have any experience it has become pretty obvious that knowledge of law doesn’t have much to do with writing “opinion” opinions.

I think the founders did a great job with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, I believe that a lot of more recent amendments could be done away with.

I am not tired of winning!

Never very much doubt about Trump proceeding with a nomination. Slightly more doubt for McConnell in getting a floor vote. Thankfully both have crossed the Rubicon.

Now we wait for an actual nomination and endure the coming circus of the Judiciary committee. Daily news of ‘r in fighting’ and stories about McConnell ‘risking the Senate majority’ and the general ‘unfairness’ of a nomination.

Then comes the screeching about a floor vote. Expect MSM to push ‘but Garland’, ‘wait till post election’, other assorted crying and moaning.

IMO, likely to be several defections. Sen Collins has earned hers by backing Kavenaugh and she a very tight campaign. The end result is likely 50 plus Pence for.the tie breaker.

Suddenly B. Kristol and the other grifting cruise cons have to face up to the fact that Trump will be making three appointments to SCOTUS at a minimum, likely four and an outside chance for five with a second term.

I have had enough of these unethical politicians who have encouraged violent criminals to burn down our country, already. Go for it. Fill the seat.

It’s like anyone with two or more brain cells on the left realises rioting plays right in yo the hands of Trump.

So what do these idiots do? Threaten to riot if Trump does something…anything… its almost as if the left has shit for brains and is incapable of rational thought ??

Instead of rioting id be working on Democrats like Romney and Mercowsky and a few of the others as they would be easy to sway given their spines are made of putty and their vaines have Chinese money flowing through them.

    hopeful in reply to mailman. | September 19, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    Bingo! A thousand upvotes if I could, especially for the SFB and the crying laughing emojis. Right on, mailman. PS are you Kasich’s father?

A couple of years ago Ginsburg said she would remain on the court as long as she could do the job “full steam.” Of course she was lying, she was at half steam when she made the statement and was out of steam for weeks before she died. Refusing to step down, she determined to die in office. Now Trump says, “full steam” ahead for your replacement.

Dear Mr. President,

It would be appropriate to allow a respectful period for the nation to mourn. After the mourning period has elapsed, go for it. The insurrectionists’ threats grow wearisome.


Now here is what I consider a slap in the face:

When asked if he would choose a woman to replace Ginsburg, after she died on Friday, Trump replied, that it was “most likely.”

“I could see most likely it would be a woman,” he said. “Yeah… I would say that a woman would be in first place, the choice of a woman would certainly be appropriate.”

Why would you start right out by Predjudicing a Supreme Court Nomination with Gender?

Appropriate has no place in the nomination.

In case anybody forgot Orange Crush just reminded:

– It’s about judges esp. the supremes.
– Need to expand lead in Senate.

Screaming D’s will now commence reminding:

– For them there is no law: you.follow the law when it’s incinvenient, yr a sucker.
– They are unbelievably horrible people.
– Their policies n preferences are even worse.
– They need judges to inflict what they can’t pass.
– Kamala-Extract is possibly the worst of them. Certainly top 10.

To contest this puts their worst front n center, and they gotta contest it. RBG choosing to stay in office just handed the election to Trump.