Legal Insurrection went live on October 12, 2008, originally at Google Blogger.  We hit our one-millionth visit about 11.5 months later, our second million a few months after that, and since then readership and linkage from major websites have grown dramatically.

In June 2011, we switched to a self-hosted WordPress format with a custom design which incorporates many unique functions both visible to readers and behind the scenes.

In August 2012, we opened a related blog, College Insurrection. College Insurrection no longer publishes as a stand-alone website, and the content now is part of Legal Insurrection’s main website.

More on the history of Legal Insurrection is available through our annual Blog Anniversary entries.

Legal Insurrection now is one of the most widely cited and influential conservative websites, with hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. Our work has been highlighted by top conservative radio personalities, such as Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, and Professor Jacobson regularly appears as a guest on radio shows across the nation.

Our writings have been linked by virtually every major conservative publication and many mainstream media publications, including The Atlantic Wire, The National Review, The Hill, New York Magazine’s “Daily Intel”, The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Herald, The New York Times, Gothamist, CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, The Washington Times, AOL News, The Week, and many, many others.

Here are Legal Insurrection’s certified monthly Quantcast numbers of visitors per month:

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On March 1, 2019, became a platform for the Legal Insurrection Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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