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Joe Biden’s Classified Implosion Week at Legal Insurrection

Joe Biden’s Classified Implosion Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Joe Biden’s classified document scandal was bad at the beginning but it keeps getting worse.


The Gentle Grizzly | January 15, 2023 at 8:06 am

Lots of interesting timing, given that Biden’s time in office is just about to roll past two years, and the Democrats have been interested in replacing him.

    It’s not like our pundits here didn’t predict exactly that from day one.

    But finding docs in his own office and his own house. I don’t see how this is not Biden cooperating in his own demise. Has he been told to step aside for Kamala? If so why doesn’t he just do it?

    I’d rather not impeach him, because then the Senate might convict and we’ve got President Kamala, which I see as worse. But the House might start the impeachment machinery, because he can’t issue pardons “in cases of impeachment” such as to Hunter or himself.

    House should find some reason to impeach Garland. If we can force a less conflicted and biased AG, we might be able to go ahead with prosecuting Hunter, which can happen while Joe is still in office.

Understanding Joe Biden’s use of language as an attempt at personal communication:

What you heard him say.

“I take classified documents seriously.”

What he meant.

“I take classified documents,

Had I an ounce of artistic talent, I’d love to make an animated/deepfake video of Biden in his Corvette, pulling up to Xi at a stoplight, and silently challenging him to drag for yellow slips. After losing (because he falls asleep at the light), Brandon opens his trunk, in which you see dozens of classified folders, and hands the top one over to Xi, who waves and says, “See you tomorrow, Joe!”

The Gentle Grizzly | January 15, 2023 at 12:50 pm

Are they not in fact CALCIFIED documents, to match the arteries leading to what is left of his brain?

Biden is in the last days of his presidency. He’s been in contact with the writer who wrote Prince Harry’s memoir and soon Biden will be working on his. It will be called, “The Spare.” No that’s not right. Kamala’s the Spare. I think Biden is “The Leftover”.

Is it just me, or is letting Biden’s lawyers do the investigation something similar to letting Sam Giancana’s lawyers investigate whether he engaged in illegal activity? “”Oh, yeah, absolutely. He ran a stop sign in 1953. And then there was that time he was speeding on Long Island. That’s about it.””

    artichoke in reply to txvet2. | January 15, 2023 at 8:01 pm

    This makes no sense to me. His lawyers found the documents. He could have had the cleaning lady look and then he’d know where they are and not be so embarrassed. Or God forbid, he could have looked himself.

    This is the problem with leaving classified docs around your house. It’s illegal to tell someone else to look for them.

Check the glovebox too on that Corvette. Hunter may have what he’s known for hidden in there. Check it anyway!