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Biden’s 2024 Ambitions in Jeopardy With Democrats Over Handling of Classified Documents

Biden’s 2024 Ambitions in Jeopardy With Democrats Over Handling of Classified Documents

“Democrats and the country as a whole would be much better off this year and next if he’s not running for president.”

I wonder if the Democrats are truly concerned for President Joe Biden in 2024 over the classified documents in his possession or if it’s all fake because it gives the party an excuse to punt the old man to the curb.

Batches of classified records from Biden’s time as vice president were found at a private office and in a garage at his Wilmington home.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a special counsel investigation into the documents as he did with the classified documents found at President Donald Trump’s residence during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

The media is turning against Biden. The White House press corps destroyed Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday.

However, you’ll find outlets trying to make Trump having classified documents way worse than Biden.

The Democrats and media freaked out over classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. You know they planned to use the Mar-a-Lago raid against Trump, who declared his 2024 run for president last year.

Most have taken a different approach with Biden’s documents. At least in public.

Behind closed doors? Democrats are also turning against Biden. A few on the far left said the Democrats need another candidate in 2024.

Is this the opportunity the Democrats need to stop the 80-year-old president from running for a second term? From The Associated Press:

“On many political fronts, Biden’s touted 2024 campaign is potentially vulnerable,” said Norman Soloman, a progressive Democrat who leads the so-called Don’t Run Joe campaign, which is already running television ads against Biden in key states. “Democrats and the country as a whole would be much better off this year and next if he’s not running for president.”

Nina Turner, who chaired Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, said after Thursday’s announcement that she hopes a “freedom-fighting progressive” mounts a primary challenge against Biden in 2024.

“The American people certainly deserve better choices — Republicans and Democrats,” Turner said, applauding the government’s decision to review Biden’s handling of classified documents in the same way it’s investigating Trump. “We shouldn’t have these men shoved down our throats.”

Other Democrats think the document case threw out any possibility of using the Trump document case against him. From Politico:

“I think it takes the whole Trump scandal off the table,” said one Democratic Party operative, granted anonymity to speak freely about the delicate situation unfolding around the president.

“Most polls show that voters don’t give a fuck about this stuff,” they added. “But the media momentum is real.”

Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said he has “full faith and credit in President Biden.” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) floated the theory that someone planted the documents to take down Biden. The ladies of The View had the same thought.

The feelings are different behind closed doors since the case could disrupt Democrat plans to take advantage of the chaos with the House Republicans or disrupt Republican investigations into the White House:

But Capitol Hill Democrats have called for briefings and more information surrounding the former vice president’s document storage. And some have started to privately worry that the ordeal will distract from their collective priorities and could begin to help validate GOP investigations they dismiss as politically motivated headaches.

At a minimum, there is a recognition that this would complicate the White House’s public efforts to create a contrast between their professional operations and “the House leadership circus,” as one Democratic official put it.

Another party elder conceded that it was frustrating to hand Republicans “a hammer.” But, like others, the person said it was still too early to conclude that the episode would have a lasting negative political impact.

Democrats, even those who ran in 2020, showed signs in 2022 they want to run in 2024. Gabriel Debenedetti wrote in New York magazine about the skepticism of another Biden run in 2024 rumbling quietly through the Democratic Party.

Vanity Fair reported Biden would likely make his 2024 presidential run official in February.

Poll after poll shows Americans don’t want Biden or Trump to run in 2024.


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Perfect time to segue Harris into the Oval Office. Paging Gaven Newsom, please pick up the Democrat Party Nomination Phone for an important DNC message. Harris has always been one neuron away from the presidency anyway. This has got “China/CPP” written all over it in Delaware and Penn.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to alaskabob. | January 13, 2023 at 6:38 pm

    Eight more days and it will be President Harris.

    stevewhitemd in reply to alaskabob. | January 13, 2023 at 7:06 pm

    If you are Kamala Harris … well, first, apologies because life just has to suck.

    But anyway, if you are Kamala Harris, after you become president you’re going to nominate, as your new V.P., a limp-um, noodled person who won’t be any threat to you. No matter what you promised people before you became president (and you’d promise most anything), once you’re the one in charge, your promises are defenestrated.

    Because if you don’t do exactly that, the new V.P. is going to pull the rug out from under you in the ’24 campaign. That’s exactly what Governor Brylcreem would do, and that’s exactly why he won’t be the V.P. See also: Hillary Clinton.

    A President Harris will want her full 10 years, you see, and she’s not going to elevate anyone who would threaten that.

    Just as Joe Biden (a.k.a., ‘President Rutabaga’) picked the most inoffensive person he could, and as Barack Obama did the same, so too Kamala Harris will find the most ineffectual person she can.

    My guess — Mr. Buttigieg.

    Maybe the Dems want Biden out…

It will all be fine. The imbecile appointed as Special Counsel will do his job and sweep it all under the rug. The mainstream media types will do their jobs and, when they mention it at all, will scold Republicans for making a big deal out of something that has nothing to do with Trump.

And all those Democrats who think their opinions matter will suddenly find the gravy train endangered and will quickly fall into line.

Biden is well on his way to “winning” another election.

This corrupt moron served his purpose as an organ grinder monkey, as did Soros’ organ grinder monkey, Obama. Now it’s Harris’ turn to dress up and become organ grinder monkey # 3.

We are in very serious trouble.

Colonel Travis | January 13, 2023 at 5:38 pm

One lesson I learned long ago: nothing in politics happens by accident. At the same time, it’s curious why they’d use the whole classified document thing as a principle, or partial, means of taking out Biden. Equal treatment of (R)s and (D)s? That’s laughable. Leftists are champions of double standards. (Although it’s not that equal, because there was no Biden raid, not the same OMG NUCLEAR SECRETS!!11!!1 fuss, etc.)

Nonetheless, once you go down this road of equal treatment, that sets a precedent.

In theory.

In reality, I see them chucking this standard out the window when the time is necessary, which will be all other times.

    It gets rid of Biden, who has always been on the edge of burden to dems. And, since it’s based on classified documents, this new resignation-rule can be claimed to apply to Trump, who is thereby prevented from running. A win/win for dems.

    Nonstop media support of that position will nail it when it happens.

      Colonel Travis in reply to rhhardin. | January 13, 2023 at 6:32 pm

      You have explained the micro view, which I understand.
      The bigger picture is what bothers me. The left uses and abuses, going as far as it takes to get what it wants. After the goal is accomplished, the left “forgets” it ever had any standards in the first place. It undermines a country built on freedom and liberty and rule of law, which is the entire point.

      No one ever stops them.

        Feelings over structure. The stability of the system isn’t even a consideration when you have a feeling urging some action. The root cause is women voters, with feelings now organized by social media and not just women’s magazines. With the votes there, nothing stops it but rather encourages it.

I very much disagree.

If they wanted to actually hurt Biden, they would have hung this scandal out there and let the Republicans investigate and willingly hand over documents.

Instead they appointed a Special Counsel at absolute WARP SPEED, and now they’re already stonewalling about ‘well we can’t comment on a Special Counsel investigation’. And they will 100% refuse ANY document requests by Republican committees because of ‘ongoing investigation’.

Biden definitely ROYALLY fucked up here as he has his entire career because he has ALWAYS been a stupid, corrupt halfwit, but they are absolutely still protecting him.

America has no secrets anymore, not since Bill Clinton – America’s first treasonous president – gave the ChiComms US missle technology.

After Hillary Clinton’s bathroom State Department server and Obama/Susan Rice’s control of our executive branch – and now Biden/Rice’s control – the idea of our having ‘secrets’ is a joke.

The Chicomms have everything.

Collect all the Democrat tears you see being shed over these “unfortunate incidents.”
Dry lube isn’t cheap — waste not, want not.

“Freedom Fighting Progressive” when she really means a Marxist
Kicking Sundowner to the curb is only reason I see doing this for 2024. He is fulfilling their every wish right now.

Biden’s 2024 ambitions are in greater jeopardy from the grim reaper. At least, I hope so.

Doesn’t the timing of all this seem to be suspicious?

Minority report- orgy of evidence sort of convenient.

I mean saying Biden is a criminal is about as hard as saying Ted Bundy is not a good chaperone for an all girl sleep over, but why NOW?

This is not about “we just found these— I’m shocked!!!”

    If as some suggest he planned to officially announce in February, they’d want to head him off at the pass before that. It would make for all kinds of weird to have him declare then try to take him out – best to have him not declare at all – to retire – under pressure from the party and pending legal trouble … he doesn’t declare and it all just goes away …

      Andy in reply to MrE. | January 13, 2023 at 11:52 pm

      I think you nailed it. Me predicts there will be just enough scandals like this to pressure him to not declare. Until he declares he’s not running, skeletons will keep popping up in his closets in conveniently easy to find ways and the media will be allowed to run with it.

My money is on a Manchurian Candidate event. I don’t see Dr. J going quietly. The problem with people like her are punching far above their weight is that they start to believe it is real, and therefore become dangerous to those around them.

Absolutely no real
Poll shows people don’t want President Trump

He Will legitimately win a 3 rd Presidency

Total BS.
I’m surprised you didn’t add, “ DeSantis the people’s choice among Republicans , Independents AND many Democrats.

Of course, this trading of charges about documents in the name of national security is all political theatre. If either party cared at all about keeping legitimately classified documents secure, and enforcing the laws to that effect, Hillary Clinton would be sitting in a federal prison. She run the entire State Department business out of an easily hackable private server in blatant violation of the law, then lied about the content of those documents, and then destroyed over 30,000 emails that were under subpoena. This last act alone would land anyone not a Democrat in prison. So let this cheap side-show continue, so that the politicos can pretend to care about national security, while they simulate devotion to the rule of law. Our worthless media will play their role as the chorus for this farce.