Few New Year’s days have been anticipated more than this year, as most of us are looking forward to putting the sickly 2020 behind us.

Since many of 2020’s posts featured the Wuhan Coronavirus, it seems most fitting that I am the one tasked to compile the predictions of some of the Legal Insurrection’s team of authors and editors this year. I put in a few “Game of Thrones” references that seemed apt.

Click the links to see how we did in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

I must admit, my own prognostications have been more aspirational than realistic. 2020 may have cured me of that tendency.

William Jacobson

Professor Jacobson’s list of predictions is dark and full of terrors:

1. President Kamala Harris, and Vice-President Julian Castro, before year-end.
2. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (this one is a toss-up, could go either way, but I think this is a real possibility)
3. Trump indicted by Manhattan District Attorney on whatever they can find.
4. Trump announces he’s running in 2024, demands to know who’s with him, who’s not.
5. Biden fails to stand up to China or Iran, each of which resumes aggressive expansion policies.
6. Cultural purge intensifies with help from the Biden administration, which imposes intensive Critical Race Theory style dogma throughout the federal bureaucracy.
7. Open freaking borders.
8. Waive of judicial retirements from Democrat appointees, including Justice Breyer, so a Democrat can nominate replacements.
9. Country mostly vaccinated from coronavirus by May, but Democrat governors and mayors insist on continuing lockdowns.

Kemberlee Kaye

2020 was by far the hardest year of my life and was difficult and trying for many, but it wasn’t without its bright spots either. My predictions for the year ahead are a bit different in that regardless of what happens politically, I am at peace and take comfort that God is sovereign in all things and that His love and heart for us are so big and so vast. I absolutely believe that 2021 will be an incredible year for our nation in so many ways and am excited for everything ahead.

Mary Chastain

Democrats predict doom and gloom when Republicans are in office. Republicans predict doom and gloom when Democrats are in office.

I drive Professor Jacobson crazy since I’m a libertarian, but after being on both sides, I realize my predictions are always the same no matter which party holds office. They all suck, but *mostly* my life has not changed since I became an adult.

I guess I’m just numb, but I do not like either party and I doubt that will change. So my predictions for 2021:

  • 1. The money machine will continue to go bbbrrr.
  • 2. Political theater over all the things, but then members of both parties will wine and dine together behind closed doors because come on. You know they’re all friends and everything is just for show and points.
  • 3. Politicians will continue not to care about anyone. They only care about reelection and keeping their power.
  • 4. America will remain the best country to live in.
  • 5. The NL Central winner will only have 80-85 wins.
  • 6. The San Diego Padres will finally dethrone the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West.
  • 7. I will endure more attacks that pineapple belongs on pizza, even without ham!
  • 8. I will continue to educate people that ketchup does not belong on hot dogs and Chicago deep dish is the best pizza.
  • 9. The Janet Yellen memes will be even more epic than the ones when she was head of the Federal Reserve.
  • 10. Biden and Harris will be annoying.

Mike LaChance

While the world is overflowing with horrible things, I predict that they’re all a tray of cakes next to the plans the progressives have for us.

  • Biden and Harris will be sworn into office in January. The media which spent four years viciously attacking the Trump administration will transform overnight into the palace guards of the Biden administration. They will advocate for anything Biden wants, and pretend he has a mandate. Anyone who disagrees will be accused of racism.
  • Hollywood, pro-sports, and education at every level will continue to embrace Black Lives Matter and other aspects of the radical left. Anyone who disagrees will be accused of racism.
  • In preparation for Biden’s inevitable exit from office, the media will treat Kamala Harris as the smartest and most dynamic woman who has ever held public office. Fashion magazines will fall over themselves doing cover stories about her. Anyone who disagrees will be accused of racism.
  • Democrats will use the same methods in the Georgia runoffs that they used on November 3rd to steal both elections. Anyone who questions the outcome will be called a conspiracy theorist.
  • The COVID goalposts will be moved no matter how many people get the vaccine. A year from now, parts of the country will still be under lockdown and masks will still be mandatory in many places. Anyone who disagrees will be called anti-science.

David Gerstman

I think that the elites in politics and the media who think the 2020 election will result in a happy ending haven’t been paying attention.

There will be one special election in the coming year (I have no idea where or when) that will reflect the growing frustration with the permanent political class. How’s that for a nice general prediction which has very little chance of being proven absolutely wrong?

Leslie Eastman

I hope that the country gets off the ladder of chaos, I fear it will be only after a few more rungs are climbed.

1. Unhappy with the corporate Democrats, progressive activists will begin staging more protests/riots in many blue cities in the spring.
2. President Donald Trump will begin the creation of his news media empire.
3. Gun sales will continue to be historic…as will the sale of booze.
4. Biden will bitterly cling to the presidency throughout the year.
5. Chinese-influenced media and politicians will continue to drum-up COVID-fear and extend lockdowns, which will continue until the next primary season begins.
6. The entertainment industry will continue its collapse, with record-low audiences for the major awards shows.

Antonio Branco

Biden steals the election then runs the country into the ground. Media reports – Trump’s fault.


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