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Legal Insurrection Authors’ and Editors’ Predictions for 2021

Legal Insurrection Authors’ and Editors’ Predictions for 2021

We hope that the country gets off the ladder of chaos in 2021, but fear it will be only after a few more rungs are climbed.

Few New Year’s days have been anticipated more than this year, as most of us are looking forward to putting the sickly 2020 behind us.

Since many of 2020’s posts featured the Wuhan Coronavirus, it seems most fitting that I am the one tasked to compile the predictions of some of the Legal Insurrection’s team of authors and editors this year. I put in a few “Game of Thrones” references that seemed apt.

Click the links to see how we did in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

I must admit, my own prognostications have been more aspirational than realistic. 2020 may have cured me of that tendency.

William Jacobson

Professor Jacobson’s list of predictions is dark and full of terrors:

1. President Kamala Harris, and Vice-President Julian Castro, before year-end.
2. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (this one is a toss-up, could go either way, but I think this is a real possibility)
3. Trump indicted by Manhattan District Attorney on whatever they can find.
4. Trump announces he’s running in 2024, demands to know who’s with him, who’s not.
5. Biden fails to stand up to China or Iran, each of which resumes aggressive expansion policies.
6. Cultural purge intensifies with help from the Biden administration, which imposes intensive Critical Race Theory style dogma throughout the federal bureaucracy.
7. Open freaking borders.
8. Waive of judicial retirements from Democrat appointees, including Justice Breyer, so a Democrat can nominate replacements.
9. Country mostly vaccinated from coronavirus by May, but Democrat governors and mayors insist on continuing lockdowns.

Kemberlee Kaye

2020 was by far the hardest year of my life and was difficult and trying for many, but it wasn’t without its bright spots either. My predictions for the year ahead are a bit different in that regardless of what happens politically, I am at peace and take comfort that God is sovereign in all things and that His love and heart for us are so big and so vast. I absolutely believe that 2021 will be an incredible year for our nation in so many ways and am excited for everything ahead.

Mary Chastain

Democrats predict doom and gloom when Republicans are in office. Republicans predict doom and gloom when Democrats are in office.

I drive Professor Jacobson crazy since I’m a libertarian, but after being on both sides, I realize my predictions are always the same no matter which party holds office. They all suck, but *mostly* my life has not changed since I became an adult.

I guess I’m just numb, but I do not like either party and I doubt that will change. So my predictions for 2021:

  • 1. The money machine will continue to go bbbrrr.
  • 2. Political theater over all the things, but then members of both parties will wine and dine together behind closed doors because come on. You know they’re all friends and everything is just for show and points.
  • 3. Politicians will continue not to care about anyone. They only care about reelection and keeping their power.
  • 4. America will remain the best country to live in.
  • 5. The NL Central winner will only have 80-85 wins.
  • 6. The San Diego Padres will finally dethrone the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West.
  • 7. I will endure more attacks that pineapple belongs on pizza, even without ham!
  • 8. I will continue to educate people that ketchup does not belong on hot dogs and Chicago deep dish is the best pizza.
  • 9. The Janet Yellen memes will be even more epic than the ones when she was head of the Federal Reserve.
  • 10. Biden and Harris will be annoying.

Mike LaChance

While the world is overflowing with horrible things, I predict that they’re all a tray of cakes next to the plans the progressives have for us.

  • Biden and Harris will be sworn into office in January. The media which spent four years viciously attacking the Trump administration will transform overnight into the palace guards of the Biden administration. They will advocate for anything Biden wants, and pretend he has a mandate. Anyone who disagrees will be accused of racism.
  • Hollywood, pro-sports, and education at every level will continue to embrace Black Lives Matter and other aspects of the radical left. Anyone who disagrees will be accused of racism.
  • In preparation for Biden’s inevitable exit from office, the media will treat Kamala Harris as the smartest and most dynamic woman who has ever held public office. Fashion magazines will fall over themselves doing cover stories about her. Anyone who disagrees will be accused of racism.
  • Democrats will use the same methods in the Georgia runoffs that they used on November 3rd to steal both elections. Anyone who questions the outcome will be called a conspiracy theorist.
  • The COVID goalposts will be moved no matter how many people get the vaccine. A year from now, parts of the country will still be under lockdown and masks will still be mandatory in many places. Anyone who disagrees will be called anti-science.

David Gerstman

I think that the elites in politics and the media who think the 2020 election will result in a happy ending haven’t been paying attention.

There will be one special election in the coming year (I have no idea where or when) that will reflect the growing frustration with the permanent political class. How’s that for a nice general prediction which has very little chance of being proven absolutely wrong?

Leslie Eastman

I hope that the country gets off the ladder of chaos, I fear it will be only after a few more rungs are climbed.

1. Unhappy with the corporate Democrats, progressive activists will begin staging more protests/riots in many blue cities in the spring.
2. President Donald Trump will begin the creation of his news media empire.
3. Gun sales will continue to be historic…as will the sale of booze.
4. Biden will bitterly cling to the presidency throughout the year.
5. Chinese-influenced media and politicians will continue to drum-up COVID-fear and extend lockdowns, which will continue until the next primary season begins.
6. The entertainment industry will continue its collapse, with record-low audiences for the major awards shows.

Antonio Branco

Biden steals the election then runs the country into the ground. Media reports – Trump’s fault.


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Geez’ Professor, I know you’ve had a difficult year, but your predictions make me want to slit my wrists. I’ll go with Kemberlee’s, thank you very much.

“President Kamala Harris, and Vice-President Julian Castro, before year-end.”
Well, my blood just. turned cold.
I suspect it won’t be the last time this year.

    IneedAhaircut in reply to herm2416. | January 2, 2021 at 11:23 am

    Something tells me Dr. Jill Biden isn’t going to cooperate with the idea of turning over power to Kamala Harris. Dr. Jill may try and follow the Wilson model – Wilson had a stroke in 1919 but remained in office until 1924, with his wife Edith Wilson was his proxy for several years.

    So Dr. Jill could be our own Evita Peron.

1. PDJT sworn in for second term.
2. antifa/blm quickly defunded, RICO’d.
3. Spygate players arrested.
4. ccp/US uni-party ties exposed, arrests follow.
5. Resignations/arrests throughout government and private sector.
6. US economy kicks off, booms.
7. Judicial branch reforms.
8. nba relocates to China.
9. Lockdowns/masks/social distancing ended.
10. MAGA/KAG The Best is yet to come.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to CKYoung. | January 1, 2021 at 7:29 pm



    2020 was a great year – a great year of miracles!!!!!!

    2021 will be even greater as today’s breaking stories are proving.


    Hollywood-Communist Chinese-Democrat entertainment Industrial Complex DESTROYED.

    Sports DESTROYED – both pro and college

    Public education DESTROYED – at their own hand for kicking off the Great Lockup.

    (Do not be deceive because there are a few breaths of life – even beheaded chickens are more active than ever before and then drop).

    Millions of Communist Chinese bought DEMs, GOP, and orgs unmasked.

    Hundreds of millions of Americans opening their eyes to massive global deep state corruption and their failed coup.

    America’s praying more than ever.

    WE CAUGHT THEM: Pallets of Fake Ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County Were Identified, Filmed and Sampled Before Moving Trucks Picked Them Up and Shredded Them

    HUGE BREAKING NEWS! — VIDEO RELEASED of Vans Removing Ballots from GA Warehouse to Sheriff Jackson’s Office — THEY GOT A MAP!

    “He’s Covering Up Massive Fraud in Georgia, Why?” – Rudy Giuliani Fires Warning Shot at Dirty Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

    “We Want Everything”: Pelosi’s San Francisco Home Vandalized With Pig’s Head and Spray-Paint

    INSANITY: Democrat Rules Package for the 117th Congress Proposes Removing ‘Gendered’ Terms Like ‘Father,’ ‘Mother,’ ‘Son,’ and ‘Daughter’

    Rep. Gohmert Files Response to DOJ/Pence, Argues VP Can Count GOP Electors in Contested States, Ignore Electors From Others


I think the Progressives/Left have spent their last on the four years of Trumps term in office and stealing the 2020 election. They have shown everyone who they really are – the media, Hollywood, and etc. They had to steal and steal big as I dont see they had any hope of winning a honest election.

My prediction is that yes things will get worse but the pendulum will swing back hard on them. The Left will now attempt to make everyone bend the knee including the remaining Democrats. The Left have declared themselves Socialists and everyone knows they are really Communists from their actions. Their hate, racism, sexism, and religious intolerance has been put on full display.
I think we will see the Democrat party split.

Also the RINOs-Globalists among the Conservatives who said they were Conservative but served the Left have outed themselves as well.

2020 was the year of masks but the masks on souls or lack there of has been revealed. The Left showed themselves to everyone and even if they now try to walk back on their hate, intolerance, racism sexism, we know and I for one will never trust any of them again (or if they depend on my money like certain Hollywood actors they are boycotted).

A dream given to me on or about November 20, 2020.

I saw Joe Biden standing before a basin filled with water, where he washed his hands in such a way that I thought to myself “just like Pontius Pilate”. He mumbled to himself which I took to be dismissing all accusations and evidence of fraud. Biden then turned to his left and walked to the top of a stairwell where he tripped from the waist as if falling over an invisible turnstile and fell head-long down the stairs and out of sight.

Still dreaming I pronounced “You are dead. You will never be president.” The dream then ended.

IF indeed this is a dream from the Heavenly Father, and Biden follows through on his attempt to steal the presidency, I look for Divine intervention to prevent him from doing so, along with his obvious sudden and summary judgement by God’s hand. Repentance and revival will surely follow.

For the sake of his soul and the healing of this nation, I pray he turns and repents before that.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | January 1, 2021 at 7:56 pm

Oh my


Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne dropped a teaser on Twitter on New Year’s Day.

According to Patrick he learned this morning, on New Year’s Day, that he learned something very important from a certified forensic document examiner about certain ballots in certain counties in a certain state. Byrne says they are going to lynch every politician involved in this scheme. Starting with a certain governor and Secretary of State.


notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | January 1, 2021 at 8:05 pm

Rudy W. Giuliani
As we enter 2021, it’s a new day. We have the proof. We’ve presented it. They are the liars and cheats including some Republicans. Time to expose them including our so-called own.

Brian Kemp’s personal attack on me is stupid. His law enforcement agents took pictures with me and appreciate my support. They all think there is something wrong with this guy. He’s covering up a massive voter fraud in GA to help Democrats. Why?

It’s time to take off the gloves with questionable Republicans like Kemp and his little group of quislings. Why give $110m to a foreign company to send votes to Germany?

11:20 PM · Dec 31

Free State Paul | January 1, 2021 at 8:12 pm

The aftershocks of 2020’s lockdown will continue to reverberate and intensify throughout 2021.

Households and businesses that will never be able to repay their back rent and overdue mortgages. Landlords that can’t pay property taxes. Private colleges without big endowments going under. Cities and counties that can’t provide services. Personal savings depleted that can never be replenished.

Things will take years to recover.

Just read this in the half full crystal ball in the belly button of kim kardasian:

Pedo Joe Biden will be infected by the chicoms with covid-1984, will be hospitalized in cuomo’s nursing homes in new york, passes away that night, indian/jamaican harris’ double dual citizenship will be invoked by pelosi to remove and deport harris for fraud,

pelosi becomes VP and President, fauxi and xi chicom will invent vaccine for pelosi’s new bat virus, and she succombs to side effects dissolving her body, schumer will challenge mcconnell to duel, and chicom wife of mitch will substitute for mitch and as winner will be president for life.

chicom students will run for all congressional offices and local and state offices, counting the votes, so they win all seats, abolish government, replaced with politboro staffed by robots,

America collapses as viable economy, sold to kenya, where barry soetero becomes president for life. michelle gets gender surgery for barry, first couple both as transgenders will impose tax on all who are not trannies, will not need law nor lawyers,

so will sell all lawyers, judges including supremes to epstein’s island as blow up dolls before December 2021, all news media will serve as sex toys for epstein’s payoffs to deep state cronies. new year will cancelled forever.

only sushi will be sold for soylent green to feed blm and antifa mutants bred to replace chicom robots.

Eastwood Ravine | January 1, 2021 at 8:51 pm

The only way the economy coming truly back is with Trump being sworn in for a second term.

Otherwise, under Biden-Harris/Harris-(triple+ minority Vice President), the country will be under lockdowns of various sorts for the next four years. Except the borders and immigration policy. Continued use of social distancing policy post-immunization is a deliberate abridgment of our Freedom of Association. (Hint, it’s already an abridgment.) Mask wearing is virtue signaling; not wearing a mask will be criminalized.

There’ll be a new war, because the establishment has got to be “The Establishment.”

If/when all that comes to pass, Trump or another MAGA candidate winning in 2024 is the way to begin set things right.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | January 1, 2021 at 8:58 pm



Wednesday January 6, 2021

Time to join the fun and dust off my own crystal ball! I am mostly with Professor Jacobson, with a few differences and additions:

1. Sometime in late 2021 or early 2022 we will no longer see Biden* in public except perhaps for extremely brief appearances where he says and does nothing. This is because Biden* will be completely incapacitated (or perhaps even deceased), but this information will be withheld from the proles Soviet-style until the behind-the-scenes power struggle is over and the new Supreme Leader is publicly named.

2. Very early in 2021 after the Biden* administration comes to power, nationwide voting by mail and ballot harvesting will become mandatory. This will lock in the cheating we saw in 2020. Also, the Biden* administration will use executive orders to grant immediate citizenship to millions of illegals.

3. Most – perhaps all – redistricting plans drawn up by Republican legislatures in 2021 will be overturned by the Biden* Justice Department and the Federal courts, who will instead impose Communist-friendly plans in those states.

4. GOPe politicians and NeverTrump “conservatives” who thought a Trump-free GOP would come roaring back in 2022 and beyond will instead watch the Republican Party get annihilated due to a combination of voting fraud (even more massive that what we saw in 2020) and voter indifference (pissing all over Trump voters and then expecting them to flock to their preferred lefty GOPe squishes will not be a smashing success).

5. Due to a combination of massive tax increases and loony “green energy” policies, the economy will be decimated by early 2022.

6. In some places gas prices will reach $5.00 a gallon by the end of December 2021. The Biden* administration will respond by screaming about “record profits by greedy oil companies” and implement policies that will cause major energy shortages in 2022 and beyond.

7. The Joseph Goebbels media will do what they did during the Obama regime – refuse to report any negative economic news. Any news organization that bucks this trend will find bank loans hard to come by, credit card companies will not allow them to use their services, and the tech giants will ban them from social media like Facebook and Twitter.

8. Interestingly, MeWe, Parler and Gab will not only survive the censorship onslaught of the tech giants, but will actually thrive. These will form an important part of an American version of samizdat.

9. Mitt Romneycare will be offered a sinecure in the Biden* administration. He will decline.

10. The Biden* administration will announce a series of draconian executive orders on gun control, which many states will ignore. The FBI will use these executive orders as a pretext to engage in a handful of very public raids of “white supremacists”, including (perhaps) a deliberate Waco-style slaughter of innocents in order to intimidate political critics. The attempt will fail, and the Biden* administration, facing growing economic chaos, will engage their efforts elsewhere.

12. Beyond tossing them a few symbolic pennies, deep blue hellholes like New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles will not get a Federal bailout. Instead, they will be told to do what they usually do – blame “racists” for their screwups. The same will be true for “slavery reparations”.

13. GOP senators will rubber-stamp every single Biden* nominee.

14. To keep the decaying US economy afloat and finance the massive US debt they will run up, the Biden* administration will allow the Chinese government to buy US banks, communication systems, public utilities, and tech companies – in short, whatever they want.

15. After losing the US Senate next week, Mitch McConnell will step down as Minority Leader.

16. Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will turn hard Left during the next session of the Supreme Court, and their names will become curse words to conservatives.

17. In order to decrease the artificially inflated statistics and provide the Biden* administration with a “victory”, the CDC will drastically change how Wuflu deaths are counted.

18. After an initial surge because of amnesty and open borders, the flood of illegal aliens will slow to a trickle because of the collapsing US economy.

19. By the end of 2024 crime will surge to Mad Max levels in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Austin. But unless you actually live there you won’t hear about it.

20. Like a 21st century Berlin Wall, the fascism of the tech giants will one day come to an abrupt end. Rolling nationwide blackouts and food shortages brought on by the Green New Deal, housing shortages because of rent control and “degentrification”, and the complete implosion of the public education system (which provide the digital stormtroopers the Stalinists need to keep their hate machines going) will finally end the evil that is big tech.

21. All of the Karens who bragged about voting for Biden*/Harris will hotly deny they ever did any such thing.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | January 1, 2021 at 11:00 pm

Remember when Republicans has the slogan of
“Bring us together again?”

The story of Beautiful Jim Key

Civil War 2

Separate the marxists in their marxist enclaves (big cities) from the rest of us.

It’s the only answer.

    snopercod in reply to Barry. | January 2, 2021 at 7:04 am

    Ever read Good News by Edward Abbey? (Written in 1991)

    In Good News, Edward Abbey’s acclaimed underground classic, the West is wild again. American civilization as the twentieth century knew it has crumbled. In the great Southwest, a new breed of settler, whites and Indians together, is creating a new way of life in the wilderness—a pastoral economy—with skills and savvy resurrected from the pre-industrial past. Meanwhile, in a last surviving bastion of urban life, the remnants of the power elite are girding their armed forces to re-impose the old order. This is a land of horses and motorcycles, high-tech weaponry and primitive courage, and the struggle for the American future is mounting in intensity. No quarter is asked or given, and the outcome hangs in perilous balance against a background of magnificent nature and eternal human verities.

Facebook has shut down the ad account for the Georgia Battleground Fund, which is raising money for the two Republican Senate candidates:

No doubt the GOPe will assure us that this is not
fraudulent – or anything nefarious at all. Still … I find it weirdly fascinating that the NeverTrump jackasses at Conservative Inc. and the Franz von Papen Republicans won’t even defend their own fellow Swamp Creatures against blatant in-your-face cheating.

With the Georgia Senate seats still up for grabs it’s impossible to make big predictions like court packing, so I’ll stick with some that will happen regardless:
1. Add Cuba to the list with China and Iran.
2. Syria will flare up again without the threat of Trump enforcing the red line.
3. Look for Trump TV destroying Fox.
4. Energy and Green New Deal executive orders and regulations will send energy prices through the roof.
5. New regulations and tax policies will send big business headquarters back overseas.
6. Obama is appointed Secretary General of the UN and Biden acquiesces to it’s authority.
7. North Korea resumes nuclear testing and missile launches over Japan. China claims more territory in the south China sea. All unopposed by Biden.
8. The economy never recovers to Trump levels and the media accepts the ongoing recession as the “new normal” again.
9. Hunter Biden story goes away. Okay. That’s an obvious one.
10. The new UK Virus is claimed to be deadlier and supposedly attacks the under 70 folks, but Biden does everything Trump didn’t do last January and is gets Man of the Century for saving the world from it.

First the Professor
Thinking Val-Jar could be the VP other than that would be my picks also
Mary – Still the Best Hope but faiding fast
Mike – good picks, would add Democrats will do everything to Californization the national elections, no election reform will happen
David – I pray it will be so
Leslie – The next BLM protest is when not if
They Sundowner the Usurper/ Ho Harris are going to go after
guns asap anyway they can.
Antonio- goes without saying

Happy New Year everyone

Oh, I forgot #11 – Biden turns his back on Israel causing major uprisings in Palestine. More sophisticated missiles from Syria and Russia will arrive thanks to pullbacks in Naval defenses in the region, and they will begin penetrating Israel’s Iron Dome defenses. Look for some sort of armed conflict in the region in Biden’s first 1.5 years.
#11.5 – Putin will take the opportunity to expand aggressions.
#11.75 – Last, would be a resurrection of ISIL (or is it ISIS?).
Okay, #12 – Open borders and eased travel restrictions will bring a resumption of terror attacks on U.S. soil and abroad.

These supposed predictions show how much these so-called progressives and/or the elites have real estate in your head and how little you have done to come up with imaginative antidotes and alternatives.

I wish you fresh thinking in 2021 and that if you have good ideas, tactics, strategies, etc., you keep and develop them offline.

Sounds like y’all think we should 1776 2021.

I was out this week, but my predictions are as follows:

1. Biden will hang on for two years so that Harris can get her ten years in as an illegitimate president.

2. Biden will tank our economy even more. He’ll do this in numerous ways, but most will be the same that Obama applied to cripple our economy at home (including failed trade policies, reentering the bad Iran deal/NAFTA/the Paris Accords, all of which suck America dry).

3. Amnesty will happen, as will open borders (though it won’t be called that, of course). Both of which will contribute to our economic decline.

4. Democrats will attempt to appeal to the forgotten Americans that Trump won in record numbers. They will do this by insulting us with forced unionization, handouts, and bailouts, all the while damning us as privileged, racists, and white supremacists.

5. The legacy media will fawn first at Biden’s feet and then at Kamala’s when she is anointed. It will be the Obama-level fawning coverage, with tingles aplenty and assurances that donning a garment made from old curtains and held in place with a boob belt is the height of fashion. Okay, Michelle was the boob belt queen, but Kamala is equally devoid of fashion sense and will still be universally declared ‘elegant’ and ‘daring’ as she galumphs around in too-tight track suits and sensible shoes.

6. DOCTOR Jill Biden will redesign the Rose Garden with Black Lives Matter graffiti and antifa “art.” The numerous artistic and functional portapotties that pepper the newly designed area will serve to fertilize the new CHAZ veggie patch (some Miracle-Gro soil tossed in lumps on top of the lawn).

7. Biden will focus his attention on “strengthening ObamaCare” and on various Green New Deal lunacy. The American people will be horrified, Tea Party-like groups will form across this great land and deliver a resounding rebuke in 2022 (if the GOP can figure out how to combat Democrat election fraud; if not, . . . . ).

8. The Squad will lose support on the left as the deep state and establishment left (and right) regain control. Their disruptive function is no longer needed, so they will be neutralized while the fundamental transformation continues apace, ready to be called back into action if needed for some more Overton Window work.

9. We’ll start to see which Republicans are thinking about a 2024 run for president. All but maybe one or two will be shocked, shocked!, to learn that the treatment Trump got is the new standard for all Republicans. This shock and disbelief will disqualify them immediately for Trump’s 75 million voters.

10. I think it’s a toss up on what Biden will do about the WuFlu. On the one hand, the control over we proles will be irresistible, and on the other hand, he needs an early “win” to help the Democrat activist media portray him as a savior. My guess, control wins the day since we are talking about totalitarian lunatics (Biden’s handlers) who care nothing at all about America, Americans, or really any people on earth. In this case, getting a vaccine is totally useless since we will still need mask mandates and draconian lockdowns (we are already hearing this, so it’s a safe bet, this is utter BS will continue). And no, the brainwashed lunatics won’t see a problem with this at all. Every single person in my town is vaccinated, yet our entire town STILL can’t open for business, mask mandates are still in place, and we have to wear bumper boats to ensure we socially distance. And no, the left will never ever question this, even as they starve to death gasping about covid-deniers. Their starved, homeless corpses will, of course, be listed as WuFlu deaths.

11. On the bright side, there will be no hot civil war, no secession, no nothing along those lines. Not because the Harris-Biden admin is so great, but because America is so great.

Subotai Bahadur | January 2, 2021 at 11:34 pm

Fuzzy Slippers:

You imply future elections. If cheating lets you win with no possibility of being punished, why would they not continue cheating. With control of the media, the courts, and the Organs of State Security, no one else can win. There may be a Stalinist parody of a vote in 2022, but the votes will be counted at least 6 months before the votes are cast. With impunity.

Subotai Bahadur