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Chinese Scientists Manipulate Zika Virus and Mosquitoes to Create Vaccinator Insects

Chinese Scientists Manipulate Zika Virus and Mosquitoes to Create Vaccinator Insects

In their experiments, the Chinese researchers essentially blended Zika with another virus that thrives in mosquitoes but not other lifeforms.

Legal Insurrection readers know of the many articles we have published featuring EcoHealth Alliance’s U.S.-funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The experiments were funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The institute, at this point, is likely to be the point source of the covid pandemic that is now morphing into an endemic disease.

Therefore, research involving biological manipulation involving generic manipulation of viruses, especially those known to cause disease in man, from Chinese researchers should raise a few eyebrows. There is a new study that should raise a few eyebrows and draw the attention of concerned scientists and serious-minded public health professionals.

In a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications, Chinese researchers said they had developed a new technology to turn a mosquito into a flying vaccine carrier to immunize animals in the wild.

“Our study provides a future avenue for developing a mosquito-delivered vaccine to eliminate zoonotic viruses,” said Professor Zheng Aihau, with the Institute of Zoology’s State Key Laboratory of Integrated Management of Pest Insects and Rodents at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who led the research.

The finding could not only lead to a reduced spread of viruses within populations of hard-to-access wildlife hosts, but also protect endangered species from viral diseases, the researchers said in the paper.

The researchers found that bites in wildlife from genetically modified mosquitoes triggered a strong, long-lasting immune response. Once immunised, the animals resisted infections, thus helping to prevent the early spread of many viruses, including the once widespread Zika virus (ZIKV).

The Nature Communications paper can be found by clicking HERE.

Arguably, mosquito-borne diseases are a bane of humanity. We covered the Zika outbreak extensively in 2016 and 2017.

However, there are reasonable concerns. Mosquitos bite humans and animals, and what might happen because of those bitten?

The research itself is rather disturbing in light of the covid pandemic. In the experiments, the Chinese researchers essentially blended Zika with another virus (Chaoyang or CYV) that thrives in mosquitoes but not other lifeforms.

They assert that this is a harmless hybrid virus that tricks the immune systems of animals into thinking they have been infected with Zika and triggers the development of immunity to Zika.

This may be true. However, I would want a great deal of confirmation by other scientists of all these claims before the technique, and the hybrid was used.

As a reminder, covid appears to have really started to spread in the wake of 20220’s Chinese New Year celebrations in Wuhan. Chinese New Year is January 21, and covid in that nation is rampant.

The mood in Wuhan this year is “relaxed.”

Three years after it recorded the world’s first cases of the coronavirus, the central Chinese city of Wuhan is once again besieged by Covid-19.

The Chinese government’s abrupt lifting of its “zero-Covid” measures following mass protests has unleashed the virus on the world’s most populous nation, which experts say is undervaccinated and has little immunity after three years of global isolation.

The sudden shift has overwhelmed hospitals and funeral homes in major cities and led countries including the United States to impose new restrictions on travelers from China amid worries that the outbreak could give rise to new variants of concern.

But in contrast to early 2020, when a 76-day lockdown emptied Wuhan’s streets and the virus was deadlier, residents of the city of 11 million say the mood is more relaxed — even as they and almost everyone they know are infected with the highly transmissible omicron variant.

“People are no longer afraid of the virus,” said Jasmine Li, a 25-year-old who works at a property company. “Everyone feels that they are all going to experience a viral infection, and everyone has accepted it quite openly. People are just desperate to move in a good direction now.”

My mood is anything but relaxed in light of this news. The scientists associated with the very likely laboratory creation of the novel coronavirus were arrogant, and I worry that other genetic researchers have not learned any humility in the wake of the global pandemic.


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What could go wrong?

    Paula in reply to MTED. | January 10, 2023 at 12:15 pm

    A few years ago they were experimenting with bats and longevity. They sent some to America and one managed to get on the Supreme Court. The old bat stayed on the court for years.

    randian in reply to MTED. | January 10, 2023 at 7:05 pm

    What could go wrong?

    1. “Vaccinating” a population without their consent.
    2. Mosquito-borne disease attacks

Do these people never watch movies or read books?!?
This is how every single one of them starts!

    Paula in reply to GWB. | January 10, 2023 at 12:21 pm

    Not all horror stories start like that. One of the latest in this genre begins this way, “One day, by chance, I was introduced to Meghan Markle.”

The problem (okay, one obvious problem) with releasing a genetically engineered “vaccine variant” into the wild is one of basic quality control. If you find out a batch of vaccine went bad, you can stop administering it and recall unused doses. When it’s spreading in the wild it’s just going to keep on spreading.

    Also there’s that whole “viruses mutate” thing.

      henrybowman in reply to GWB. | January 10, 2023 at 12:12 pm

      And top it all off by “the researchers found that…”, when you KNOW these are the same researchers who have been chanting “safe and effective!” for the last two years.

I worry that other genetic researchers have not learned any humility in the wake of the global pandemic.
I don’t worry. I know they haven’t learned any humility! Especially the Chinese. Damn Progressives (including Communists in there) are going to wipe out humanity with unintended consequences.

    gonzotx in reply to GWB. | January 10, 2023 at 10:23 am

    Not Fauci and company

    They are actually very proud of their success

    It’s always the next pandemic that worries me, we know it’s coming, I’m sure they have worked the “wrinkles” out .

    Milwaukee in reply to GWB. | January 10, 2023 at 2:40 pm

    Are you sure the consequences are unintended? Ever hear the phrase “That’s a feature, not a bug.”?

I don’t trust these researchers either but I think this sort of research is great and I hope it moves forward someplace else where it can be done properly.

    gonzotx in reply to broomhandle. | January 10, 2023 at 10:25 am

    Not me,
    Doesn’t Matter if they are Chinese or American,
    Our “Scientific “ community is not to


    Dolce Far Niente in reply to broomhandle. | January 10, 2023 at 11:26 am

    Hoping and wishing is not a plan. It is allowing evil to run rampant while pulling the covers over your head.

    henrybowman in reply to broomhandle. | January 10, 2023 at 12:16 pm

    This is the sort of research that should be done in a humidified lab located on a hot, dry desert island where mosquitos don’t exist and can’t survive in the wild. Because when it comes to things that can escape from confinement under the noses of sloppy Chinese lab technicians, mosquitos must be right up there next to carbon dioxide and moral autonomy.

Welcome to the End Times.

“As a reminder, covid appears to have really started to spread in the wake of 20220’s Chinese New Year”
Likely the virus was released from the lab and out in the “wild” by August 2019. By “backtracking” the rate of mutation, it was out at least by Sept. 2019. Also, an epidemiologist at Harvard reviewed Sat. photos of Wuhan over a period of five years. Beginning in Aug. 2019 parking lots of Wuhan Hospitals were packed with cars. The Chinese knew there was a problem and did nothing…The World got its wake up after Chinese New Year when Chinese workers returned to Norther Italy and the pandemic really got started.

The Covid Gnome insisting this isn’t “gain of function” in 3, 2, 1…

    BierceAmbrose in reply to BierceAmbrose. | January 10, 2023 at 12:22 pm

    I left mosquito-carried off my earlier list of stuff that should be just plain disallowed in germ-wrangling research. So, No mosquito-carried stuff. Just don’t.

    These people still don’t get what they did — Why is it even a question whether this Rona thing cam from somebody mucking with highly-transmissable, highly-damaging human pathogens? These people don’t get that they approached this kind of risk all wrong. Literally every cost incurred since is on them: deaths symptoms and discomfort; economic and personal impacts;, social distortion among the volk, the elevation of pathogenic personalities, and the mutation of pathological govt.

    So, Just Don’t Do It 2.0 as follows.

    1 No mucking with gene-wrangling involving waterbears, anthrax, and now stuff mosquitos propagate., mmmm-kay? You’re mucking with those, you intend to make an invulnerable myrmidon moster bug — change my mind.

    2 Any bug weirdness that gets loose is handled under unique gene-wranglinging laws: everybody even remotely affiliated is presumed guilty for the whole whack.

    * Presumptively it’s a gene-wrangling escape. if you were Franken-bugging with your genetic lego set anywhere in the neighborhood, you did it — change my mind.

    * Presumptively it went sideways because of ignorance, sloppiness, and greed. You’re liable — change my mind.

    * Presumptively it’s a conspiracy. You worked together so everybody got a cut, so it’s like you meant it — change my mind.

    * Presumptively everybody was in on it: everybody nearby, associated, supporting, funding, pomoting, advocating, or emptying the trash. You were on a panel, that made a policy, that sent money to some guys, who gave grants to some guys, who maybe did a thing but we’re not calling it that? You’re part of it — change my mind.

    * Presumptively “the conspiracy” reaches out 3-hops of contact from anyone involved. You talked to a guy, who talked to a guy, who talked to a guy, who takes out the trash someplace tagged for gene-wrangling: you’re part of it — change my mind.

    Hey, if they can make laws to indemnify social media, product development, and jab-propagation; laws to assert conspiracies when the granular crimes are too little — RICO; laws to extend surveilance out three hops from some thinly-suspected person of interest, we can try to motivate the Dr Frankensteins and their enablers to maybe keep their monsters from getting loose so we don’t all die.

    * Oh, yeah, triple damages with no persoanly liability shielding — it goes after your personal assets. Because we have to get your attention, and half-killing the modern world for a couple-three years hasn’t. Obviously. Because they’re mucking with mosquito-born pathogens. This is what it takes, it seems — change my mind.

another virus that thrives in mosquitoes but not other lifeforms… yet.

I rue the day Nixon and Kissinger went over to China to get a genuine Pu pu platter.

Why is the US funding any research in Wuhan?

    Paula in reply to Think38. | January 10, 2023 at 2:49 pm

    We trust China. China is a reliable econmic partner. They care about us. We send money to Wuhan and in turn they send their students here to suck our institutions dry.

    Gen Milley says trusts them with our military secrets and if, heaven forbid, we ever had to go to war, he would call them first and warn them.

    Dathurtz in reply to Think38. | January 10, 2023 at 3:11 pm

    Because it is illegal to do it here, would be my best guess.

    Aarradin in reply to Think38. | January 10, 2023 at 10:40 pm

    Same reason Fauci funded the Wuhan Institute to create Covid – because US law made ‘gain of function’ research illegal in the US.

    It is also illegal to fund it overseas, but there’s a loophole. Director of NIH can simply sign a waiver. Which again, was Fauci.

The biological sciences: If it can be done, it will be done.

These “vaccines” are, in fact, viruses themselves.

And everyone understands that viruses mutate considerably, randomly, and frequently. Which is why they come up with a different Flu vaccine every year and why they are running out of letters in the alphabet for all of the Covid variants in just two years.

So, hey, lets invent a new virus, give it to mosquitos (which we’ve never managed to control in the wild in any meaningful way), and let them fly off by the thousands to *save* us.

Maybe there really is no intelligent life elsewhere in the universe: if other sentient species evolved like we have, they probably all accidentally killed themselves off by now.

Looks like China as an entity may be suffering from a serious famine of American goodwill.

The Chinese acrobatic dance troupe Shen Yun (really wonderful performers) are currently touring the US (Arizona in February). They have changed their advertising banner. It now shows a dancer in midair with the headline: CHINA BEFORE COMMUNISM – SHEN YUN 2023.