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Democrats in Denial Week at Legal Insurrection

Democrats in Denial Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Democrats don’t seem to understand what’s happening or where the rest of the country is right now.

The media is trying to help them.

This is so obviously political.

Republicans are rising across the board.

Even in blue states.

Democrats look increasingly ridiculous.

John Fetterman is a mess.

Sure looks that way.

Only the folks at MSNBC were shocked.


Fauci must go.

The border is out of control.

World news.

An important message from Professor Jacobson.


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That’s why Dems never learn.

Hint- Democrats wanted the bill despite the inflation risks because it is a massive slush fund for their operatives. They honestly do not care a whit for the welfare of the people.

Dems are trying to be a virtual leaders (from their bubbles) but nobody wants to follow them.

Dem eyebrows. Reminds me of a style decades ago when women used to pluck them all and write them in with a pencil. Strange thing but that Botox has San Fran Nan a little off the feedbag.