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Message to Parents Fighting Education Battles: “You need to keep pushing and not give up”

Message to Parents Fighting Education Battles: “You need to keep pushing and not give up”

My Keynote Speech to parents and education activists at a recent Education Symposium: The racialization of education seeks “to tear down society. It’s not about justice, it’s about power.”

On October 15, 2022, I was the Keynote Speaker at an Educational Symposium in Mount Kisco, NY – When Worlds Collide – K-12 Education and Politics.

You can read the speaker and panelist listing here. The event was organized by the Putnam County Republican Women‘s Club and the Republican Women of Westchester, which are not affiliated with the GOP. The attendees were people involved in fighting for parents and children against the indoctrination that has become all too common.

My presentation was titled “No turning back – rescuing education is too important.”

I spoke, as I have before, about how Critical Race Theory in various forms has permeated and captured not only higher education, but increasingly K-12. An article in City Journal analyzing survey evidence that came out after my speech confirmed my observations, Yes, Critical Race Theory Is Being Taught in Schools.

You can see the video and transcript below.



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Thank you, Linda, and thanks to the others who’ve put this event together. I have a speech prepared, but I made the mistake of having a three hour drive here, so I got to do a lot of thinking. So I’ve reworked it a little, so I’m going to do this a little on the fly.

And what Linda said is exactly what I was thinking about on the way here, that this is not a fight over curriculum. Yes, curriculum’s part of the fight. This is not a fight over who’s going to be on a school board, although part of the fight is who’s going to be on a school board.

It really is a fight for two things. One, it’s a fight for parents, the right of parents to act as parents for their children. And what you’re seeing go on, whether it’s critical race theory or it’s the new radical gender theory, undoubtedly is trying to separate parents from their children, trying to replace the parent with the state. And we’ve seen this before. We’ve seen this movie before.

Now, if you know my background at all, and you probably don’t, I was a Russian studies major in college. I studied in Moscow. At the time, please don’t anybody speak Russian to me, at the time I was fluent in Russian. So I was there during the Cold War, and that’s exactly what the state does. The state becomes the parent.

The state becomes the parent, and that’s a lot of what we see going on here now, probably more so with the gender stuff than with the critical race stuff. But you see schools implementing policies that will not tell parents about the medical care and psychiatric care given to their children, and things like that.

But it’s also not just a fight for parents’ rights. It’s a fight, to me, for national survival. And that’s particularly with regard to the critical race stuff. I have followed in one form or another critical race theory since before anybody called it critical race theory. Critical race theory started in the late 80s, early 90s. But before critical race theory, there was critical legal theory. And critical legal theory started and developed, for the most part, at Harvard Law School in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I graduated in 1984, so I saw this development.

And all of the racialization of the law and the racialization of these concepts was very obvious to me back then. One thing that I noticed is the career paths that my colleagues, my fellow students took. The students who were not radicalized, went into law, went into business, went into, to some extent, government. So, I’m just watching the news, and I see my classmates all the time.

But the most radical students went into academia. In fact, one of those students, my classmate, was the woman who developed the concept of intersectionality and coined the phrase “critical race theory.” And all of the things that I saw going on back there, turning everything into a racial issue, trying to play people off against each other using race as the tool, was evident before anybody even coined the phrase “critical race theory.”

And that’s what you see going on now with critical race theory in schools. Most of what we focus on at Legal Insurrection and is higher education. But we also focus, to some extent, on K-12. And we’ve seen this migration of these concepts, these race-focused concepts, from higher-ed to high school, to elementary school, to kindergarten and preschool now. I’ve seen this develop over the years.

The reason it’s important for you to understand is this was not a problem that started four years ago. This was not a problem that started after George Floyd was killed. This has been going on for at least an entire generation, maybe more. It’s just that the springboard was provided to push this all out [after Floyd’s death]. And the reason I say that it’s a fight for our national survival is that if you look at how these issues are presented in schools, with regard to critical race theory, and they’ll argue with you, “Oh, that’s not really critical race theory. That’s a legal concept taught only in law schools.”

I’m sorry, if they are teaching children that your destiny in this country is dependent on the color of your skin. If they are teaching students to view themselves as having a skin color rather than being a full citizen. If they are putting “privilege wheels.” If they are doing those things, they’re teaching the concepts of critical race theory.

You will never see a third or fourth or fifth grade book called “Introduction to Critical Race Theory.” That’s not how it works.

And the reason it is so important, and the reason it’s a matter of national survival, is that these tools are used to turn students against each other, to turn students against their society, to turn students against their country, and to turn students, and this is particularly true with the radical gender theory, against their parents. So this is really a matter of survival.

A teacher that we’ve highlighted on the website, really for almost a year and a half now, is a middle-school teacher in Providence who came forward on our website to tell her story about the new curriculum that was put into middle school in Providence. She is a white teacher, blonde hair, blue-eyed, Germanic background. The student population is almost 100% non-white. But she, for 20 years, had a great relationship with them, never a problem, until about two years ago. They brought in an entirely new curriculum, entirely new books. Books even by great African American authors like Maya Angelou were pulled, literally pulled, off the shelves and thrown into dumpsters.

Instead, they brought in this curriculum of pamphlets for the students to read. And every pamphlet had an “oppressor versus oppressed” narrative and always in racial terms. And she witnessed how this turned the students around, because this is what they were reading, and how it created student hostility towards her, to the extent that they started to call her “America.” “You’re America because you’re white. We are not America.”

Because for a year, all they had been reading, the entirety of the history of the United States, was oppression. Nothing good ever happened in this country except there was oppression. So, she went public with that. And that is a good example of how it’s a fight for national survival, because it’s taking the most sensitive and troubling issue in the history of the country, one that for half a century, people have worked really hard to improve. And it is like ripping open the wound and not for any good purpose, but to tear down society. It’s not about justice, it’s about power. And that’s what’s happening.

This was my history watching this. So, one of the messages I want to tell you is that you have to be in this for the long term. There are battles that need to be fought this election cycle and the next election cycle and everything in-between. But this is not a two-year-old problem. It is not going to go away in two years. You need to be committed.

And I love the fact that people have shown up, and that you’ve shown an interest in your children’s education in the community, the health of the community, because schools are part of the community. You have every right to do that. So, what I like to do is to view myself as sounding the siren, sounding the warning alarm. And that’s where we are now.

There are a lot of things that you can do. One of them is to do the sort of organizing you’re doing, to fight the public relations battle, to fight for school board seats. Because if you do not replace the people who are in those positions of power, nothing is going to change. is essentially a database. It’s the most comprehensive database of critical race theory in all its variations. In higher education, we’ve documented over 500 schools. We’ve documented elite K-12, the expensive private schools that the future leaders of the country go to, and it’s worse there in private school than it is actually in public school.

We’ve also documented medical schools, and the most shocking thing is, as bad as it is in higher ed and as bad as it is in K-12, it’s worse in medical schools. If you do any reading, National Association of Scholars has done great work documenting that, medical schools are going down the tube because of the CRT ideology. Everything is about diversity, equity, and inclusion, which is just a code word for “critical race theory.”

And we’ve also done the military academies. The good news is the military academies are not as bad as the rest of higher-ed. The bad news is that CRT does have a foothold there.

So, we have looked at this, and one thing that is absolutely astounding to us is how far it has spread, how deep it has spread, and how much money is behind it. You all see this in your daily activism. If you just read the New York Times, you’d think all the money, all this “dark money,” is flowing to right-wing groups. Not true! It’s in the billions and billions a year that are flowing to the consultants who do the CRT stuff, the universities for their programs, the DEI departments. You add it up it is probably at least in the multi-billions a year, maybe in the tens of billions a year.

A perfect example is, so we have our map, our CRT website is a database, but it’s also an interactive map. You can hover over it. You can click on your state. And you can click on the schools in your state. UCLA law school created their own map to map anti-CRT activities. They have all the money in the world. They have the entire UCLA system behind them. They’re able to use UCLA staff. They got a $400,000 grant from something called the “Lumina Foundation.” They have more resources and money than they know what to do with, as opposed to us.

That’s just a good example of how all the money is on that side. I saw a figure in various “legitimate publications,” mainstream media publications, which that after George Floyd’s death, $50 billion, with a “B” not with an “M” were pledged by corporations and foundations to various, what they would call, “racial justice” activities. Some of them are very worthy, but a lot of them are the CRT sort of things that are taking place. So that’s where all the money is.

You have to do what you can do. You know your neighbors. You know people in the school. The consultant doesn’t. What you’re doing is extremely, extremely important. And there has been a lot of progress made in the last two years.

CRT is now a toxic term. They run from that term like it’s the plague. We have accomplished that. We have, in many ways, won the public relations battle. But you need to keep it up. You need to keep focusing on that.

You also need to try to replace the systems. They like to say systemic racism. Well, there’s systemic CRT through everywhere. And you need to replace those systems and those personnel. You need to keep pushing and not give up.

Don’t let them bully you by calling you names. Don’t let them try to intimidate you. Keep doing what you’re doing because it really is, what you are doing, a fight for our national survival. We’re at a point where, I like to call it an “inflection point,” where we’ve, in many ways, won the public relations battle. But now we have to move towards winning the battle on the ground, winning the battle for school boards, winning the battles for curriculum. And you can’t give up.

You applauded me when I walked up here, but I applaud you because you’re really doing the hard work. You’re fighting the battles on the ground, and I just encourage you to keep it up. Thank you.



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“We’ve also documented medical schools, and the most shocking thing is, as bad as it is in higher ed and as bad as it is in K-12, it’s worse in medical schools. If you do any reading, National Association of Scholars has done great work documenting that, medical schools are going down the tube because of the CRT ideology. Everything is about diversity, equity, and inclusion, which is just a code word for “critical race theory”

God that is so scary

My Drs are all over 40…. Thank God

Thank you professor for all the work you do

Gee, it’s almost as if ……. maybe about 2009 or thereabouts , some people took the reins of power in the United States.

And these people did not like the U.S.

And so idk they seem to have set about — what’s the word — transforming the country.

It’s almost as if the people who were appointed to , say, the Department of Education set about implementing the goals set from above — i.,e., transforming , etc.

It’s almost as if maybe some kind of partnership was agreed upon. A collaboration between America-haters, and pedophiles, and teacher colleges/unions, etc.

And now some 10-15 years later … here we are.

– – –

Nahh, perhaps it’s just my imagination.

    If the Nazis were rolling out their Fourth Reich today, they wouldn’t be calling it the Fourth Reich. The globalist network has been organizing for decades to lay the foundation for what is going on. Call it what you want but the Third Reich Nazis could only dream of having this global foundation to launch from. Klaus Schwab and his Nazi connections? That’s just an unfortunate coincidence, an accident of birth.

And why would Malthusian globalists be so focused on medical schools? I’m getting to the point that I just don’t trust doctors to come anywhere near me with their needles and “there’s a pill for that” solutions. I’d much rather take the risk of avoiding them while living a healthy life of sensible eating, exercise, rest and common sense. It’s worked well so far.

Here’s my contribution to the cause – 3 minutes, once a month, at the local board of education meeting:

14 and counting! (plus one they messed up recording) 🙂

Like, subscribe, comment 🙂

Caring about the education of kids is not “domestic terrorism,” unless you are trying to establish a communist “village” to raise children.

Thank you, Professor J. and team, for fighting this fight. Your tenacious battle against this cancerous Leftist, totalitarian moral, socioeconomic and cultural rot is heroic.

This problem has developed over decades and it’s gonna take decades to root it out and then make sure it doesn’t grow back. It’s a matter of old school civic engagement by ordinary people being willing to do the pain in the ass work it takes.

Local public schools don’t belong to the teachers or the ED establishment or the teacher unions. They are owned by the members of the community. Parents have the biggest role to play because it’s their children being directly impacted. That doesn’t mean the whole burden falls on them alone. Those who don’t have school age children have a role to play as well.

Staying home, sitting on your hands because your children have already graduated or attend private schools makes it easier for the education establishment to indoctrinate the next generation. You want your nurse or home health aid to be woke? How about the local law enforcement? The code inspector? Your auto mechanic or accounting firm? The landscaping company? Other municipal or County workers? Military?

It’s a threat to everyone and no one is going to save you. If you expect someone else to do the heavy lifting of attending local meetings, gathering petitions, speaking out, contacting legislative members, fundraising, encouraging quality candidates, supporting them financially, door knocking for them, volunteer as poll watchers and so on….then we will be defeated. All of us have to be willing to become involved and stop waiting on someone else to ride in and save us.

    Dimsdale in reply to CommoChief. | October 25, 2022 at 9:03 am

    To an extent; the leftists practiced slow insinuation into our valued institutions. Knowing them for what they are, we can now begin to root them out with much more speed, but as the good Dr. says, we have to be in it for the long run.

    I plan to find a way onto my local school committee. Recently, a woman who has no connection to politics ran for a vacated seat on the local school committee. She was appalled at what she saw while her kids were on lockdown, and when they came back, her kids were accosted with an “implicit bias” quiz in English, and sexual orientation surveys. She ran unopposed, and now sits on the committee and will be “opening dialogue between the school and parents” so it doesn’t happen again. I have offered her my services/aid if she needs it.

    That’s what we all have to do. Be vigilant, be proactive and participate.

e pluribus unum | October 23, 2022 at 1:55 pm

In nearby Stonington, CT there is a kerfluffle about the School Superintendent removing so-called “pride” flags from classrooms after a parent complained it violated the school’s rule about posting political materials in classrooms.
Since the Chairman of their Board of Ed. is also running for CT’s 18th District senate seat it will be interesting to watch this play out. So far I have heard it said that it was unfair to do this for the sole complaint of ONE parent. But what if the parent was correct about it violating school rules? How many other parents feel the same but have been bullied into silence by the leftist mob?
I doubt there is a person out there who, when seeing a rainbow flag or any depiction of a rainbow, does not immediately think of the political groups it represents.
The little Leprechaun has had his identity stolen in a big way. And I think the pot of gold has been pouring into rainbow political coffers instead.

Great job, Professor J!!

With your many media appearances over the last few years you look much more comfortable and polished giving these talks. You’ve become a natural.