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#MeToo, we are told, is an important socio-cultural movement; we should believe all accusers as "survivors" and treat every incident of alleged sexual assault as a mass attack of white male privilege on hapless females.  This mentality is so ingrained among the #MeToo and #Resistance left that protesters mobbed lawmakers insisting that their stories be heard in conjunction with the Kavanaugh hearings. The idea was that any woman who had been sexually assaulted must be somehow weighed in the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation vote.  None of these women were claiming that Kavanaugh had assaulted them, just that they had been assaulted . . . and that Kavanaugh must pay.  You know, for their victimhood or as a scapegoat or Christ figure sacrificed for the sins of the many.  Kavanaugh's defeat was to be redemption for these women who had never met him much less been assaulted by him.  He was to be the figure, the totem, of their healing.   Burn him, and they are freed.  Or something.

One of the reasons I suspect President Donald Trump trolls the mainstream media and progressives so much is that it provides cover for his elite team of regulatory snipers. Among the most effective of these regulation killers is the Environmental Protection Agency's Chief Administrator Scott Pruitt, whose rollbacks of Obama-era insanity make him a YUGE target for green justice activist and the #Resistance. This week, the anti-capitalist agitators of Occupy Wall Street doxxed Pruitt by twetting his private Tulsa, Oklahoma address.

The "progressive stack" is a method to order speakers and participants by race and gender along a "social justice" hierarchy. Women "of color" come first, men "of color" next, then white women, and at the back of the line, white men. The progressive stack is all over the news the last few days because a graduate student Teaching Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, Stephanie McKellop, bragged on Twitter about using the progressive stack in class, as we reported in U. Penn Teaching Assistant Calls on White Male Students Last, Because “Social Justice”:

The Antifa street thugs who have rampaged on college campuses and cities long before Charlottesville have been embraced by the anti-Trump Democratic Resistance. This should come as no surprise, because Democrats also embraced the Occupy Wall Street movement, from which the Antifa movement evolved, As discussed in my prior post, both are the outgrowth of the Black Bloc anarchists and Marxists, Gathering Storms And Threats to Liberty.

The leftist roots of the Black Lives Matter movement have been exposed many times. This Black Lives Matter rally in Ithaca was full-out anti-capitalist Marxist agitation (the speaker is a Cornell professor): Which explains why the movement is attacking charter schools that actually help black children. Lance Izumi writing in The Philadephia Inquirer has the story, Black Lives Matter vs. charter schools:

There were many predictions of violent protests at the Republican National Convention, in light of a series of violent anti-Trump protests around the country. In Chicago, you will recall, protests organized by and others caused Trump to cancel his appearance at a major university arena. As Jeremy Segal (aka Rebel Pundit) [Featured Image] and Andrew Marcus documented, the Chicago protests were led by anarchists, communists, and open borders protesters.

It makes perfect sense that Bernie Sanders is the favored candidate of the Occupy Wall Street movement. His anti-capitalism rhetoric fits perfectly with the group's ideology. It's therefore hardly a surprise to learn that many of his supporters are planning to use Occupy style tactics to protest Hillary's nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July. Peter Hasson reports at the Daily Caller:
Twenty Thousand Committed To Anti-Hillary ‘Occupy DNC’ Protest More than twenty thousand people have committed to protest Hillary Clinton’s likely nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia — and that number is quickly growing.

A day ago I started seeing some incoming traffic from the website of Samantha Bee, former Daily Show member who now has her own show, Full Frontal. The links were coming to this post by Anne from 2012, Occupy Chicago activist claims to be person taunting homeless man at Chick-fil-A protest:
Yesterday, I posted a video of a group of Chick-fil-A “Kiss-In” protesters mocking an elderly homeless street preacher in Chicago on Friday evening. Many commenters have asked for additional information about the man and the scene....

One of the most difficult things in politics is to defend the rights of politicians you otherwise might not want to defend. One of those cases was the defense of Sarah Palin against a vicious left-wing smear machine that targeted even her youngest child, who was mocked not only for having Down Syndrome but for not having been aborted. The sexist distortions and outright lies about Palin reached an apex when she was blamed by left-wing bloggers for the shooting of Gabby Giffords and murder of others by Jared Loughner. The excuse was that Palin allegedly used incendiary words and created a climate of fear; a national electoral map she used which had crosshairs over some districts was blamed directly. In reality, Loughner was a psychotic person who, to the extent his politics were of this world, leaned left. There is no evidence Loughner ever saw the map in question. Loughner was held mentally unfit for trial. Yet Palin was blamed, and even some Republicans joined in the chorus. I wrote at the time that the defense of Palin was not a defense of Palin the person or politician, but of the principle that if Republicans enabled such dishonest tactics against her, then no Republican politician was safe:

The failure of the Occupy movement was epic in its crash-and-burn in the wake of "occupiers" pooping on cop cars, establishing rape safety tents, displaying food privilege, and being infested with rats and disease.  As amusing as the "up and down twinkles" and mindless, robotic repetition of speakers were, the failure of the Occupy movement is worth revisiting in light of its offshoot the #BlackLivesMatter movement. One of the reasons the left was so incensed by the TEA Party, and worried enough to come after us by any means necessary, is that we are a genuine grassroots, populist movement.  While they publicly railed against our successes and worked to ridicule and bully us into submission, they were always working away at trying to duplicate (i.e. manufacture) our efforts.

Occupy is still touted as "populist," an astonishing claim that is easily refuted in that it was a clearly top-down movement funded and organized by the usual suspects.  Likewise, we know that Ferguson was another crisis the left couldn't let go to waste, so the usual suspects hired and bused in race agitators, union members, communists, anarchists, et al.   These are all the same big players in the background, pulling the strings, and they have one goal in mind, a goal that Andrew Breitbart saw for what it was:

The Ferguson protesters have proven themselves to be destructive, violent, and completely uninterested in anything having to do with "justice." Not only are they okay with this assessment---they're completely proud of it. In fact, they're beginning to look an awful lot like another "justice movement" we got to know quite well a few years back. Back in August, an enterprising writer over at Buzzfeed engaged in some solid journalism and noticed that the Ferguson protests---namely, the evolving encampments were beginning to look a little like the Occupy Wall Street protests:
As the marches in Ferguson grow smaller, this apparently semi-permanent encampment has echoes of Occupy Wall Street and other radical encampments who sought to claim and hold territory in 2011 and 2012. “Why do we need a leader?” Alexander asked. “I’m saying everybody can be leaders.” The camp even has a few Occupy veterans who drifted in during the last week and are giving them pointers on how to deal with things like tear gas — a threat Alexander said is still present, especially as their numbers grow. A couple of miles away in downtown Ferguson, across the street from the still-under-construction police station, another group is also digging in. Unlike the protesters on W Florissant, the gathering downtown is older and includes more women than men. Many of the demonstrators leave by the middle of the night, though someone is always out and always will be until they “get some answers,” according to organizer Angela Whitman. “We come out when it’s storming and raining,” she said. “We don’t play around. We don’t care what the weather is. We’ll be out here as long as it takes.” The atmosphere downtown is almost familial, with chairs and tables spread out across the street corner. Friday night, the group had prayers and competing chants between men and women, among other things.
In fact, Occupy is more interconnected with Ferguson than was immediately apparent when people started to organize.

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of the start of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Our first post was a couple of weeks later, Declaration of the Occupation of Perpetual Grievance. Remember, the next, ahem, leading Democratic contender for President of the United States was the intellectual founder of Occupy Wall Street. Our Occupy Wall Street tag now has over 100 posts.  Go ahead and take a stroll down memory lane. It's really hard to find a single favorite post.  Here are the Awards for Best Occupy Wall Street Moments (plus a Special Award at the end):

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Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke at Chicago's annual May Day celebration in Chicago as a flag of Che Guevara waved before him, yet when questioned by Rebel Pundit about his presence at the rally teeming with anarchist, communist, and socialist groups with their red flags,...

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