Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke at Chicago’s annual May Day celebration in Chicago as a flag of Che Guevara waved before him, yet when questioned by Rebel Pundit about his presence at the rally teeming with anarchist, communist, and socialist groups with their red flags, retorted that it was because “I believe in the Constitution.”

Durbin, who puzzlingly said “how do you know that?” when asked about the groups’ prominence at the rally — he need only have gazed out to the crowd he had just addressed — said that May Day is actually a celebration of “Law Day. ” He then told Rebel Pundit that his question about the presence of communists, anarchists, and socialists at the May Day rally was “trapped in ancient history.”

The rally Durbin addressed, which began in the not-s0-ancient setting of Haymarket Square, was described by Progress Illinois:

May Day, also know as International Workers’ Day, is an annual commemoration of the Haymarket riot that took place in Chicago in 1886. The day is usually marked by protests around the world, with the actions focusing on labor-related issues. This year’s demonstration in Chicago focused on workers’ rights and the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

Occupy Chicago promoted the rally heavily on Facebook, while the Chicago Socialists changed the banner on their page to say “May Day Is Our Day! Celebrate International Workers’ Day — Chicago”

Durbin needn’t play so coy; when U.S. Congressman Danny Davis, who sits on the House’s Homeland Security Committee, was caught on camera accepting a “lifetime in achievement” award from the Communist Party USA last year, there was no coverage from the local media.

Video of Rebel Pundit questioning Durbin:

The exchange:

Rebelpundit: There is a large contingent of Communist Party USA, anarchists, international socialist groups here today that you just spoke to…
Durbin: How do you know that?
Rebelpundit: Because I’ve filmed them all day, and you just spoke to them, so I’d like to ask about your participation, why you decided to come out today?
Durbin: Well let me just say something, because [pause] I believe in the Constitution. Do you believe in it?
Rebelpundit: Because you believe in the Constitution you decided to come out to a rally full of communists and socialists?
Durbin: And you know why?
Rebelpundit: Why?
Durbin: Because we have freedom of speech in America, and that’s why you can record this and not be arrested.
RebelPundit: You think I should be arrested?
Durbin: No, not at all, you have a right to your constitutional rights, and I do, too.

If, as Durbin says, his presence at the rally was because he believes in the Constitution, then what rally is off-limits? Perhaps we’ll see him at the next Tea Party. This post from the Quincy Journal sums it up:

I love how he defends speaking to a group of malcontents by comparing it to freedom of the press. Yes, they have the right to have a rally and the right to free speech, but you don’t have to go speak at it. The last thing Dick Durbin is interested in is freedom.


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