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Dem Superdelegate “hit list” creator once taunted homeless man reading Bible

Dem Superdelegate “hit list” creator once taunted homeless man reading Bible

“Hit” removed from “Hit List” – but Samantha Bee still very unhappy with targeting superdelegates

A day ago I started seeing some incoming traffic from the website of Samantha Bee, former Daily Show member who now has her own show, Full Frontal.

The links were coming to this post by Anne from 2012, Occupy Chicago activist claims to be person taunting homeless man at Chick-fil-A protest:

Yesterday, I posted a video of a group of Chick-fil-A “Kiss-In” protesters mocking an elderly homeless street preacher in Chicago on Friday evening. Many commenters have asked for additional information about the man and the scene….

One big question has been the identity of the lead protester (in a plaid shirt) in the video confronting the homeless man….

It wasn’t something we planned to investigate.

But it turns out that the person voluntarily identified himself in the comments section as “Spencer Thayer” using that person’s verifiable email address (warning: profanity):

 spencerthayer | August 5, 2012 at 1:44 pm

The preacher was equating Gay people to pigs and Satan. He was being loud and rude while using his Bible to interupt the event with the intent of shaming peoples life styles. He has his right to free speech, just as I had every right to call him out on his bullshit. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that ass hat Christian’s can’t be called out for being dick heads by other dick heads.

Besides the video is biased and edits out the shit he was saying to make him look like a victim. This “preacher” was nothing but a bigot. I asked and he agreed that Deuteronomy 22:24, which states raped women who do not scream loud enough should be stone, should be followed. He also said “lazy sons” should be stoned to death as well.

Fuck that guy and fuck any of you who agree with him.

The person in the video certainly looks like the Spencer “Thunderball” Thayer who was a longtime Chicago-area activist, most recently with the Occupy Chicago movement leading a crowd in October 2011 in a chant of “We are the 99%.” Thayer also was a member of a group “Chicago Cop Watch” whose goal, ironically enough, was to videotape police. Thayer also was an advocate of the “Chicago Principles” during the NATO summit, a set of defining principles for all of the groups protesting NATO to keep dissent from getting out. Thayer’s Twitter account has an Occupy graphic as his profile picture and many anti-capitalist tweets.

In case you missed it, here is Thayer in our video:

Chick-fil-A Kiss In Chicago Protester in Plaid

So why would Samantha Bee be linking to that post?

Turns out that Spencer Thayer created a “hit list” of Democratic Superdelegates, who presumably are aligned with Hillary, not Bernie. After the use of “hit list” got attention, Thayer removed “hit” from the title.

NPR reported on the list:

But this hasn’t stopped Sanders’ enthusiastic supporters from taking matters into their own hands. This week, a Sanders fan named Spencer Thayer created the “Superdelegate Hit List,” a website to compile and share the contact information of superdelegates, so they can be persuaded. It is not affiliated with the Sanders campaign, but a campaign spokesman didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.

Thayer, who answered questions over email, later changed the name simply to “Superdelegate List.”

“The intent of the branding was to parody the famous Clinton Hit List, this was a tongue–in–cheek attempt at parody which I thought would encourage resharing,” Thayer said. “The branding began to detract from the campaign’s purpose, so it wasn’t a hard decision to make the change once it was clear it wasn’t working.”

Thayer’s goal with the site was to make it easier for voters to get in touch with superdelegates.

Easier to get in touch with Superdelegates? Sounds a lot like Roger Stone’s threat to hand out the hotel room numbers of Republican regular delegates who might “steal” the nomination from Trump by not voting for Trump. Just to offer them milk and cookies, not to intimidate or rough them up, of course.

Thayer’s removal of “hit” from “hit list” didn’t satisfy Samantha Bee, who posted this video on her website, referencing Legal Insurrections video at the 1:48 mark:

Loves Occupy movement? Check.

Mocks homeless guy reading Bible at Chick-fil-A protest? Check.

Creates “hit” “not hit” list and provides contact info. for Dem superdelegates? Check.

The future of the Democratic Party?


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I’m surprised the Sanders camp isn’t trying to get Spencer Thayer on the ballot for Senate in the state in which he lives.

The future of the Democratic Party?

Yep. Same as the past.

This is the future. It’s also the past.

Those delegates are people and they have names, and they signed up for politics. Politics is war by other means.

The Republican super delegates do more than just vote for the candidate, they also write the platform. Also, they are not bound at all for the selection of the Vice President.

The people who voted to stop immigration and build a wall, could get a pro amnesty platform and VP forced on them. And that’s true even if Trump gets his 1237!

The holy rollers that Cruz is selecting as delegates are going to get hit with intense pressure to adopt Gay marriage wedding cakes and transsexual bathrooms as the price of their attendance.

Every day until the election a new hit of corruption will be exposed. Will the next government be seen as legitimate? Should pollsters start asking me the military this question?

So, to protest being called pigs and satan, these morons act like pigs and satan?

The radical left are no different to the radical muslims who kill people for saying Islam is violent. And neither of them have the intellect to see the hypocrisy of their views.