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White woman falsely accuses black child of sexual assault and #MeToo goes out the window

White woman falsely accuses black child of sexual assault and #MeToo goes out the window

When #MeToo’s “believe the survivor” meets reality

#MeToo, we are told, is an important socio-cultural movement; we should believe all accusers as “survivors” and treat every incident of alleged sexual assault as a mass attack of white male privilege on hapless females.  This mentality is so ingrained among the #MeToo and #Resistance left that protesters mobbed lawmakers insisting that their stories be heard in conjunction with the Kavanaugh hearings.

The idea was that any woman who had been sexually assaulted must be somehow weighed in the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation vote.  None of these women were claiming that Kavanaugh had assaulted them, just that they had been assaulted . . . and that Kavanaugh must pay.  You know, for their victimhood or as a scapegoat or Christ figure sacrificed for the sins of the many.  Kavanaugh’s defeat was to be redemption for these women who had never met him much less been assaulted by him.  He was to be the figure, the totem, of their healing.   Burn him, and they are freed.  Or something.

That totemic belief that a person or even a race can be held to account for the “sins of the many” is as old as dirt.  And about as useful in a civilized society.  Oddly, it is the “progressives” who hearken back to a time of totems and symbolic cleansings.  “Progressive,” then, is merely a “forward-sounding” label that relies on the most base, the most archaic and regressive fears; what can be more regressive, more anti-progress than damning one fully human man or one race for the sins of the many?

The question is moot, however, because the “believe every victim/survivor” chorus has been silenced by an erroneous accusation by a “sexual assault survivor.”  It would seem, contrary to the #MeToo gospel, that women do, indeed, lie about such things.  The lie, it should be noted, was uncovered because it was a white woman lying about a black child’s supposed assault.  In the progressive hierarchy, a white woman will always fall below the black male, so this is not surprising.

What is surprising is the immediate release of all “believe the victim/survivor” ranting . . . without any sense that this might call their worldview into question.  So we believe only white victim/survivors if their alleged assailant was also white?  Oh, and maybe one who knew someone once who also vaguely knew—or knew not at all—a current Supreme Court Justice nominee?

What if a black assailant assaults a white woman?  Is that okay?  My guess, from the “progressive” point of view, is that “it depends.”  Did this rape take place at an Occupy encampment prior to the establishment of “rape tents” where purported rape victims could escape their rapists?   Or were these assaults perpetrated outside the approved regressive rape rubric?  Does it even matter since #MeToo pretends rape against leftist women is not the perc for perverse leftists that it actually is?

I am comfortable positing that leftist women are the victims of rape far more often than conservative women for one reason:  they associate with and support a rapist culture.  They immerse themselves in a rapist culture (the Tea Party never needed “rape tents”), and then they wonder what happened.  When they are attacked, they go silent.  It would hurt the “cause,” the “resistance,” the “[insert whatever] movement.”  They believe that peeing on themselves is an adequate defense against rape because their loony regressive lords have promised them this “truth.”

Meanwhile, a clearly false claim of sexual assault is called out as just that . . . because the “victim/survivor” is white?

The Washington Post reports:

A New York woman became the subject of ridicule and hatred on social media after she falsely accused a boy of groping her while she was shopping inside a deli.

Teresa Klein, who is white, created a commotion earlier this week outside the Sahara Deli Market in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood as she appeared to tell a 911 dispatcher that the boy, who is black, assaulted her. The spectacle was captured in a now-viral video, and Klein, a 53-year-old Brooklyn resident, has been nicknamed #CornerstoreCaroline.

“No, I want the cops here right now,” Klein said as she held her phone to her ear and a crowd of angry onlookers began to gather around.

The boy, wearing a tucked-in green shirt and carrying a backpack, began to cry as the woman in aviator glasses and knee-high boots accused him of grabbing her.

The crowd grew angrier, screaming at Klein, who had covered her other ear as she continued to talk to the 911 operator.

“I just was sexually assaulted by a child,” Klein said.

“Are you seriously calling the police?” a woman can be heard saying.

In this case, we have the New York Times declaring this an instance of the #MeToo victim / survivor as a boorish spouter of racist views.  She’s therefore not eligible for #MeToo victimhood status.  Or something.  We don’t, the NYT implies, believe all women, after all.

“I was just sexually assaulted by a child,” Ms. Klein is heard saying on the video as she said she was on the phone with the police. The boy, who is about 9, and another child burst into tears outside the store as bystanders confronted Ms. Klein about the incident.

“The son grabbed my ass and she decided to yell at me,” Ms. Klein continued in the video, referring to his mother. The video was first reported by The New York Post.

The public shaming of people who behave boorishly or spout racist views has become a feature of modern life in New York City, where nearly every person has a cellphone and residents are not shy about confronting one another, often in colorful language.

Ultimately, this woman is about as credible as . . . oh, say, Michael Avenatti’s Julie Swetnick.  The difference?  The leftist mob can see a con and lie when it suits them; my guess, they can see one when it doesn’t suit them, too.  They just plow ahead like the mindless mob they have proven to be.


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Mao’s “Great Leap” was progress on an unprecedented scale that sacrificed tens of millions of “deplorable” Chinese men, women, and children. Progress is monotonic change, that is qualified by people circumstantially (e.g. ethics).

Diversity is color judgment/discrimination/division or racism carried forward under a semantic play.

Men and women are equal in rights and complementary in Nature, where both men and women are marked by original sin (i.e. potential for immoral thoughts and actions).

Warlock trials are unconstitutional. So are witch trials. The Constitution does not discriminate by color, sex, or gender, and does not recognize diversity or zero-sum social justice adventurism.

    “Warlock trials are unconstitutional. So are witch trials…”

    No they’re not – not if the law is not enforced.

    The baby-talking fraud called Christine Ford should be investigated, and her and her enablers prosecuted.

    If not, so much for “Warlock trials are unconstitutional. So are witch trials…”

    Then there’s that treasonous skank hillary clinton.

    Then there’s that treasonous skank Jeff Seessions shielding them all.

    Man, what the leftr must have on Sessions.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 13, 2018 at 8:36 pm

I’ve read that women accusing black men was the 3rd biggest reason for black men being lynched.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 13, 2018 at 8:39 pm

Multicultural and Diversity are just Democrat Party words meaning:


    There is something to be said for suppressing conflict through marginalization of classes. However, I think we can and should do better than indulge “color” schemes and zero-sum games. That said, there is a way forward that recognizes individual dignity and intrinsic value, does not wallow in #TooManyLabels and #SelectiveJudgment, and avoids redistributive change. A way to assure medical care is affordable and available, without cost shifting and rationing. A way to help help native people tend their gardens and avoid recurring bouts of immigration reform and collateral damage. Perhaps Trump is right and is capable of conserving principles and principals.

METOO loons consider things that are uncomfortable to be sexual assault or even rape. I was listening to a leftist loon on BBC4Extra who said that a man on the subway bumped against her contrary to the movement of the train (???) and this twit considered herself to be a VICTIM of sexual assault. THANKS LEFTIST TWITS, your lowering the bar for what constitutes actual SEXUAL ASSAULT means that this term means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

What if a black assailant assaults a white woman? Is that okay?

My guess is no. A goal of the American Left is to keep blacks on the plantation, no matter how much that cripples them. Another goal is to put women in charge of the plantation, no matter how much that cripples the plantation.

The pecking order seems clear.

The hysterical part of this is that the woman who claimed a 9 year old boy (regardless of race this is beyond absurd) is a liberal. No self respecting conservative woman would do such a thing. Guaranteed. RINO’s I make no such utter guarantee, as they are merely pretenders to conservative values and principles.

Thing is, to far too many leftists the truth doesn’t matter as much as their political masters’ wishes. Kavanaugh was assaulted by Feinstein’s obvious late attack against his character because of politics. She held it back as a last ditch effort to derail Kavanaugh most likely knowing that the woman, Dr. Ford, was either lying her ass off, or fabricating a mostly non-event at best into an assault. I suspect Feinstein knew if she brought this up for investigation when she first learned of it, it would have died in a week or so, with investigators seeing the glaring holes in the tale, and knowing no such traction would emerge from it, waited till the very end so the media would do her and her party’s dirty work. She knows false claims would pile on, just as they planned with Moore, but far too few were willing to lie, only liberal SJW or true nut jobs came out.

In this case above, others came to the young lad’s defense against an ever growing insane liberal class of women. God help any man who even thinks of dating these harlots, for when the relationship ends, which it most likely will given their raging, angry insanity, regardless of the political stripe of the man, it could mean the end of his life, his career, his friends, everything, because she can twist it to #MeToo.

You can be totally innocent, and still not have a chance against these assaults. What if you brush against this harpy? Not even meaning to, barely moving the fabric, and you could be labeled a sexual predator.

This is one sick, insane, twisted and frankly – evil world made the moreso by these leftists.

    PaulM in reply to oldgoat36. | October 14, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    The store security video captured the ‘incident’.
    The kid was wearing a backpack, and as he turned to look behind him – possibly to respond to someone speaking to him – the corner of the backpack brushed against her butt as she was bent over getting something from a low shelf.

Please be aware that all men are in danger from false allegations. It can happen to your father, your husband, your brother, your son. Also note that when activists claim ‘only 2% of sexual assault cases are false’ they take that claim from The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) and leave out A. the range (2%-10%) and B. a “false” rape allegation is provably false – meaning, for example, that the accused has a bulletproof alibi or the accuser eventually recants.

Actress accuses man of impossible sexual assault

More on that. If you are a “Game of Thrones” fan do not read the last article.

“Progressive” is a single word oxymoron.

In regard to false accusations by white women, Emmett Till couldn’t be reached for comment.

The woman is a total loon — an unemployed, self-styled “Buddhist” with a bad reputation in her apartment building as a crazy, incessant complainer and busybody.

Transparently miserable and unhappy people are the most dangerous in our society.