There were many predictions of violent protests at the Republican National Convention, in light of a series of violent anti-Trump protests around the country.

In Chicago, you will recall, protests organized by and others caused Trump to cancel his appearance at a major university arena.

As Jeremy Segal (aka Rebel Pundit) [Featured Image] and Andrew Marcus documented, the Chicago protests were led by anarchists, communists, and open borders protesters.

(Language Warning)

But in Cleveland, almost nothing. There were some feeble protests and a few attempts of intimidation, but nothing near what happened in Chicago or was predicted.

Why is that? Lee Stranahan posed that question to Jeremy Segal (aka Rebel Pundi). I think the answer is spot on: The usual suspects were not in Cleveland.

The question is whether the usual suspects will show up in Philadelphia. Seems more likely to me, particularly after revelations of how the DNC worked against Bernie Sanders.


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