A series of Occupy twitter accounts as well as the Occupy Sandy facebook account were hacked Tuesday evening, with the hackers tweeting out messages like “OCCUPY IS OVER. IT WAS FUN. #SORRY” and “OCCUPY IS OVER.” The affected twitter accounts included @OccupyWallSTNYC, @OccupyTogether, @OccupyChicago, @USUncut, @OccupyArrests, @OWSUnionSquare, and others.

Followers responded with confusion, anger (and more than a few retweets). Here’s some examples of what the hackers tweeted:

Occupy twitter phone

occupy together

Occupy hacked tweet

us uncut2

And the hacked facebook account:

occupy sandy faceboo

Occupy Wall Street tweeted out about an hour after it first occurred that they had “retained control of the count,” saying they believed the breach had occurred after both Occupy NYC and Occupier Justin Wedes‘s accounts were accessed.

OWS tweet

ows hacked2


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