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Worst. #OccupyWallStreet. Advice. Ever.

Worst. #OccupyWallStreet. Advice. Ever.

On October 7, self-styled Occupy Wall Street reporter Allison Burtch, the proponent of “progressive stack” speech control, gave this advice to the #OccupyWallStreet movement:

Which goes to prove, don’t wish too hard for something, you just might get it.


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How does that shit stack up?

From the looks of those folks, that’s about all any of them have to offer.

Real deep thinkers behind this movement…

Hold on a second. I would like to suggest the person in question was merely ill. Or feeble minded. A real protester would have squatted on the front or rear hood, or maybe on the top of the car. If that is a protest, it is pretty dang feeble. Did he pick the goods up and smear the windows of the police car? No. If that is indeed part of the protest, it is just as pathetic as the rest of the protest. What a maroon.

What part of OWS is NOT pathetic?

They are so pathetic, while you are both insightful and eloquent. Shouldn’t we call them COWS (Crowd Occupying Wall Street)?

Wow! Allison Burtch again?

She’s the famous (infamous?) Freegan, not to be confused with a vegan, and SAT prep teacher.

What a colorful occupation force the Marxists have recruited!


I see at another site the headline “I’m $100,000 in debt, I’m 22” – to which I might add, no, I think you’re $135,000 some in debt – even the newborn baby is now at least 30 grand in the hole the day they’re born, and it’s getting worse – thanks to your hero Obama.

You’re 22. You’re not stupid – you ought to be able to figure this one out.


[…] The #OCCUPY[your name here] protests are a perfect example of how infantile the communist movement has become. True commies should be embarrassed at these “After School Special” versions of civil unrest. This is like a “60’s for Dummies” version of anarchy – rebels without a clue. […]

i don’t give a shit and i don’t take any shit because i’m not in the shit business.