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#BlackChildrensLivesMatter so why is #BlackLivesMatter attacking charter schools?

#BlackChildrensLivesMatter so why is #BlackLivesMatter attacking charter schools?

In a word: Unions

The leftist roots of the Black Lives Matter movement have been exposed many times.

This Black Lives Matter rally in Ithaca was full-out anti-capitalist Marxist agitation (the speaker is a Cornell professor):

Which explains why the movement is attacking charter schools that actually help black children.

Lance Izumi writing in The Philadephia Inquirer has the story, Black Lives Matter vs. charter schools:

The Movement for Black Lives Matter coalition has recently issued education-policy “demands” that demonstrate that not all the lives of black children matter to the group.

In the preamble of the BLM demands, the group uses language that seems drawn straight from teacher-union talking points. BLM talks about “an international education privatization agenda,” which sounds very similar to a recent National Education Association tweet claiming, “Privatization is a global threat to public education.” And like the NEA, the BLM authors believe that deregulated public charter schools are an instrument of this feared privatization agenda….

What empirical research shows is that the lived experience of black children in charter schools has been very positive….

Why would BLM throw black children overboard? It is instructive to note that Hiram Rivera, one of the authors of the BLM document, is executive director of the Philadelphia Student Union, which has received funding from the American Federation of Teachers.

Also, the NEA and the AFT are members of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, which is listed in the BLM document as a resource on education policy.

In addition, the NEA has passed a resolution supporting BLM and the head of the union has said, “The NEA is honored to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.” No wonder the BLM document specifically worries about how privatization would “destroy organized labor.”

The authors of the Stanford charter-school study concluded: “[T]hese charter sectors clearly refute the idea that some groups of students cannot achieve high levels of academic success. They need only to be given the opportunity.”

Black Lives Matter would destroy that opportunity and, along with it, the lives of thousands of black children.

At this rate, Black Lives Matter as a movement is heading straight for Occupy Wall Street obsolescence in a year or two.

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“At this rate, Black Lives Matter as a movement is heading straight for Occupy Wall Street obsolescence in a year or two.”

Man, I hope you’re right, Prof. Can’t happen too soon. They already have too high a body count…

To answer the headlined question, it’s because “intersectionality” isn’t a genuine intellectual tool, it’s an organizing technique, a regime of mutual back scratching: you do my demo and I’ll do yours.

It’s not about the children, the babies, and Posterity.

Maybe if they spent more time fathering their children and getting educated like they do protesting, blacks would be in a better situation than they are now.