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Get out!

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From reader @matthewhurtt:

Found this jeep in Old Town, Alexandria — not exactly a stronghold for Republicans. Enjoy.



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A reader was quick enough to photograph this bumper sticker.

I don’t know if you have published this particular sticker.

From Albuquerque, NM. Photo taken at a stoplight; I was lucky enough to have my camera w/ me (I usually don’t).

It took me a minute to figure it out. What I haven’t figured out is whether it’s mocking the Coexist bumper sticker, or religion.


Sample ballot found already filled out

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the right way.

From frequent photographer Ulises:

I was not aware that such subversive speech against the dear leader was allowed in deep blue Maryland…this was taken in a gift shop in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.


Bumper sticker pride parade

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From reader Nate, sent on May 13:

I’m a regular reader of your blog, and love the bumper sticker page. Here is my contribution. Yesterday was the gay pride march in Northampton, MA which made for great opportunities for bumper sticker photos. Sure enough, here is the obligatory “car covered in stickers”.


You can paint it over, but you can’t hide

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Signs are popping up all over.

From reader Angie:

This is not a bumper sticker, but traveling along the coast in southern OREGON, we came upon this rather large sign. The small town seemed to be struggling.

Maybe there’s hope.

Follow up email from Angie:

Drove by it again today, and the opposition has painted over “Obama.” Unfortunately, we leave for home tomorrow, so we’ll be unable to monitor this battle. People here have told us this sw part of Oregon tends to be conservative, while Portland and the college towns are the liberal parts of the state. (The sign is in Port Orford.)


A bumper sticker from California

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Any excuse for the link.

I’m getting an increasing number of bumper stickers from suprised Californians. From reader Georgette, who writes:

Even in California!



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Taken by Bryan in Savannah, GA, and forwarded with the message “Coexist with everyone… Except the 1%.”


But if you fire him, who will give you all the free stuff?

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Reader Bill from Florida is traveling, and spotted this pick-up truck which had a handicapped parking license plate, in Nevada City, CA:

Whoda thunkit? Handicapped and all in Cali?!?!


Change even I could believe in

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From reader Cheerful in Marin:

… from a brave car spotted last week in Corte Madera, CA (southern Marin County). A refreshing sight in the land of Lynn Woolsey.

Thank you for your terrific website.


Democratic campaign strategy for dummies

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From reader John:

Keep up the good work on Elizabeth Warren, what a hypocrite.

Saw this on the road in Richmond, VA. This bumper sticker could be translated as:

“Warning, close-minded person on board. Will not listen to reason. Will revert to nonsensical ad hominem attacks if he disagrees with you.”


The Pitts

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From reader David:

Seen in Democrat-friendly, labor union centric, Obama-G-20, Pittsburgh. Think the driver has any doubts?


Obviously you hate women

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I have noticed a lot of homemade bumper stickers lately.

From reader Jeff:

Mr. Jacobson – I have posted a bumper sticker before.

Here is one I had made up after reading some comments by Charles Krauthammer. This one is on my car and seems attract some attention from both sides.

Twice this weekend, I was parked next to an “Obama car” but never had the pleasure of meeting the owner(s).


And this is the thanks they get

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for all they’ve done for you?  You better hope the watchman doesn’t see this.

From reader stevewhitemd:

I saw this truck while driving to work earlier this week. I was stopped at the light, honest. Took the photos with my iPhone so the quality isn’t the best. The location is Frankfort, Illinois, in Will County south of Chicago. It’s mostly red (pink to red by my color scheme).


If only

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Can I hold you to that promise?

From Kathy, looks like it came from the same vehicle as yesterday’s post:


Why didn’t this movement start

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oh, say, 29 years ago?

I might have marched with you.

Another one from Kathy, taken in Harrisonburg, VA:


Don’t these people have any shame?

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Who puts a bumper sticker like that one on a vehicle?  Have they no shame?

I love your bumper sticker photos and am always on the lookout for ones worthy of your blog. Practically walked into the back of this truck, parked near a craft store in Bellevue, Washington.

Decided to take two photos with my phone (darn, I wished I had my better camera!) so that everyone can read this potpourri of liberal lunacy.



I don’t find any of the others quite so offensive:


You can’t always get what you want

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and we’re not even going to give you what you need unless you stop acting like crybabies and hooligans.  Life isn’t a Rolling Stones song, despite everything you learned in school.

From reader Jay:

Thank you for your work with Legal Insurrection. Your hard work is appreciated.

I saw the attached sign near my home in WI and thought you might enjoy it.