Remember the BP boycott?

Apparently, this owner does not even though his vehicle has a “Boycott BP” sticker on it.  The gas was probably a penny cheaper than the boycott-free stations down the street.

From reader John:

I spotted this guy filling up at a BP station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It must be hard to remember the boycott du jour.

Also, thanks for all the great posts on Lugar v. Mourdock. Keep up the good work!

I think things are looking good. For what it’s worth, I’ve seen probably 70 Mourdock signs in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, compared to exactly one yard sign for Lugar. Not exactly scientific results, but I think telling nonetheless.

Your quote: “In order to win, Lugar needs to lie about Mourdock; in order to win, Mourdock needs to tell the truth about Lugar.” couldn’t be more accurate, and I was happy to hear Mark Levin talk about that on his radio show a few days ago.


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