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From reader Peter:

I saw your latest “Fakes” post and decided to share –

I was visiting my 83 year old mom who lives on Chappaquiddick Island (part of Martha’s Vineyard) just last week.  It’s a lovely place and certainly is a playground of the rich, but not exclusively so (my case in point).

One thing that is very true about the Vineyard is that they really love their Democrats.

The place goes nuts in August when presidents come to visit. That is background for why this bumper sticker is so notable.

I was on the very small 3 car ferry boat that travels across the harbor to Chappaquiddick when I spied this.

I also love the juxtaposition…

Thanks for the blog,


When poverty comes to America, it will be driving a $22k Jeep Patriot

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From reader and frequent photographer Bill in Florida:

Saw this jeep Patriot with the “I’m too poor to vote republican” sticker on it. New they run about $22,000.


I don’t care which of these presidential candidates wins

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This driver supports Anybody Else.  From reader Chris, taken in Austin, TX:

Professor, you’ve probably seen this one but for what it’s worth.

Car next to me saw me taking photo. They honked and gave thumbs up.

Mobile tea party?

While this other driver supports Anyone Else.  From reader Jeff:

From my wife, who is visiting near Austin, Texas. Maybe not all that exciting, especially considering what one could be expected to find in Texas.

Interestingly, if you look closely you can see that the Anyone Else 2012 sticker was placed over a McCain-Palin sticker from the last election.

Me? I took my yard sign and cut out Palin and saved it, discarding the rest.


It’s a time for choosing.  Anybody Else or Anyone Else.

Either one is fine with me


“I support fakes, and I vote”

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Alternative headline:  “Supporter of fake Indian ranch supports fake Indian.”

From reader @Coondawg68 who e-mailed this on Friday:

Warren supporter bumper sticker irony

Spotted at a Quincy MA parking lot yesterday.


First we’ll come for the Thespians

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From reader Pam:

Hi – I am a longtime reader who has never contributed, but I love the blog – especially the bumper sticker category.

I just had to send this picture of an acquaintance’s car – not surprisingly, the owner is from lower Fairfield County, CT and works in higher education. The fact that the car festooned with these liberal gems is a Prius is just icing on the cake.

The one on the top left is hard to read in the photo, but it says OMG GOP WTF!

[images removed 3-26-2014]


I’ve got it: The “Hot and Burning” program

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At which point you say, “please don’t give them any ideas.”

A second photo taken by Ryan on his drive outside Kansas City:

The trailer is located on highway 71 south of Kansas City, MO.

Some enterprising American decided to park a semi trailer in his field and use it as a billboard.

As you can see, someone disagreed with the message and attempted to silence him…though I’m not surprised that a liberal failed at something as simple as starting a fire.

Perhaps he can find a government program that will help him be more efficient at arson?

Update:  Ryan emails –

Someone commented that it had burned up last fall. I actually took that pic last summer, though I do not remember ever seeing it destroyed up to the last time I drove on that route in January. I’ve been deployed to Afghanistan since then (currently sitting in Kuwait), so maybe it’s gone now.


Great minds think alike

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From reader Perry:

Bumper sticker I saw today in the parking lot by a Barnes & Noble in New Hartford, NY (Utica area) — on a car w/ Connecticut plates, no less !! I *had* to take a picture of it – will wonders never cease?

I know what you’re thinking.

But it’s not.  It was trademarked in 2003.  And was related to people who like to watch things go in circles.



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From reader bluehous1991:

I saw this bumpersticker in Little Rock, on an Arkansas plate.

There is sanity in the town of Clinton!


Obama does not want you messing with his bumper sticker promotion

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The Watchman does not like people who pull pranks on him.

From reader Red:

not a regular bumper sticker submission, but i love the latin flavor of the punctuation…

and the fact that their bots haven’t figured out that it’s “You Pendejo” in my alias.

hope you find this worthy.

from the SF Valley, deep in the heart of the People’s Republic of California, like totally, fer sure.


Just say NO

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We have had many bumper stickers with the “O” logo, but none so simple and direct as just saying “NO”.

From reader Tracy:

We took this photo tonight in the middle of the crosswalk linking Davidson College to the Davidson Village Green. Davidson is a liberal bastion, as you may well know, and we were shocked to see this sticker placed brazenly in the middle of the street and on a state-owned sign!

Thought you’d get a kick out of it!


The Prius Presumption

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Still a duck, but at least he’s trying to fight the Prius Presumption.

Here’s how it’s done, but you still can’t change a first impression.

From frequent photographer Ulises:

Even Maryland Prius drivers are for Romney… And here I was thinking they were all leftist wacos…


If it looks like a duck, if it …

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Self-conscious we much?

From reader and blogger C. Dodd Harris, IV, who spotted this vehicle in Louisville, KY:

Saw this today, seemed like it was up your alley.


Take it personally

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Yet another sign of the times.

From Kathy, taken near Gainesville, FL:


In the Matter of …

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It’s the biggest case of them all.

From reader KGB:

Not a bumper sticker, I know, but an interesting campaign sign I came across in East Randolph, NY, while out for a Sunday drive. I don’t know if this is a stock phrase being used around the region or country but it’s the first time I’d seen it. The sign is sponsored by the Cattaraugus County Tea Party.

Note the upside down flag coming out of the sign, a symbol of distress.


The Money Badger don’t care

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From reader Bronwyn:

I saw this car at the Medical Center in Orange County, CA. I know our county leans more right than the rest of California, but with all the depressing news about our state I found this car a slight glimmer of hope. Although, considering the car was an Escape… maybe not so much!


Maybe next time

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From reader W:

Following the bailout of the ACA by Chief Justice Roberts I came across this sticker (on the hood no less!) on my neighbor’s car in Greenwich, People’s Republic of Connecticut this morning.

I thought you and other LI readers would get a kick out of it.

Hasn’t the Chief opened a huge can of worms and vastly expanded taxing authority with this opinion?

What a mess.

Thanks for making Legal Insurrection a great blog. It’s a daily read for me.


They’re onto us

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From reader Bob:

Another interesting sticker…

I’m in northern virginia, deep in democratic country, and just love the disconnect with this sticker! The president is great! If only those pesky republicans (who only control one third of the government) would get out of the way all would be unicorns and rainbows!

Those R’s must be some really powerful folks!