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You don’t need a weatherman

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More from Sandy’s road trip:

We arrived an intermediate destination, Culver, Indiana, late Friday night. Culver is a small mid-west town in Marshall County, about 50 miles south of South Bend. It is perhaps best known for the Culver Academies, composed of the Culver Military Academy founded in 1894 and the Culver Girls Academy formed in 1971, whihc are located on the very scenic Lake Maxinkuckee.

Never having spent much time in the mid-west, coming to Culver when older daughter attended exposed us to the direct, plain-spoken nature and core integrity of these mid-west Americans. I do not know a lot about Indiana, politically they´ve got Mitch Daniels, which must be a mark of good decision-making. More recently, as you know, they turned out rino Sen Lugar for Mr Mourdock–which must be a very good thing, and reflective of the plain-spoken nature and core integrity of Hoosiers that I mentioned.

Short story: That plain-spokenness is also apparent in the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council in its joining the protest against a Florida-based company´s proposed wind farm. All around Lake Max there are signs against the wind farm: “Not Clean, Not Cheap, Not Green¨ This is a very good development.

Longer Story: The Florida energy company, NextEra includes FPL and wind-energy. NextEra has been pushing to develop a large wind farm near Culver. [see Marshall County-IN Wind Farm]

NextEra is apparently one of the companies which is/has benefited from Voldemorts spendthrift crony capitalism….

Yep, more of that smart government and green energy we´ve been hearing about. Apparently NextEra (and other such companies) are pushing hard to get these projects started before the end of the 2012 year, as that is when the Federal Govt wind tax credit will end.

Another great reason for ending Voldemortś Reign of Terror. Voldemort Delenda Est !

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You missed a spot

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Three O.B.A.M.A. signs are not quite enough.  You shouldn’t leave anything up to the imagination.

From gone-missing photographer Jason:

It’s been a while, professor. I have a few recent good ones. Here’s the first batch. Taken about a week ago near Durham, NC.


I know exile, exile is a friend of mine, and you, Sir, are not in exile

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If you think being conservative in Lee County, Florida, is being in “exile,” there’s this bridge in Ithaca I’d like to sell you.

From reader John:

In Westchester County, NY. I saw the sticker out of the corner of my eye and expected to see a license plate from a really blue state, so I was surprised when I came around the block to find a Florida plate.


Counting the cars on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

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They’ve all gone to look for America.

Another one from Sandy’s road trip, taken on the Pennsylvania Turnpike west of Pittsburgh by a:

guy who appeared to be a miserable creature, whose mom would even have a hard time trying to love, and we know a mother’s love is unconditional. Hunched over his wheel, rounded shoulders, no wonder he supports Voldermort…


Gone to look for America

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A lot of readers seem to be on road trips these days.  From reader Sandy:

Prof, am on a road trip this weekend, from Virginia to Indiana and then return via Hillsdale, where older daughter begins junior year in August.

Along the way we are seeing some unusual and humorous bumper sticker arrangements.  Am snapping them with my phone.  In the case of attached, PRAISE DOG and Obama, the driver was a mid 60s woman by herself.

Thank you for all of your efforts on all our behalf.


Thank him and you for his service

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From reader Don in Texas, the rear window of his Chevy truck:

While I realize most of the photos you post are political, this one’s simply a reminder that there’s a lot of folks still out there with sons and daughters in still in harm’s way.

My son’s been out there for a while.



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Reader and frequent photographer Bill is back in Florida, and spotted this Beemer in St. Petersburg:

We’re not all enlightened down here in Florida. Some people will obviously vote against their own self interest, a meme that those on the left often accuse folks from fly over country of doing.


Is NYC next?

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Banning super-sized sodas may be the spark that ignites the fire.

From reader Max:

A rare sight in midtown Manhattan …. They must be from some other part of New York State!



Ontarian insurrection

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Spotted in Ithaca on a car with Ontario plates:


The One

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From reader Tom who spotted this in the parking lot of an Einstein Bros. Bagels and Starbucks in Chevy Chase, Maryland:


Now I get it

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I’ve driven by this vehicle in Ithaca many times, but didn’t pay much attention to the ubiquitous Ithaca is Gorges bumper sticker.

Until the other day, when I noticed that’s not what it said.


Obama 4.0

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I don’t normally run bumper stickers not actually seen on a car, but a reader created this one and I like it so much, I’ll make an exception to the rule.

From reader Andy:


Who you callin’ “your”?

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From Linda:

Home made window stickers spotted in the parking lot of my dentist’s office, Nashville, TN.


Warning sign

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Aaron Walker sent this photo to me on Sunday, spotted on a Dodge Charger:

That same day, as Patterico documents, Brett Kimberlin obtained a warrant for Walker’s arrest based on violating a prior Peace Order by blogging about Kimberlin (which, as David Hogberg wrote, triggered a “Google Alert” which Kimberlin claimed was contact prohibited by the Peace Order).

Kimberlin knew how to use the system so that by the time Walker arrived in court on Tuesday, he had no idea there already was a warrant for his arrest.



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From reader @surmesa:

“Good Intentions” in Bismarck, ND (Harpist, miniVan, trailer hitch, bumper damage at right…. all fits – Accept, Cope, Obey).

Guessing the Kerry-Edwards sticker has been removed after jury started deliberations.

Seen in Bismarck, ND, week of 5/21/2012


Battle tested

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Spotted by a reader in Orange County, CA:



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A reader sends this photo:

This is the back of my 1996 ford explorer that i drive around in charlottesville, virginia. Some days i stop in to whole foods. Heh.