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Spotted in Ithaca:


Hopelessly helping

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to unwrite a historical wrong through patriotic dissent.

From Jeff in Green Bay, a photo of the bumper sticker on his car:


Hey brother, can you spare a bumper sticker?

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We have seen this phenomenon before in Obamaville.

From Linda in Tennessee, who writes:

Obamanomics =hard times. Note the “hardware store” “12” pasted over the ’08.


The Big Hopey

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Another one from Bill on his trip to New Orleans.

The sticker is from ProjectGoPink (Facebook), a Republican woman’s group:


Definition of insanity

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Reader and frequent photographer Bill is visiting New Orleans, where he took this photo, and writes:

A bit of sanity in an insane world?

I’m not sure.  Doesn’t it make us insane?


You know my soft spot

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Yes you do.

Another one from reader Kathy, spotted in Harrisonburg, VA:


Does this mean you’re not voting for Obama this time?

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From reader Bob:

Since I have sons who are into the “import scene” with Japanese cars and not necessarily concerned with politics, I was surprised to see a late “twentysomething” driver who apparently has recognized what was delivered isn’t what was promised.

Photo taken while stopped in Longmont Colorado.


But they said it would stop at “forward”

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From reader “Joe” (or was it “Tom”?) who asked not to use even his real first name because “I’d like my children to keep their playmates”:

Saw these on the back of an SUV on Bainbridge Island, Washington. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bainbridge_Island,_Washington)

This is the first time I’ve seen an anti-Obama sticker or sentiment anywhere on this island. These stickers may be small, but considering that 78% the voters here went for Obama, and weren’t shy about letting you know it, they are fairly bold.

Like your blog and your bumper sticker feature and wanted to share.


Support the 2012th Amendment

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by voting on November 6 for a change.

Attached is a bumper/window treatment about coexistence I can support.

Seen in the parking lot of a medical office building in South Florida.

Thanks for your efforts.

Fair Winds, Dave


Prayers answered

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in November?

Subject: “2012 NOBAMA, Term Limits, No Cap & Trade, No Amnesty”

29 April 2012
Virginia Beach

Dear Prof,

Seen on my way back from Church just moments ago. Could not agree more.

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Take good care,




We are all natives now

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Elizabeth Warren isn’t the only unlikely native.

We all are.

Spotted in Ithaca:


I believe, I believe

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From a reader in Massachusetts:

Hi Professor;

I saw this at a handicapped spot at the Target Store here in Taunton today. I mused to myself that I wished I had a camera, then I remembered that my newish cell phone takes pictures. So here it is, in Massachusetts no less. Please do what you have to do to block the license plate number.

By the way, here in SE MA, as you no doubt know, it is not exactly a liberal bastion. As I mentioned before, I really enjoy your blog, and have steered some “company” your way.

Best regards,

Tom In Taunton



Should be banned within 50 feet of schools

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From reader and frequent photographer Ulises in Maryland:

Caught at a stoplight in Hunt Valley… I’m pretty sure that if they fact check the claim about smoking and liberalism, smoking will turn out to be safer. By the way, I didn’t noticed the ‘1/20/13’ bumper sticker until later…consider it a bonus…


The House fell on her head

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Yes it did.

From reader Kathy, taken near Gainesville, FL:



A boycott based on deeply held beliefs

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Remember the BP boycott?

Apparently, this owner does not even though his vehicle has a “Boycott BP” sticker on it.  The gas was probably a penny cheaper than the boycott-free stations down the street.

From reader John:

I spotted this guy filling up at a BP station in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It must be hard to remember the boycott du jour.

Also, thanks for all the great posts on Lugar v. Mourdock. Keep up the good work!

I think things are looking good. For what it’s worth, I’ve seen probably 70 Mourdock signs in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, compared to exactly one yard sign for Lugar. Not exactly scientific results, but I think telling nonetheless.

Your quote: “In order to win, Lugar needs to lie about Mourdock; in order to win, Mourdock needs to tell the truth about Lugar.” couldn’t be more accurate, and I was happy to hear Mark Levin talk about that on his radio show a few days ago.


The age old question

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Which came first, the terrorism or the war?

From reader Jonathan in Boston:

I’m a long-time reader of your blog. Please keep up the good work!

I spotted these bumper stickers on my way to school today. You would think I would be immune to this after 3 years of commuting to Cambridge, but this sticker just encapsulated so concisely what is wrong with the left that I had to share it with you. The only thing that surprises me is that the driver didn’t have a “Coexist” sticker on there as well – I guess that one was probably reserved for when he upgrades to a Prius.


Goes both ways

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From reader Cathy, who spotted this sticker on a car at the Wright-Patterson AFB museum: