This is so 2008.  I bet many of the yutes don’t know what it’s about, and not knowing the source, probably think the owner of the car is racist for describing himself as a “typical white person.”

What’s most surprising is to see this in Newton Center, MA, which is the belly of the beast.  I know the area well, and if the beast’s belly had a belly, the various Newtons would be it.

From reader “M” who prefers to be completely anonymous, because, well, it’s Newton Center:

Great work on Legal Insurrection. Wonderful to see how far you’ve come.

Here’s a bumper sticker I saw on the streets of Newton Center. (Along with the much more common “Nobama” sticker). It causes one’s heart to beat with hope to see such things deep in the heart of moonbat land.

Looks like an old sticker, but it takes on new relevance in Obama’s current campaign of racial polarization based on his imagined son being gunned down.