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I can see this bumper sticker from the steps of the Supreme Court

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Keep your hopes alive, you’re well on the way.

Another one from Kathy, spotted in Harrisonburg, VA:


Dear Supreme Court Justices

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Please read this bumper sticker before rendering your decision.

From Linda, taken at the Riverwood mansion, Nashville, on June 23:

“The right to be left alone—the most comprehensive of rights, and the right most valued by a free people.”— Louis Brandeis, dissenting, OLMSTEAD v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438 (1928).  It shouldn’t just apply to criminal defendants.


I thought California had banned this

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From reader M:

If you like your bumper stickers big…

This was spotted on the I-78 headed East in Carlsbad, CA. Political bumper stickers are a rarity in this traditionally Red area, but more likely to be liberal.

Love the blog. Keep up the good work.


You were against Obama before it was cool?

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Well, I was against Obama before you were against Obama, so I’m way cooler.

From reader Brian, who spotted this vehicle in Santa Cruz, CA.  Neither Brian nor I could identify the flag, hopefully it’s not something bad:

Update:  Thanks to reader L1b3r7y 0r D347h, the flag is for the Santa Cruz Yacht Club.


Obama on Clearance in New York

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This is a GUEST POST from friend of the blog SGLawrence, who is vacationing in upstate New York this summer:

I was driving on Route 209 through Ellenville, New York in the Catskills on Saturday, June 23, 2012, when I noticed a gentleman sitting all alone in an empty parking lot selling Obama stickers and buttons.

I decided to stop and chat with the man to find out how the Obama 2012 campaign was doing in the heart of Democratic Blue New York State.

For those readers not familiar with Ellenville, it would be an understatement to say the Catskills town is economically depressed. With nearby Catskills resorts in Sullivan County dubbed “Leftover Borscht” and in ruins, with Governor Cuomo accused of cleaning up personally with casino interests, and with the real estate market for second home buyers/Wall Street “Occupiers” dormant, the biggest “industry” in Ellenville is the high security prison just on the outskirts of the town.

Ellenville’s Naponach Valley Mall is an abandoned mess with its main anchor tenants, the Grand Union and Ames, all boarded up and falling apart. You probably wouldn’t stop in Ellenville unless you had to go to the bathroom while traveling through the Catskills between the Hudson Valley on the eastern end and the Delaware River Valley on the western end.

The Bumper Stickered and Buttoned Democrat from Ellenville was giving away for “free” assorted Obama/Biden items from the 2008 campaign and he told me it had been “pretty much dead” for the several Saturdays in a row that he had been trying to sell his 2012 Obama goodies.

Several items had been marked down to $.50 including Kerry/Edwards buttons that read “A Stronger America.” I asked him why anyone should vote for Obama and his main talking point seemed to be that Obama had “saved the auto industry.” He didn’t have any response to my telling him that too many auto dealerships had closed up shop and that Detroit’s “saving” had been a costly taxpayer-funded support system for Union campaign coffers.

When I told him the nearby Naponach Valley Mall looked like something out of Detroit, he perked up and said Walmart was supposedly going to rebuild it soon.

He kept trying to talk me into buying an Obama 2012 bumper sticker but when I told him I was voting for Romney he looked so sad that I agreed to buy one of his Kerry/Edwards buttons for $.50 which he assured me was a “Collector’s Item.”


Better yet

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make him work harder.

From reader and frequent photographer Jason, taken a couple of weeks ago in Raleigh, NC:


Probably wasn’t a good idea to use the “O” logo

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How much fun have bumper sticker makers had with the “O” in the Obama logo?

This driver found a couple we haven’t seen before.

From Cathy, who sent it in an e-mail with a subject line “The Jackpot”:


Easy, cowboy

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Yet more handwritten signs.

From reader Daryle:

Seen on the Sourthern State Parkway in Nassau County, Long Island. It’s a little more conservative than the rest of southern NY but still pretty Liberal.


Actually, no one cares what you think

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From reader @SGLawrence, taken while on vacation in Woodstock, NY (which, by the way, is not where “Woodstock” took place, that would be Bethel):

For your amusement. What struck me about this back end display in Woodstock, New York today was what’s missing–I mean, there are so many bases covered–We are the 99%, Save the Chimps, Criminalize Fracking, Impeach Bush, Defeat Bush, I’m a Defender, Clean Up Elections…but not one little lowly sticker for Barack Obama–not even one single “Yes We Can.”

Congratulations on being Elizabeth Warren’s favorite Right Wing Extremist.

Bonus Question — what is the bumper sticker which is covered over?


moo goo gai gone

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Spotted in the parking lot of Lee’s Chinese Restaurant in Riverside, Rhode Island:


I think I’ve found a third party

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From reader J:

I have the privilege of living in Charlottesville, recently named the smartest city in America.

Yet most of the bumper stickers we see are like the one in the first attached JPG [to be run at later date], no doubt because of the influence of the confluence of liberals at UVa. Liberalism and Obama-worship writ large, and every PC cliche in existence, all on the back of one car.

However, every now and then, one sees a sticker or two that represent the fly in the ointment, and it’s worth celebrating. See the second JPG.

Thought you’d like to see these. Keep up the great work.


One final prayer

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We could get the Supreme Court Obamacare decision as early as Thursday, or almost definitely by next Monday.

So it’s fitting that Cathy sent this photo, taken in Sanford, Florida:

There were also signs on the car identifying the owner as a pastor.

The main sticker says “Lord, deliver us from ObamaCare!



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Spotted by reader P.J., who’ll be moving to Albuquerque for love:

I’ll be moving there in a couple of years to be with my fiancé. Sadly, leaving a very conservative part of Colorado, but my sweetie is very much worth it!

The license plate prefix probably only is appreciated by those in the blogosphere.


The revolution will not be wearing spandex

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Or a Lance Armstrong Livestrong Team Radio Shack jersey.

I guess you didn’t get that directive from the Central Committee, Comrade.

From reader 9th District Neighbor:

Mild weather always brings out the men in tights who bicycle in large groups, usually in the middle of the road. This fellow was spotted in north suburban Chicago about two Saturdays ago. I tried several times to get a photograph, and finally snapped one as he approached a stop sign; I had hoped he would stop, but of course he just blew through. Street signs are so plebeian….

The irony of the tattoo in combination with his choice of spandex certainly was lost on him; at least the color of the shirt was correct. As I finally passed him, I saw that he was in his late 50s or early 60s. I suppose this is what happens to kids who wear Che Guevara tee shirts.

Thanks for doing such a great job. Your humble blog grows in influence every day.

And it won’t be on television either, so no need to dress up.


Near Godwin, CA

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From a reader:

Took this photo on my way to work this morning — in Saratoga, California, a suburb of Silicon Valley, no less! It probably doesn’t mean California is in play, but I think it’s an indicator of Obama’s diminishing popularity here. I thought LI readers might like it, though I must say I would mildly disagree with the mustache. Please keep up the good work!


P.S. If you choose to publish this, please withhold my name as I work for a well-known high-tech company where people are generally infected with leftism.

Based on the image, Saratoga must be near Godwin, CA.


Take this stimulus and shovel it

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From reader Peggy:

For Your Collection. Spotted in the parking lot of a veterinary specialists’ office building in North Dallas.


We have nothing to fear, but

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um, um.

From Linda, taken at the Providence Mall, Nashville, TN: