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But if you fire him, who will give you all the free stuff?

But if you fire him, who will give you all the free stuff?

Reader Bill from Florida is traveling, and spotted this pick-up truck which had a handicapped parking license plate, in Nevada City, CA:

Whoda thunkit? Handicapped and all in Cali?!?!


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Old Buckeye | May 19, 2012 at 7:37 am

“A natural gas company serving Tennessee, Georgia and 10 other states has warned customers that President Barack Obama will not be paying their bills. Dallas-based Atmos Energy says the scheme falsely claims Obama is providing credits or directly paying utility bills.

Atmos spokeswoman Jennifer Ryan said scammers then asked for the customer’s Social Security number. Ryan says Atmos workers always carry proper identification and never contact customers requiring personal information.” (Chattanooga Times-Free Press May 19, 2012)

DINORightMarie | May 19, 2012 at 8:25 am

Handicapped? Must be another one of those “right-wing extremist” terrorists!

I’m reminded of the great Patrick McGuen scene from “Brave Heart”…

“Bring me Wallace. Alive, if possible. Dead… Just as good.”.

Fire…impeach… Just as good.

Get him gone.

I think the impeachment thing is a waste of time.

On the other hand, since politicians like Obama want to campaign 24/7/52 on every year in the calendar, I think we should bring in a national recall system, so they can keep campaigning for their lives.

California has a 16 billion dollar budget shortfall
and the legislature has taken action: it has banned foie gras.

California’s Democratic Party makes every bit as much sense as the Democratic Party at the national level.

I think that most of y’awl would be surprised to learn that quite a few senior who do live on low or moderate fixed incomes lean to or are conservatives.

While I’m clearly of the latter, what really frosts my butt is the wanton government waste that goes unabated. During my working career, I saved millions of dollars in the private sector and generally they appreciated it while my attempts to do so when contracting with a government agency were met with steady and stiff resistance.

I have drawn the conclusion that the only real way to severely cut government waste is to attack it from within which is a process that NO ONE talks about. Clearly, nearly all other methodologies have and will continue to fail.

It’s time for a new approach folks…

Nevada City is in the California foothills on the eastern side of the state. If somehow we could just divide the state, north to south, with the line about 50 miles inland, we could take California back! Unfortunately, the coastal areas are gone. Why do all the liberals move to the coast??!!