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Yes they are

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From reader Tracy:

We took this photo in Cornelius, North Carolina. The car was from Buncombe County, which is Asheville, one of the most liberal cities in the state.

And you can’t fix it (language warning):


If you own a business, you didn’t build that, zombies did

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From reader and College Insurrectionist @BlakeSeitz:

Took this in a parking lot in Athens, GA yesterday.

The jokes write themselves.


Taken to the

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several times this electoral season.

From reader 9th District Neighbor:

I took this photo last week in (of all places) New Rochelle , NY. I’m not sure if it is a business for RINOs or run by RINOs; and previously I did not think it “LI-worthy”. However, in light of the discussion on LI concerning Mitt’s choice of Paul Ryan, perhaps we can exorcise the “RINO” charge from the lexicon for the next few months.

I, too, maxed out a donation to the Romney campaign a couple of weeks ago. I think this is still considered the primary season [*]and there may be another opportunity to donate after the convention. We will give until it hurts…unless the current occupant of the White House is sent packing, he’ll take us all to the cleaners starting next year.

Thank you, again, for all you do.

[* I think you can designate funds for the primary and the general election, and each has its own limit.  You don’t have to wait for the nomination to make a general election contribution.  My understanding is that primary funds can be used for the general election, but not the other way around.  If anyone has more specific info., please post in the comments.]



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From reader Shea:

Another case of “shouldn’t have used that ‘O’ logo”…

While not a state in risk of turning anything close to Blue, I saw this great sticker in the Salt Lake City area and felt compelled to snap a pic.

You can also see a bit of the sticker on the bumper which read “Legalize the Constitution”.

Keep up the good work.

Bonus question – stare into this tell and me what you see:


Depends on what the meaning of “thou” is

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that shalt not.

From reader Pam:

I’ve been meaning to forward this to you for a while. I see this car in the parking garage where I work (please don’t share where, LOL) every day. I am heartened every time I see evidence of conservative thinkers in the deep blue state of Connecticut.


No longer bi-curious

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From reader and frequent photographer Matt in Colorado:

I think this pretty much sums it all up. As my dad says, “Look at what 200 years of republicans compromising with democrats has gotten us. $15 Trillion in debt and nothing to show for it.”



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From reader Desert Viking:

Saw this today in the parking lot at Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ.

As I was taking the picture the owner was getting into car.

They said that people take pictures and comment on it all the time. While it’s parked at school they get messages left saying “You know Obama is gonna win the next election… right?!?!”


Is that anatomically possible?

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Saw this not far from my home in Rhode Island.

Not really sure what to make of it.

I can think of a few possibilities.


The Choice is clear

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From frequent photographer Bill:

Maybe there is “hope”!

St. Petersburg, Florida.


No one is

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until November 7, and only if.

From reader and frequent photographer Scott:

Greetings once again from Raleigh, NC. I spotted this at a stoplight early this afternoon headed to a weekly appointment with my chiropractor who, by the way, insists that “he & his wife did build that” practice.

The sun wasn’t cooperating with my camera angle, but rest assured that the elephant’s neighbor to the north says, “Hope Isn’t Hiring”. Well, not for 3-1/2 years anyway.

As always, an ardent admirer of LI, keep bringing it home for us!


Problems, we’ve got a few

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Reader Manny has to suffer through NYC subway nanny state posters day in and day out, like this one which he sent a while back:

It has been a while since I emailed but you still remain my favorite Blogger on my reader roll.

I use the NYC subway every morning to work and each day I’m subjected to Mayor M. Bloomberg’s nanny state advertisements. I always wanted to take pics and send them to you but I didn’t have a camera phone until last week.

So I was glad to hear recently that Manny finally found one he could live with:

Manhattan Mini Storage usually runs obnoxious anti conservative ads but this one I agree with.


Exit right

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From commenter Calypso Facto:

Bumper stickers …. Or tailgate stickers, in this case.

As seen in DeForest, WI last week. Merging right!


Words, just words

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From reader Joseph:

Tolerance and respect are only workable if Jews consider themselves the equivalent of fish meal.

Taken in Teaneck, NJ, a town with a large Orthodox Jewish population.


Keep barking up that tree

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Obama supporters, because it’s worked so well for you so far.

From reader Heather:

Every dog DOES have its day, but usually lives to tell the tale.  Not so much if it’s what’s for dinner!

Seen in northeastern Wisconsin.

Keep up the good work, Professor!

Depending where you work, and how secure your job is, feel free to turn up the volume for this (h/t commenter Quiznilo):


I have seen my future

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and it is Ithaca, in about two weeks after a summer in Rhode Island.

This is Rhode Island, at the beach near my house a few days ago at dusk:

This is Ithaca, on a street near my house a few weeks ago during a short return trip:


What, me worry?


Homemade Chick-fil-A

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bumper sticker.

From reader MKReagan:

I thought you might enjoy this homemade Chik-Fil-A bumper sticker I spotted this AM, Bealls parking lot, Palm Coast FL. American ingenuity at its finest!


Re-elect me and expect a different result

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From reader Paula:

I really enjoy your blog, I don’t write much, or comment much, but I appreciate all you do! We are vacationing in Lincoln City, Oregon, and while we were down in Newport, Oregon, today, I saw these stickers on a car with, yes, a California license plate! Enjoy!