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A reader sends this photo:

This is the back of my 1996 ford explorer that i drive around in charlottesville, virginia. Some days i stop in to whole foods. Heh.


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Hee hee, i like the Whole Foods comment! While I shop there for the organics (my husband is a two time cancer survivor, I work at giving him a healthy diet), the culture of the WF where I shop in Chicago is nauseatingly liberal.

O/T: I’m in Fish Creek, WI right now. On the drive here, even through Milwaukee, the pro-Walker signs WAY outnumbered the pro-Barrett signs. We saw no Barrett ads on TV, just Walker ads.

Where do I get THAT “COEXIST” sticker!?

I love it!

DINORightMarie | May 27, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Love the Galt/Reardon bumper sticker!! Using the Bush/Cheney layout…… Very, very funny! 🙂

Heh… He risks life ‘n limb by going into hostile territory, (Whole Foods), with that right wing propaganda.

Liberals have a very small tolerance for opposing views hence they have hardly any tolerance at all.

But sometimes I even have to admit that a visit to Whole Foods, (Their HQ is here in Austin), can be an entertaining break from the rigors of daily life.

Have fun aggravating!

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