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Self-professed Democratic presidential shoo-in, Hillary Clinton, is confused. Again. This time, her confusion stems from the most basic charts in all of chartdom -- the Venn Diagram. Friday, Clinton's official account tweeted an anti-second amendment Venn Diagram, only it's not a Venn Diagram:

The liberal MSM is quickly losing patience with the Bernie Sanders campaign for reasons which are fairly obvious. First, Bernie is starting to affect Hillary Clinton's ability to pivot to the general election, a problem that's already hurting her in polls. Second, rather than getting in line behind Hillary, his supporters are becoming increasingly aggressive as we saw in the mayhem of the recent Nevada Democratic Convention. Liberals in media had no problem with Bernie Sanders supporters disrupting Trump events, but now that it's affecting Hillary it's a big problem.

If the video below is indicative of a nationwide trend, Hillary Clinton has a serious problem with college aged voters in the upcoming election. Campus Reform visited George Washington University and asked students how they felt about the Democratic front runner and not only do they not seem to like her, they don't trust her. The reactions of young women were particularly interesting:
VIDEO: Millennials reject ‘woman card,’ say they don’t trust Hillary Millennials just don’t trust Hillary Clinton, and they’re sick of being told they should support her simply because she’s a woman.

The way I see it, #NeverHillary can truly claim the primary victory in Oregon's contests on Tuesday.
Sen. Bernie Sanders is the projected winner of the Democratic primary in Oregon. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican party nominee, has won the GOP primary in Oregon, CNN projected. Tuesday's contests aren't likely to change the overall dynamics of the race. Clinton maintains a sizable delegate lead and is poised to become the presumptive Democratic nominee in early June when the final round of states vote. But her inability to snuff out the Sanders challenge has underscored concerns about her skills on the campaign trail and raised questions about whether the party will unite behind Clinton when she takes on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in the fall. Trump taunted Clinton about the closeness of the Kentucky race. "Do you think Crooked Hillary will finally close the deal?" Trump tweeted.

Recall the initial days of the 2016 presidential primary cycle, when Hillary Clinton's victory over Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucus was the result of 6 perfectly tossed coin flips. Now, as we are wrapping up the primary season, Clinton shas scored a razor-thin win over sanders in Kentucky.
Hillary Clinton is the apparent winner of the Kentucky Democratic primary Tuesday night, NBC News projects. The win — which seems like it will be by the narrowest of margins, perhaps just a few thousand votes — will blunt rival Sen. Bernie Sanders primary winning streak by winning Tuesday's nominating contest in Kentucky. ...After the results came in, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said, "Essentially a tie in a state they dominated last time. And Oregon is yet to come."
The press is already massaging the news, because "a few thousand votes" is a stretch. It was approximately 1800, and less than 0.5% difference.

Jeffrey Epstein is a name you may be familiar with, or you may not, but if media rumors are true, expect to hear about him much more in the coming weeks. Epstein is a good pal of President Bill Clinton's. Epstein is also a registered sex offender who got himself into trouble soliciting and procuring the services of underaged girls.

Bernie Sanders isn't dropping out of the Democratic primary any time soon and that's starting to concern leaders in the Democratic Party. Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary isn't able to focus entirely on the general election, which has already begun. The Associated Press reports:
Democrats Fear Sanders is Undermining Efforts to Beat Trump Democratic Party leaders are upping the pressure on Bernie Sanders to drop his presidential campaign, alarmed that his continued presence is undermining efforts to beat the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and again win the White House. "I don't think they think of the downside of this," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a supporter of front-runner Hillary Clinton and broker of the post-primary peace between Clinton and then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in 2008.

From Oregon Mike:
Trump should have thought of this bumper sticker . . . . . . spotted this afternoon in Eugene, Oregon. (My wife snapped the picture.)
  Bumper Sticker - Eugene OR - Bernie Because Fuck This Shit In another case of life imitating a bumper sticker, the Nevada Democratic Convention devolved into chaos after Bernie supporters accused Clinton supporters of rigging a procedural vote seeking a recount as to rejected pro-Bernie delegates. RCP reports:

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Clinton Global Initiative provided $2 million to a for-profit company partially owned by close friends of the family. Scott Kleeb, who "twice ran for Congress" as a Democrat, founded Energy Pioneer Solutions in 2009. A document showed other friends of the Clintons also own the company:
An internal document from that year showed it as owned 29% by Mr. Kleeb; 29% by Jane Eckert, the owner of an art gallery in Pine Plains, N.Y.; and 29% by Julie Tauber McMahon of Chappaqua, N.Y., a close friend of Mr. Clinton, who also lives in Chappaqua. Owning 5% each were Democratic National Committee treasurer Andrew Tobias and Mark Weiner, a supplier to political campaigns and former Rhode Island Democratic chairman, both longtime friends of the Clintons.
Tobias spoke with the Journal through email:
“With my modest initial investment, I wound up owning a small percentage of the company. It grew, because ultimately, between loans and equity investments, I’ve wound up putting a little more than $1 million into this effort.”
President Bill Clinton insisted the donation take place at a September 2010 conference.

With one man standing on the Republican side, the election battle is heating up. Wednesday, Donald Trump released a video on his Instagram account, reminding viewers of the Benghazi debacle. Then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton suggested the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the American embassy in Benghazi were the outcropping of a YouTube video. Extensive investigations have proven otherwise. Clips of family member testimony show Clinton claimed the video was responsible for the loss of Americans and the video concludes with Hillary laughing, flames, and giant letters that say "NEVER FORGET!"

In keeping with the lumbering awkwardness of Hillary Clinton's presidential primary campaign that has included herding reporters like cattle and adopting a phony Southern accent, Team Hillary has concocted a new means of countering widespread unflattering comments about Hillary online.  Unlike Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Hillary does not enjoy an enthusiastic following even among those who support her, so she does not have the army of online people voluntarily engaged in defending her against attacks from both the left and the right. The solution? A vast network of highly paid online pro-Hillary trolls funded by a David Brock super PAC, "Correct the Record," that will be coordinating with the Hillary campaign.  The plan, apparently, was to hire a bunch of people to do what other candidates' supporters do for free . . .  and to make it look grassroots and organic. The LA Times reports:
When the Internet’s legions of Hillary hecklers steal away to chat rooms and Facebook pages to vent grievances about Clinton, express revulsion toward Clinton and launch attacks on Clinton, they now may find themselves in a surprising place – confronted by a multimillion dollar super PAC working with Clinton.

Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell is playing a high ranking role in the Democratic National Convention this summer and he has a message for Bernie Sanders supporters that they probably won't like. The Hill reports:
Dem convention host: Sanders supporters better 'behave themselves' when he loses The chairman of the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for this summer’s Democratic National Convention said supporters of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have to “behave themselves” when the Vermont senator loses the nomination.

The California primary is heating up hotter than the sauce Hillary Clinton carries. We described the riots and mayhem that surrounded Donald Trump's appearances in the Golden State last week, replete with Mexican flags and arrests. Now, Bernie Sanders' supporters targeted a Hillary Clinton event in Monterey Park in Los Angeles, forcing her to cut short her speech to a mere 14 minutes.

As we've seen for months, the burning question thrown at Republican candidates around the nation has been, "Will you support Donald Trump if he's the nominee?" Democrats and media alike have worked to tie republican candidates to the newly declared presumptive GOP presidential nominee, who is arguably the most despised political candidate in modern U.S. history. Unfortunately, 24 GOP Senate seats are up for election in November, many of which the Democrats see as ripe for the plucking. Due in part to the Tea Party effect in 2010, the Democrats are only defending 10 seats. Even worse, as the Huffington Post points out, is the fact that 6 of the Republican senators are in states that President Obama won twice. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee has wasted little time, launching its "Party of Trump" campaign back in March. The effort seeks to scorn vulnerable Senate Republicans with their prior remarks, including those promising that they would support the Republican presidential nominee, whoever he or she turns out to be.

In the wake of Bernie Sanders' shock win in Indiana, and now substantially narrowed GOP field, the center of the Democratic Party's political universe is now California. Since there is currently a mere two point poll gap between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, every vote in this state is critical. So, both Clintons will be in California for various events over the next few weeks. Yesterday, I read that the former President would be in San Diego's Balboa Park Club for a speech. So I donned by Star Wars t-shirt (May the Fourth be with you) and attempted to blend in with Clinton fans for a on-scene report.

When the primary season started, there were 18 Republican candidates and 3 Democratic hopefuls. In a twist of irony of roller-coaster-sized proportions, the Republicans have their presumptive nominee while the Democrats are still engaging in an intense ballot battle. The fight for the nomination continues with Senator Bernie Sanders' upset win in Indiana.
Bernie Sanders triumphed over Hillary Clinton in Indiana’s open primary Tuesday, boosting the grassroots candidate’s argument that the party’s superdelegates should flip their support to him in July’s Democratic convention. Sanders spoke to thousands of supporters in Louisville, Ky., before Indiana’s results were in. He called for an end to closed primaries and criticized Clinton for her ties to Wall Street and paid speeches to Goldman Sachs — a sign the heated rhetoric on the Democratic side shows no signs of cooling down.
This win is critical, because Hillary cannot quite create the narrative that Donald Trump now can about being the likely nominee. That is, unless she relies on those superdelegates.
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