From Oregon Mike:

Trump should have thought of this bumper sticker . . .

. . . spotted this afternoon in Eugene, Oregon. (My wife snapped the picture.)


Bumper Sticker - Eugene OR - Bernie Because Fuck This Shit

In another case of life imitating a bumper sticker, the Nevada Democratic Convention devolved into chaos after Bernie supporters accused Clinton supporters of rigging a procedural vote seeking a recount as to rejected pro-Bernie delegates.

RCP reports:

Adryenn Ashley posted several live videos (below) from inside the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, where arcane secondary rounds of the delegate selection process of Nevada’s Democratic caucus erupted into chaos Saturday night. Bernie Sanders supporters demanded 64 rejected pro-Sanders delegates listed in a “minority report” prepared by their campaign be allowed to participate in selecting delegates for the national convention.

DNC leaders refused to reconsider their decision not to allow this, adjourned, and fled the building amid a chorus of boos; leaving hotel security and local police officers to handle the angry Sanders supporters.

Earlier in the day, the Sanders camp objected to several of their delegates being disqualified from voting for administrative reasons, and booed Sen. Barbara Boxer when she called for unity. “If you’re booing me, you’re booing Bernie Sanders,” she told them. “Go ahead, boo yourselves out of this election.”

A member of the rules committee called the act of disallowing votes for purely administrative reasons a violation of the spirit of the values of our nation.


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