Anti-Trump protesters surrounded rally sites, waved Mexican flags, and ventured to prevent Trump supporters from seeing The Donald speak.

The term “protesters” being used to describe these thuggish demonstrators is an inaccurate, weak description. They harassed and intimidated Trump’s supports who were attempting to hear the candidate speak at two separate California events.

Trump gave a speech Friday afternoon at the Republican Convention in he Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame. The candidate was forced to hop a fence and enter through the back of the hotel, because here is what he faced trying to enter the front:

…Demonstrators linked arms and were sitting on the ground as they attempted to block entrance to the event, photos showed. Some chanted, “Shut it down!” as they blocked entry to the Hyatt.

The situation started escalating when protesters surrounded a Trump supporter who walked through the crowd as he tried to get into the hotel, pulling off his “Make America Great Again” hat, and punching and kicking him, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Several other physical altercations, including shoving, could be seen between protesters and police officers. Bare-breasted protesters, men and women, some of whom were associated with the progressive group Code Pink, chanted “Stop hate” as they marched….

Of course you might expect something like this in San Fransisco, based on the fact its Sanctuary City policies created the conditions that led to the death of Kate Steinle. However, Orange County is more conservative. Yet, in Costa Mesa, 17 people were arrested during what should probably be described as a riot outside the Thursday night Trump rally.

…Rocks were thrown and cars were swarmed as the angry crowd, which appeared to be mostly young Latinos according to the Times, made their opposition known and clashed with Trump supporters.

One man wearing a Trump T-shirt was injured in the face.

Protesters also punctured the tires of a police SUV, tried to flip over another and scrawled anti-Trump graffiti across several cars and venue’s marquee.

One man was recorded jumping on top of a police cruiser as others smashed out the back window. Another person in a black car was seen doing doughnuts in the middle of an intersection. The car spun dangerously close to the crowd as protesters and police looked on.

How will this all impact the California primary? Dawn Wildman, founder of the California Tea Party Groups Coalition, says that will create a backlash of even more enthusiastic support for Trump. She also offered a few reflections on the video now going viral on social media.

What I don’t get is that these young Hispanic millennials, be they first generation or DREAMers, are waving the flag of the country their parents actually fled to get here. This is ludicrous. And certainly physically preventing people from hearing a political candidate is anti-American. As Obama says, ‘This is not who we are.

Wildman also expressed concern that the hotels and the security details hadn’t adequately prepared for these disruptions. She asked, “Did the demonstration really have to be that close to the hotel? And I think if you take a look at who was protesting, you will find that these demonstrators organized going in. Frankly, I want to know who was trying to physically prevent fellow Americans from listening to a presidential candidate and why they thought it was OK to do so.”

I sure hope the Republicans of all stripes (Trumpsters, Cruzers, and the dreaded establishment types) make a note of what is occurred here. We are likely getting a preview of the “coming attractions” for both the summer convention and the General Election.

(Featured Image from ABC News video).