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Protesters and rioters disrupt Trump’s CA rallies

Protesters and rioters disrupt Trump’s CA rallies

Preview of how some progressives will handle General Election?

Anti-Trump protesters surrounded rally sites, waved Mexican flags, and ventured to prevent Trump supporters from seeing The Donald speak.

The term “protesters” being used to describe these thuggish demonstrators is an inaccurate, weak description. They harassed and intimidated Trump’s supports who were attempting to hear the candidate speak at two separate California events.

Trump gave a speech Friday afternoon at the Republican Convention in he Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame. The candidate was forced to hop a fence and enter through the back of the hotel, because here is what he faced trying to enter the front:

…Demonstrators linked arms and were sitting on the ground as they attempted to block entrance to the event, photos showed. Some chanted, “Shut it down!” as they blocked entry to the Hyatt.

The situation started escalating when protesters surrounded a Trump supporter who walked through the crowd as he tried to get into the hotel, pulling off his “Make America Great Again” hat, and punching and kicking him, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Several other physical altercations, including shoving, could be seen between protesters and police officers. Bare-breasted protesters, men and women, some of whom were associated with the progressive group Code Pink, chanted “Stop hate” as they marched….

Of course you might expect something like this in San Fransisco, based on the fact its Sanctuary City policies created the conditions that led to the death of Kate Steinle. However, Orange County is more conservative. Yet, in Costa Mesa, 17 people were arrested during what should probably be described as a riot outside the Thursday night Trump rally.

…Rocks were thrown and cars were swarmed as the angry crowd, which appeared to be mostly young Latinos according to the Times, made their opposition known and clashed with Trump supporters.

One man wearing a Trump T-shirt was injured in the face.

Protesters also punctured the tires of a police SUV, tried to flip over another and scrawled anti-Trump graffiti across several cars and venue’s marquee.

One man was recorded jumping on top of a police cruiser as others smashed out the back window. Another person in a black car was seen doing doughnuts in the middle of an intersection. The car spun dangerously close to the crowd as protesters and police looked on.

How will this all impact the California primary? Dawn Wildman, founder of the California Tea Party Groups Coalition, says that will create a backlash of even more enthusiastic support for Trump. She also offered a few reflections on the video now going viral on social media.

What I don’t get is that these young Hispanic millennials, be they first generation or DREAMers, are waving the flag of the country their parents actually fled to get here. This is ludicrous. And certainly physically preventing people from hearing a political candidate is anti-American. As Obama says, ‘This is not who we are.

Wildman also expressed concern that the hotels and the security details hadn’t adequately prepared for these disruptions. She asked, “Did the demonstration really have to be that close to the hotel? And I think if you take a look at who was protesting, you will find that these demonstrators organized going in. Frankly, I want to know who was trying to physically prevent fellow Americans from listening to a presidential candidate and why they thought it was OK to do so.”

I sure hope the Republicans of all stripes (Trumpsters, Cruzers, and the dreaded establishment types) make a note of what is occurred here. We are likely getting a preview of the “coming attractions” for both the summer convention and the General Election.

(Featured Image from ABC News video).


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There is a temptation among some to look at such events and say “well, if people like that are against him, then I am for him”. People of principle should resist this temptation. Not every conflict is black and white.

    tom swift in reply to fwiffo. | April 29, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    This one is.

    Sanddog in reply to fwiffo. | April 29, 2016 at 11:30 pm

    This is a battle between freedom and the totalitarian left. You can’t get much more black and white than that.

      malclave in reply to Sanddog. | April 29, 2016 at 11:59 pm

      I don’t think that’s what fwiffo meant.

      They way I took it was you can oppose the protestors and still not support Trump. Kind of like “I disagree with what you say but will defend your right to say it.”

        Sanddog in reply to malclave. | April 30, 2016 at 3:03 am

        If my choices are to be living in Trump’s America or living in the protester’s America, I’ll choose Trump every time… and I’m no Trump fan.

        fwiffo in reply to malclave. | April 30, 2016 at 6:51 am

        What I mean is that picking lesser of two evils doesn’t make it any less evil. Not all conflicts are between good and bad. Many are between bad and more bad. You can assign relative values and take sides, but don’t forget that there are absolute values too.

      fwiffo in reply to Sanddog. | April 30, 2016 at 7:29 am

      Thanks. Very good example of simplistic “thinking” I was trying to point out.

        Thinking can sometimes be like plumbing. The quality and effectiveness of the work is not necessarily in correlation to how many twists and turns and jogs are made to get the pipes to connect.

        Or as Scotty noted in Star Trek 3 The Search For Spock. “The more complicated the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the pipes”

Well, if people like that are against him, then I am for him.

I never could resist temptation. 🙂

Remember this, people: #NeverHillary

“fellow Americans”?

The Friendly Grizzly | April 29, 2016 at 8:51 pm

I’m just enough of a cynic to think Trump paid for this himself.

(1) those aren’t protestors, those are rioters.
(2) if Cruz were the front-runner, they’d be doing this to him, so I’m in no way gloating or putting up with anyone who implies “he had it coming for being so ‘extreme’.”
(3) I’m sympathetic towards Trump and his supporters for having to deal with this, but I’m still #TeamCruz

None of that other business matters one tiny bit.

That sign with the cute kid up on Drudge, with a tricolor flag behind him, the sign reading, “Make America Mexico Again”…

Now, that matters, and that’s going to stick in people’s brain cells.

Bring out the dumbos to tell us how there is no difference between Trump and Clinton. That’s why illegals and their allies constantly come out and riot against Clinton. Right.

This is what will happen to the entire nation if hes elected. Total chaos. Choose the real conservative or the next Hitler

    rabidfox in reply to Vince. | April 29, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    smart move, letting a bunch of paid rioters intimidate you when voting for President.

    Sanddog in reply to Vince. | April 29, 2016 at 11:32 pm

    Well, maybe it’s time for the lines to be finally drawn. I’ll side with the rule of law and you can join the mob if you choose.

    tarheelkate in reply to Vince. | April 30, 2016 at 8:34 am

    I’m not a Trump supporter, but no, I don’t think he’s Hitler. He doesn’t appear to be an ideologue of any kind. He just wants to be president.

So far, so good. Brownshirts and violent foreign agents tried to wreck Trump’s appearance. He didn’t turn and run, so they failed. Let’s see more of that sort of courage and persistence in politics, please; GOPe, take note. And we’re getting a clearer picture of this particular wing of the Anti-Trump brigade; it’s also anti-free speech, anti-free assembly, anti-police, anti-US flag, anti-law, anti-American …

But what bothers me is that this is so toweringly stupid that it’s hard to believe that it can be genuine. Sure, it’s axiomatic on the American right that the American left is totally stupid, and foreign invaders are, well, what can you expect? But this is so self destructive that nobody could be that stupid. The crowning touch, the Mexican flags, puts the whole thing into cartoon parody territory.

Who has the resources to arrange a show like this but is also too mentally deficient to realize how badly it will backfire?

    Astroserf in reply to tom swift. | April 30, 2016 at 12:55 am

    George Soros and Bill Ayers? They were behind the Chicago rally riot and supposedly Soros was paying the rioters $15/hour.

    Paul in reply to tom swift. | April 30, 2016 at 4:55 am

    An organization that calls itself La Raza and then accuses opponents of being RAYCISS?

    CloseTheFed in reply to tom swift. | April 30, 2016 at 8:15 am

    Again, you’re not remembering the 2006 and 2007 protests, when HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of unpaid Mexicans came out marching with their Mexican flags, appalling Americans everywhere.

    They learned, but this younger generation of self-described “Mexicans” don’t remember, obviously. I remember. I sent a scathing letter to all the Senators objecting to their bill. McCain was so disappointed it didn’t pass. Why is he a senator, again?

The [class] diversity activists reveal their deeply held prejudice with ignorance and pride.

Also, they seem blissfully uncaring about the causes of mass exodus (e.g. refugee crises) from second and third-world nations, or the men, women, and [unplanned] children they will displace.

They are “playing their cards” probably much earlier than planned. This has very little to do with Trump in my opinion. This will be commonplace if Cruz is the nominee as well. The Mexican flags and “Take Back Our Country” signs will galvanize many on both sides of the spectrum. Now it’s just a question of who is plain spoken enough to leverage the stupidity into votes and thus action to do what needs to be done.

    Vince in reply to Walter. | April 29, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Cant wait for the convention when the rug is pulled out from under Trump’s feet and america witnesses how real politics is played and who really is calling the shots.

Leftist brownshirts, plain and simple. Much of their actions coordinated by our government under our nose-picking, traitor president.

I loathe Trump beyond all measure, but I am not fooled for one second that if Cruz were the front runner he would be facing this vile shit.

These “protesters” are total thugs, and this is the left’s idea of free speech.

The media uses “protesters” to get their readers to focus away from the thugs — what are they protesting? Calling them “rioters” would keep the focus ON the thugs.

These Brownshirt voter intimidation events have plans that include assignments for the media. My contempt for mainstream “journalists” is deep.

Dear Mainstream Media, Don’t You Dare Whitewash Anti-Trump Violence. “Just imagine for a moment the shrieking outrage if Trump supporters had tried to flip a car outside a Hillary Clinton rally. Imagine the fury at the sight of a bloody man wearing a Hillary shirt. So how did the mainstream media cover the anti-Trump riot?”

With variations on Trump Brings Violence, of course. They know whose side they’re on.

(via Insty)

NPR has been carrying threats against the companies that do work at the planned Republican meetings and Convention — because since Donald Trump is in the race, Republicans are all haters.

No kidding, with the help and approval of the interviewers.

    TX-rifraph in reply to Valerie. | April 30, 2016 at 11:02 am

    “…Republicans are all haters.”

    The MSM tries to make the target of the rioters — Republicans or Trump or Cruz or whomever — into the “haters.” To do this, the left must always push the narrative as the truth is always the enemy of the left.

    Microsoft on Friday announced that it would be making cash donations to the Democratic convention but not the Republican one.

    The announcement comes as advocates have increased their pressure on technology giants and other large corporations to refrain from sponsoring the Republican convention because of the rhetoric and proposed policies of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump*.

    Glenn Reynolds comments, “Microsoft just took sides. They need to be reminded that there are costs to that.”

    *My note: if it weren’t “the rhetoric and proposed policies of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump,” it would be “the rhetoric and proposed policies of GOP presidential front-runner Ted Cruz,” or simply “the rhetoric and proposed policies of the Tea Party” in general. Because that’s how they roll.

We need to start shooting some of these so-called protesters, just as we should shoot looters and arsonists during riots. They are not protesters. They are terrorists, trying to manipulate the US Electoral system.

    We need to start shooting some of these so-called protesters

    No we don’t. We just need to start strictly enforcing the laws we already have on the books.

      Mannie in reply to Amy in FL. | May 1, 2016 at 9:27 am

      They are foreign invaders attempting to alter our political process by violence. That is an act of war. We need to threat those so-called protesters like the enemies they are.

      Char Char Binks in reply to Amy in FL. | May 1, 2016 at 5:23 pm

      A few well-placed bullets will teach those rioters to behave.

The Friendly Grizzly | April 30, 2016 at 1:05 pm

Our summer will be interesting to say the very least. I have been putting off this decision for a long time, but I am just about reconciled to purchasing a concealable handgun, and buying some sort of shotgun for home defense. I live in a city that is in the top 5 of “safest cities”, but that does NOT insulate me from trouble.