Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell is playing a high ranking role in the Democratic National Convention this summer and he has a message for Bernie Sanders supporters that they probably won’t like.

The Hill reports:

Dem convention host: Sanders supporters better ‘behave themselves’ when he loses

The chairman of the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for this summer’s Democratic National Convention said supporters of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have to “behave themselves” when the Vermont senator loses the nomination.

During a radio interview with John Catsimatidis, Ed Rendell, a former Pennsylvania governor and Democratic National Committee chairman, laid out his vision for how the convention would play out.

“I think it’s gonna be a great convention, but of course the key to it is the Sanders people. Bernie’s gonna have his name placed in nomination; we’re gonna have a roll call; there’s gonna be a demonstration in support of Bernie; he’s gonna lose the roll call,” he said. “His supporters have to behave and not cause trouble. And I think they will, and I think Sen. Sanders will send them a strong message.”

Here’s the audio of Rendell’s remarks:

Twitchy has collected some Twitter reactions to all of this:

This sure doesn’t sound like a unified party, does it?


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