The way I see it, #NeverHillary can truly claim the primary victory in Oregon’s contests on Tuesday.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is the projected winner of the Democratic primary in Oregon. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican party nominee, has won the GOP primary in Oregon, CNN projected.

Tuesday’s contests aren’t likely to change the overall dynamics of the race. Clinton maintains a sizable delegate lead and is poised to become the presumptive Democratic nominee in early June when the final round of states vote.

But her inability to snuff out the Sanders challenge has underscored concerns about her skills on the campaign trail and raised questions about whether the party will unite behind Clinton when she takes on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in the fall.

Trump taunted Clinton about the closeness of the Kentucky race.

“Do you think Crooked Hillary will finally close the deal?” Trump tweeted.

Though at the time of this post was initially prepared, the votes were still being tallied, it looks like the margin of victory was clear for both candidates.

LI #40 Oregon Primary Results

It appears that Sanders’ supporters are far happier with this result than they are with the one in Kentucky.

In fact, the margin of victory in some portions of Oregon are staggering for Sanders.

And despite the fact that Clinton is on track to netting the 2,383 delegates needed to win by June 7th, Team Sanders does not seem all that interested in party unity.

In the wake of a chaotic state convention that resulted in death threats for party officials and vandalism to party headquarters, the Democratic establishment asked Bernie Sanders for his help Tuesday in getting some of his overzealous supporters to stand down. His response: Stick it.

…”The perception that the DNC and other state parties have unfairly favored Hillary Clinton is going to make the reconciliation of Sanders and Clinton supporters nationally and in the states far harder,” said Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg, president of the NDN think tank. “The DNC should have tried much harder to address this perception early on, as it always had the potential to become a reason for Sanders partisans to question the legitimacy of Clinton’s victory.”

Especially when the victory comes as a result of coin-flips and Superdelegates!

Of course, Trump supporters were no less thrilled with his victory.

As a Californian, I am happy that my vote is still poised to make a difference in one of these contests. As always, I remain #NeverHillary. Oregon’s vote truly helped. THANK YOU OREGON.

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