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And people fret about Trump trying to control the press? Now we learn about the kind of paranoid control freaks running the Clinton campaign. Mika Brzezinski made a stunning revelation on today's Morning Joe. Mika, a loyal Democrat, said that after she warned that the Clinton campaign was perhaps being arrogant in assuming that the race was over, "I'll just say it: NBC got a call from the campaign. Like I had done something that was journalistically inappropriate or something, and needed to be pulled off the air."

Early in this presidential election cycle, Mika Brzezinski was a big Elizabeth Warren booster, repeatedly urging the Massachusetts senator to throw her hat into the ring. So it was nothing short of stunning to see Brzezinski go on a blistering attack against Warren on today's Morning Joe. The segment began with a clip of Warren in essence declaring war on Republicans, claiming Dems had won more presidential and senatorial votes, and declaring that they didn't intend to "whimper, whine or grovel." Wondered Mika: "do you lead with anger? . . I am getting tired of this act." "There's an anger there that was shrill . . . unmeasured and almost unhinged. It's not going to work."

We'll put Eddie Glaude Jr. down as "undecided" about attending the Kumbaya love-in . . . on today's Morning Joe, Glaude, chair of Princeton's African-American studies department, said "across the board, white America has just elected to my mind an ill-informed racist who by any standard is morally and ethically bankrupt . . . I have to confront my son. " Joe Scarborough has a surprisingly astringent response: "just so you understand, when you talk to your son, that if Hillary Clinton had won, there would have been other people in Iowa who said how do I explain to my son or daughter that someone who should be in prison is now going to the White House?

About the last person you'd expect to be taking unsubtle shots at Elizabeth Warren's phony claims of Native American heritage is Mika Brzezinski. Early in this presidential cycle, Brzezinski was Warren's biggest fan, urging her to get into the race. But on today's Morning Joe, after clips were played of Warren on the stump for Hillary making over-caffeinated condemnations of Donald Trump, Mika declared "she's on the warpath." Mark Halperin groaned in response, but a butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth Mika feigned ignorance of the gibe she had just aimed.

The headline's not a typo: avowed Hillary supporter Mika Brzezinski has torn into Republicans who withdrew their support for Donald Trump over his hot mic comments, calling them "pathetic, weak and spineless." On today's Morning Joe, Mika's point was that for anyone who had bothered to look, there was, long before Friday, tons of negative material out there about Trump. So anyone pretending to be shocked by the most recent disclosure must have been willfully blind. And based on his strong debate performance last night, Mika predicted that they might now "have to come back." Joe Scarborough graphically made the same point, saying that "halfway through the debate, they [the dump-Trumpers] were looking at their TV saying oh . . . shoot."

Mika Brzezinski prefaced her remarks by saying she wanted to phrase them "carefully," but then, in the most careless way, Brzezinski clearly accused Donald Trump of being mentally ill. On today's Morning Joe, reacting to a depiction of Trump by New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters as being incapable of taking criticism of his performance, leading his advisers to communicate with him via the media, Mika said that was "very sick" and "it sounds like they're dealing with someone who, doesn't—how do I say this carefully—is very troubled, is very disturbed."

Mika Brzezinski went on an epic feminist rant on today's Morning Joe, condemning not just Donald Trump for his comments about a former Miss Universe, but raging against the entire beauty pageant culture in which women are judged on their . . beauty. Mika summed up her intellectual argument this way: "you stupid men." Brzezinski considers it unfair that beauty pageant contestants are expected to be trim, whereas men like Trump and Newt Gingrich "can walk around as rotund as all get out." But if those guys had entered the Mr. Universe contest, every inch of their oiled bodies would come under the microscope. But they haven't. Thank God. And if a woman in exercise of her free will enters a beauty contest, that's her choice.

Mika is Woman: hear her roar! Mika Brzezinski had a suggestion for Donald Trump on today's Morning Joe. After Hillary, in the debate, "cleaned his clock" and "wiped the floor" with him, Mika suggested that Trump might want to "bow down" in acknowledgement of the strength of women. Mika was still furious after an opening segment in which she and the other panelists trashed Trump for having, among other things, "weight shamed" a former Miss Universe. Admitted Mika "just to be shallow, I have to say given all his comments about women . . . I'm really glad that a woman cleaned his clock. I'm really glad that she wiped the floor with him. I love it. I love it."

The screencap says it all . . . on today's Morning Joe, reacting to last night's presidential debate, Mika Brzezinski was nothing short of despondent. Brzezinski repeatedly argued that although Hillary was "amazing," did "great," etc., it is Donald Trump who walked away the winner politically because he was able to "connect" with the concerns of broad swaths of the electorate. Readers are encouraged to view the video to understand the depths of Mika's despair.

Mika Brzezinski used an unfortunate metaphor on today's Morning Joe to describe Hillary and Trump's different approaches to preparing for Monday's first presidential debate. Said Mika: "you think of like the two law students preparing for the bar. The guy is polishing his car to calm down. And the girl is studying up to the last minute." Mika is apparently unaware that Hillary flunked the DC bar exam after graduating from Yale law school in 1973. 67% of the people taking the exam at the same time passed, putting Hillary in the bottom third. Maybe instead of studying, she was too busy . . . polishing Bill's car.

Republican congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has to be one of the best-informed, well-spoken, reasonable, fairly non-partisan Members of Congress. So when Royce appeared on today's Morning Joe to discuss the latest atrocity in Syria, in which the Assad regime barrel-bombed an aid convoy, he was initially given respectful "Mr. Chairman" treatment, until . . . Royce had the audacity, responding to Andrea Mitchell's question about Donald Trump's "embrace of Vladimir Putin," to refer to Hillary Clinton's failed "Russian reset." That set Mika Brzezinski off. After an "oh, wow" of incredulity, Mika demanded "can we at least be on the same planet here?"

Can you imagine the absolute outrage on the left if a conservative pundit suggested that a male Democrat candidate was a "pansy?" The cries of "homophobia" would echo through the land, amidst demands that the offending pundit be defenestrated. But on today's Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski wondered out loud if Mike Pence is a "pansy." And you can just hear the liberal crickets gathering to say . . . absolutely nothing about it. Brzezinski's beef is that Pence, while denouncing David Duke, has declined to use Hillary's word—deplorable—to describe him, and has failed to be sufficiently critical of Putin. Mika claimed that Pence is "scared of his boss"--Donald Trump. So Mika, care to expand on your use of the word "pansy?"

One week ago, a Twitter war erupted between Donald Trump and the hosts of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Whereas the pair had been among the first in the media to take Trump's chances seriously, in recent times they had become very critical of the Republican candidate. On August 22nd, Trump tweeted that Mika was a "neurotic and not very bright mess!" He also threatened to some day tell the "real story" of Joe and Mika, whom he described as Scarborough's "long-time girlfriend." Scarborough responded with tweets telling Trump to "look in the mirror" if looking for someone who's "neurotic and not very bright." Scarborough added that the show was enjoying its best ratings ever "thanks to obsessed fans like you!"

Will Hillary Clinton's latest ad, which attempts to scare people about Donald Trump when it comes to national security, actually wind up winning him votes? Today's Morning Joe opened by playing the ad, which features clips of Trump making various bellicose statements, e.g., "I would bomb the s--- out of them." Mika Brzezinski found the ad "very strong: it tweaks on every level." Better than twerking on every level, we suppose. "It's scary," said Mika as, in a bit of unintentional humor, she imitated the "whoosh" sound of the fighter jet at the end of the ad. But query: could the ad wind up winning more votes than it loses him? After eight years of "leading from behind," of foreign policy disasters from Russia to Syria to Libya to Iran, could America be ready for a blunt-talking president? Remind me: who was the president who, speaking of the Cold War, said "we win, they lose?"

Some inside baseball from the Trump campaign . . . Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have known Donald Trump for years, and reportedly are in regular contact with members of his campaign staff.  On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough said that what: "every Donald Trump staffer will tell you is: he never, ever takes any of the blame himself. He always screams at staffers. That's what is starting to happen now that the polls are going low." Meanwhile, Mika Brzezinski reported that Trump is exhausted, sleeping in "two-hour spurts," and that as a result Trump is "losing it." Do Joe and Mika have any sources inside Hillary's campaign? Think Clinton might occasionally raise her voice? And if she isn't sleep-deprived, what's accounting for her physical and verbal stumbles? Short-circuit, anyone?

The liberal establishment has yet to recover from the shock to its delicate sensibilities caused when Donald Trump spoke of Megyn Kelly having blood coming from her "wherever." But will anyone blink a whatever now that MSM member Mika Brzezinski has told Republicans that they need to "get their heads out of . . . something?" The ever-diplomatic Willie Geist suggested Mika had "sand" in mind, but it seemed clear she was referring to something else.

On today's Morning Joe, Mika repeatedly made the case that the Republican establishment should dump Trump. Analogizing the Trump candidacy to a car that has burst into flames, Mika called Republicans "wussies" for refusing to get out of it.

John Heilemann came up with a strange way to defend Joe Biden and Barack Obama, and to attack Melania Trump, for the plagiarism in speeches each of them gave. On today's Morning Joe, Heilemann argued that Biden and Obama's plagiarism wasn't as bad, because they ripped off fellow liberals: Neil Kinnock and Deval Patrick, respectively. In contrast, passages in Melania's speech came from a 2008 Michelle Obama speech. Per Heilemann, that made Melania, or the person who prepared those passages for her, a "moronic plagiarist." Heilemann omits one important thing: Melania is the wife of the candidate, for whom English is not even her second language. In contrast, at the time they gave their plagiarized speeches, Biden and Obama were presidential candidates themselves. They were almost certainly directly involved in the plagiarism.

Mika Brzezinski makes no bones about being a liberal Democrat. She was big on Bernie, even more enthusiastic about Elizabeth Warren, whom she repeatedly urged to run for president. But while she might well vote for Hillary in the end, Brzezinski is anything but a Clinton acolyte. Her aversion was on display on today's Morning Joe. A clip rolled of Speaker Paul Ryan saying that as a candidate Hillary should be denied classified briefings, given FBI Director Comey's finding that she had been "extremely careless" with classified information. Panelists Harold Ford, Jr., Jim VandeHei and Michael Steele scoffed at the notion that Hillary could be denied such classified briefings. That's when Mika went off: "you've been hostages for 30 years! You've all been hostages for 30 years and you don't know how to think anymore." Mika recommended that people look at Hillary "as a human being, not someone who for years and years and years and years and years we've just decided is in a different category of humanity."