Republican congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has to be one of the best-informed, well-spoken, reasonable, fairly non-partisan Members of Congress. So when Royce appeared on today’s Morning Joe to discuss the latest atrocity in Syria, in which the Assad regime barrel-bombed an aid convoy, he was initially given respectful “Mr. Chairman” treatment, until . . .

Royce had the audacity, responding to Andrea Mitchell’s question about Donald Trump’s “embrace of Vladimir Putin,” to refer to Hillary Clinton’s failed “Russian reset.” That set Mika Brzezinski off. After an “oh, wow” of incredulity, Mika demanded “can we at least be on the same planet here?”

Can anyone remember the last time a leading Dem member of congress was treated so disrespectfully on MNSBC?

Hat tip Chuck B.

Note: Mika’s “same planet” insult didn’t cause Royce to lose his courteous cool, and he responded substantively with details of a bi-partisan proposal he has authored to bring pressure on Putin.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Mr. Chairman, this was, according to the State Department, a double-tap air strike. There were two air strikes after the initial hits, which went after the rescue workers, first responders. Clearly, it’s something approaching a war crime if not already a war crime, and with Russian backing because Russia is the guarantor of this, as you’ve been pointing out, of what the regime does. Only Russia and the regime have airplanes there. So how comfortable are you with the Republican nominee, Donald Trump’s embrace of Vladimir Putin? Won’t it be more difficult —


MITCHELL: — if he is elected, to get any pushback against Russia?

ED ROYCE: You know, I’ve seen every presidential candidate do this, reach out and claim that they were going to do a reset with Putin, that they’re going to be able —

ROYCE: Let’s think back. Let’s think back, to Bush, think back to to Clinton with the Russian reset, think back to Obama, think back to the comments made by every one of these candidates. I think they’ve all been naive.

MIKA: Oh, wow. Okay, hold on. This is a little different. Can we at least like be on the same planet here and admit that this is a little different?


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