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Mika Despondent Over Debate: Hillary ‘Amazing’ But Trump Will Win More Voters

Mika Despondent Over Debate: Hillary ‘Amazing’ But Trump Will Win More Voters

Hillary ‘Checked All the Boxes’ but Trump ‘Connected’ With Americans

The screencap says it all . . . on today’s Morning Joe, reacting to last night’s presidential debate, Mika Brzezinski was nothing short of despondent.

Brzezinski repeatedly argued that although Hillary was “amazing,” did “great,” etc., it is Donald Trump who walked away the winner politically because he was able to “connect” with the concerns of broad swaths of the electorate. Readers are encouraged to view the video to understand the depths of Mika’s despair.

What do readers think? For what it’s worth, I think Mika is on to something. Hillary was obviously the more prepared, but on a gut level Trump connected with many Americans. He also avoided two major pitfalls: he never got too nasty with Hillary, and though he’s obviously not as knowledgeable on the details, he never got caught out on any embarrassing factual mistake.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I think overall for, I’m going to say “us,”and I put that in quotes, it’s a large group of people, I think probably we all thought Hillary won, but my blood pressure kept going up throughout the whole–I could not stop watching until the very end because there was something that was telling me he’s going to do quite well out of this.

. . .

I think he said things that touch on not just what primary voters think but what people are feeling on a number of levels. I just wouldn’t be surprised if he came out doing better in the polls after this, and she was not as great as she could have been.

. . .

I don’t know where I am getting this, just my overall gut feeling from watching the entire debate, she was amazing, she was really good. I just think that he’s going to do quite well out of this.

. . .

What do you look for [to determine who won debate]?

WILLIE GEIST: [inaudible] new voters.

MIKA: Okay. We’ll watch the polls. I think he’s going to get new voters.

. . .

Look, I just think she did everything she was supposed to do and she did a great job and she checked all of the boxes, all of them, and she even had a few moments with zingers. I think he connected. There were like seven times where he said things that really connect with the — where the emotions of a lot of American people are right now, and not just his people and not just certain types of voters. Let’s stop! This isn’t about us.

. . .

I watched. I thought, she’s doing good, she’s doing great but my blood pressure kept going up every time he spoke and I heard things that I know work. I hear it over dinner tables everywhere I go.


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Well Mika, medications can only do so much.

    grunt in reply to gbear. | September 27, 2016 at 9:32 pm

    Donald Trump’s little 5-year-old granddaughter Arabella Rose was sitting on Grampa’s lap after the debate last night and very innocently asked, “Grampa, was Hillry Clintain tha onlyest person you had ta debate this week?” Grampa answered, “no honey, Lester Holt was much weaker.”

Hillary probably shouldn’t have called everybody in the country a racist then.

    Great point. We’re not just racist, but we have an unavoidable “implicit racism” that we must accept and self-flagellate for in atonement.
    The left is becoming a religion, and “implicit racism” seems kinda like Original Sin.

      thalesofmiletus in reply to MTED. | September 27, 2016 at 10:55 am

      The left is “becoming” a religion? Read your history (or at least Moldbug) — the Left started as a religion.

      The first key feature of Leftism started with doing away with priests (Protestantism), allowing everyone to act like a priest, if they were “holy” enough — that’s the signalling spiral.

      The second key feature of Leftism came with doing away with the savior (Unitarianism), allowing everyone to be holier than Jesus because he was just some guy.

      That is the secular ultra-Calvinism of Progressivism that we know of today.

And lets not forget that millions and millions of citizens across the nation are nothing but Deplorables according to Crooked Hillary.

“The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

Hillary truly believes this vile statement and that is why she will lose the election. You can not hate half of the citizens and except to win an election. So so out of touch with everyday working Americans.

PS Before this is over Mika will end up hospitalized. She will snap under the pressure.

    “You can not hate half of the citizens and except to win an election.”

    Why not? It worked out okay for Obama.

    SoCA Conservative Mom in reply to Common Sense. | September 27, 2016 at 11:48 am

    The thing is, people think she is talking about someone else. It’s like when the Left talks about taxes and the rich paying their fair share. No one thinks they are talking about them, they always think it’s some nameless, faceless “rich” guy.

A debate isn’t about checking all the boxes. ( Which I don’t think she did, she checked all the small boxes but failed to check the big ones. ) A debate is about convincing people that you can check all the boxes when you are President. I think she failed at that miserably. I think in a sense Trump failed too. I think people came away feeling comfortable with him checking in the box. But I don’t think people came away with the feeling that they wanted him checking the box.

On another front, I think Lester Holt has annoyed a lot of anti-Hillary people. I was not annoyed but felt frustrated, but it was to be expected. The question though is how his interactions came across to undecided.

There were two ways that Holt ran interference. He “fact checked” Trump. I think Trump blew that away when he pointed out that he came out against the Iraq war when on Cavuto, and he got into big arguments with Hannity.( Vids appearing online now. ) Then a lame come back by Holt.

The second were times that Trump tried to engage Hillary directly and Holt jumped in and prevented it. I think undecideds wanted to hear the answers and were disappointed that holt stopped it.

In both cases, I think Holt came across as biased towards Hillary and urt her more then helped.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 27, 2016 at 10:59 am

Daily Caller pulled together a few of Michael Moore’s tweets. He seems despondent, too. He says Trump won the debate and he’s going to win the election if the Democrats don’t do something drastic to derail it.

    I hate Moore with the white hot passion of a thousand burning suns. But… he is a propagandist. He understands what & how people react to media much more than I do. I wonder what he saw that I did not.

Baltimore Sun has an interesting article that Hillary got the questions last week. It’s a bit speculative but there is some indications something might have been up and really with the press openly saying they must do everything they can to stop Trump it doesn’t even go into conspiracy theory

    Semper Why in reply to caseoftheblues. | September 27, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she had the debate questions last week. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a copy of Trump’s tax return last week either.

Mika had a flash of her reading the 11 o’clock news in Muncie.


The women in the clip are dressed like neon signs, and the men are dressed like black holes.

They’re not happy.

Not despondent yet, just … unsettled. The sort of feeling they’d get if they’d just had the Sushi McNuggets and are feeling the onset of urgent second thoughts.

Neither were all that impressive, imo. But Sec. Clinton did have some very good moments.

I was disappointed that Mr. Trump seemed to lack thoughtful retorts to things he should’ve expected, for example;

When Sec. Clinton brought up his “support” of the Iraq war why not respond with, “you know Sec. Clinton, I was a private citizen, a New Yorker, who’d just seen my city attacked. Yeah, I may not have taken a firm position for or against the War at the time but I damn sure didn’t stand on the floor of the US Senate and vote for it”.

Mr. Trump should have known his taxes would be brought up and when Sec. Clinton opined on how she’d released 30 years of hers why not reply with; “Sec. Clinton, you know, you and I are different people with different backgrounds and experience. I’m a businessman that’s been audited by the IRS more than a handful of times. If you look at my financial disclosure documents you’ll see the complexity of my personal and business finances, a complexity that demands I have a team of lawyers and accountants to assist and advise me. I trust them, just like I’m sure you trust your staff. Now they’ve advised me not to release them until the audit is complete and I’ll follow that advice, for now. I’ll do so knowing that not a single one of my advisors has ever taken the fifth on a single question asked by them by the IRS or any other governmental body nor has any of my staff ever been granted immunity from prosecution by any government body – unlike five of your former staff members. See, you and I are different and I recognize and appreciate that sometimes I think you’ve forgotten what life is like for a private citizen. You said, Mrs. Clinton, that you’ve released nearly thirty years of your taxes and that’s wonderful but you know, I am not sure you recognize that there’s not much to be applauded by that. Really there isn’t, because since the 1970s you and your husband have been paid either by the taxpayers of the State of Arkansas or from the United States taxpayers. We’ve been able to see nearly everything you’ve earned as you’ve lived you’re life as an elected servent. Look, I appreciate that, I do but I just don’t think you see that us folks in the regular world aren’t paid off the public dole. Still, I’ll make you a deal today – right now – against the advice of my advisors and I’ll give you my taxes and my complete medical file in a fair and even up exchange for your medical records and the 30,000 missing emails from your reckless, as the FBI called it anyhow, server. We can meet someplace local in NY and I’ll even spring for lunch! If that’s not acceptable, I guess, just like you said folks needed to wait for the investigation on your home brew server to end before anything is released, you can wait until the IRS audit is complete to see my taxes. Let me know.”

Sec. Clinton’s comments regarding Mr. Trumps remarks about women should have been countered with, “Sec. Clinton, I have as a private citizen, said things that my mother would not be proud of. I have, in most cases, done so directed at a specific people and you know, I’m not proud of it. But I have to tell you that it baffles me how you can equate remake that I’ve made, dumb as they were, about specific people and yet you’ve had no problem calling Americans who disagree with you deplorables, racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, sexist and pretty much any other ism out there. For that matter Mrs. Clinton, your concerned with my comments about celebrities in most cases yet you and your husband have defended your use of the term Superpredator as it related to many of those impacted by the Crime Bill signed by your husband while you were FLOTUS and you know, Mrs. Clinton, that term superpredator was directed as many in America who were poor, uneducated and far to oftentimes black. Yet,you’re actually worried about what a private citizen said about wealthy celebrities. Well, I guess we’re just different.”

Okay, I’m off work with a sick child so I’ve got tons if time!

    PatricoDaSilva in reply to WillS68. | September 27, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    I hear this a lot from what’s-her-name, the campaign gal,
    and it’s a total BS argument that Trump wss a “private citizen” and thus he gets a pass for saying he was for the war.

    Why? Because he’s using the fact that he was supposedly “against it” ( when the record shows he was not) as a sales pitch, so private citizen or not, if you are using it in your sales pitch to America, whatever you say is FAIR GAME. The time when he was actually against it wasn’t before the war, it was either during or after, and that’s monday morning quartebacking. Whatever you call was before the war was, that was the call, and Trump has to fess up.
    But, he’s not man enough to do that.

Hillary was mediocre, Trump destroyed himself. How much any of it matters is not clear. Mika could be playing devil’s advocate for dramatic effect. It is a TV show after all.
Out of curiosity, is it all they talked about? Because Joe had a very good tweet:
Kind of sad when we have to rely on Joe Scarborough to make conservative points.

Just when you thought last night’s debate was on the ‘dull’ side comes this gem from AP …

Many women say Trump showed too much testosterone at debate

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Constant interruption. A condescending tone. Eye-rolling.

For many women, the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a case study in deja vu. For more than 90 minutes on a national stage, they said Tuesday, Trump subjected the first female presidential candidate from a major party to indignities they experience from men daily, in the workplace and beyond.

Not worried that mika is despondent, I want hateful hitlery despondent after she loses the election.
She will weaponize all gov departments against most of the country even more than obama.

Saw an article today the Bureau of Labor is going after Peter Thiel’s company Palantir for racial bias against Asians. Trying to get Asians motivated to get out to vote for hateful hitlery.
Peter is the one who funded the Gawker lawsuit, Gawker being a leftist site of course.

Wait … Morning Joe is still on??

Mika, and HiLIary are among that band of shrewish girls who dominate the GPA races in high school, but are lacking in actual people skills. Bossy know-it-alls. Too much “us” and “his people”. It doesn’t hurt too much to look at her, but she definitely is about her elite position. Not a lot of fun at a college football game watching party, or fishing, or just being happy with an ordinary life.

Long and short: Hillary and Trump showed America the one most important advantage he has over her- She is a delusional, elitist, arrogant social chameleon without a trace of regular, olde-fashioned humanity.

Trump, though he may be or not be many things but one thing he clearly, palpably human.

Do you vote for a hardened, shiftless creature of ambition or an imperfect, but clearly human, man who is genuinely excited at the idea of being the leader America needs?

Hillary dreams of power and prestige; Trump dreams of possibilities and his legacy.

His ego is open for all to see- hers is hidden behind a thousand masks.

I know who i’m voting for, and i think i’ll have a lot of company…

That’s easy to do, Mika, if, as alleged:
A) you have the questions a week in advance.
B) you have the moderator who is clearly biased towards Hillary.
C) you have a podium that contains a screen that can be fed answers.
D) you have signals arranged with the moderator to let him know you want the floor.
E) you have a willing accomplice in the MSM.
F) you have a technical “glitch team” to mess with the audio.

Yeah, so many to choose from and perhaps they aren’t true. But I’d not bet on it.