Mika Brzezinski went on an epic feminist rant on today’s Morning Joe, condemning not just Donald Trump for his comments about a former Miss Universe, but raging against the entire beauty pageant culture in which women are judged on their . . beauty.

Mika summed up her intellectual argument this way: “you stupid men.” Brzezinski considers it unfair that beauty pageant contestants are expected to be trim, whereas men like Trump and Newt Gingrich “can walk around as rotund as all get out.” But if those guys had entered the Mr. Universe contest, every inch of their oiled bodies would come under the microscope. But they haven’t. Thank God. And if a woman in exercise of her free will enters a beauty contest, that’s her choice.

Tune in tomorrow as Mika Brzezinski explains why those mean, sexist laws of gravity must be repealed.

Note: this is the second consecutive day in which Brzezinki’s been on the feminist warpath over the Miss Universe kerfuffle. Yesterday, she suggested that Trump “bow down” before the strength of women.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: It’s a beauty contest, right? You can’t actually have any weight on your body for a beauty contest because that wouldn’t be beautiful. Think about that.

. . .

So people like Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich and men can walk around just rotund as all get out and it’s not an issue. But women in order to be beautiful, you have to be 117 pounds.

What? I’m sorry: can someone tell me what year we’re in here? Is it 2016? I think we’re back in the ’70s with those hideous pageants, which by the way we need to talk about at some point. Somebody who runs beauty pageants, you have to think about how they think about women.

Look at those beauty pageants: really look at them. Young women walking around in bikinis getting graded on how they look. I can’t believe we still do these things. But do we want someone who ran beauty pageants, and like still thinks it’s okay to talk about gaining weight being a problem.

Do we really want that person in the White House hiring women? I don’t think he’ll hire any women unless they’re 10s. In his view. Which is 117 pounds and starving and covered in plastic. Lots of lip gloss. It’s disgusting! It’s perverted.

. . . That silly story. Got anything to say about it. It’s a serious story. You stupid men. [Nervous laughter among the male panel members.]

. . .

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Claire McCaskill actually took a swing at it yesterday. She tweeted this: “The Democratic women senators have talked and we’re concerned about Donald’s weight. Campaign stress? We think a public daily weigh-in is called for.” We’ll be right back. And Mika, Mika hasn’t really talked about this much, but she’s got a lot to say and she’s going to share that with you when we return on Morning Joe.


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