Mika Brzezinski used an unfortunate metaphor on today’s Morning Joe to describe Hillary and Trump’s different approaches to preparing for Monday’s first presidential debate. Said Mika: “you think of like the two law students preparing for the bar. The guy is polishing his car to calm down. And the girl is studying up to the last minute.”

Mika is apparently unaware that Hillary flunked the DC bar exam after graduating from Yale law school in 1973. 67% of the people taking the exam at the same time passed, putting Hillary in the bottom third. Maybe instead of studying, she was too busy . . . polishing Bill’s car.

Yesterday, having a friendly argument with a good friend, he explained his support for Hillary partly in terms of the fact that she’s “incredibly intelligent.” Really? As Rush Limbaugh likes to say, just how smart, really, is The Smartest Woman in the World?

Note: Mika employs a gender stereotype that would get most male pundits into hot water. And for good measure she refers to the woman taking the bar exam as a “girl.” Paging Gloria Steinem!

DONNY DEUTSCH: What Hillary has got to do is on the one hand, I think, prosecute, moderate, rope-a-dope, and then Google. Let me talk about what I mean there. In terms of, basically, she has to have a very measured tone. She can’t come out at him. She’s got to poke, poke, poke, hope that in some way he punches back.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I will just say before we laugh about him doing rallies and not preparing, you think of like the two law students preparing for the bar. The guy is like polishing his car to calm down and the girl is studying up to the last minute. And that’s what, it’s just different ways of —


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