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Message from MSNBC to you hicks out in the sticks: the people who gave us Le Pen, Brexit and now, Trump represent the "real problem." Unlike we city dwellers, you don't "mix" and "get along together" with people from "cosmopolitan cultures." That was the word from MSNBC contributor and Daily Beast Editor Christopher Dickey, speaking from Paris with Joy Reid today. Discussing the hold that President Trump has placed on immigration from seven named countries, Dickey began by claiming that people in Europe, especially in European governments, "think Trump has lost his mind." Then there was the obligatory Hitler allusion: in Europe "they remember what fascism was like. In the United States, we've been spared that—at least up until now."

Talk about mansplaining . . . could Michael Moore possibly have been any more patronizing and condescending to women? Appearing on Joy Reid's MSNBC show this morning, Moore approvingly cited and adopted actor John Leguizamo's proposition that women who voted for Donald Trump were "victims" who did so out of "ingrained misogyny and sexism." Those poor, confused women Trump voters who thought they had the ability to make decisions for themselves. The dearies didn't realize that they had been subconsciously programmed and were nothing more than—to use a favorite Rush phrase—mind-numbed robots.

How puerile can progressives be? Childish enough to taunt someone over his name, and even ascribe ideological views to a person based on his moniker. And here we thought liberals prided themselves on never judging people on their superficial characteristics. On Joy Reid's MSNBC show this morning, Reid, and guest the Rev. Mark Thompson, a talk radio host and civil rights activist, made a point of mentioning AG nominee Jeff Sessions' full name: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. The presumption is that he was named after Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard. Thompson took things an ugly step further, calling Sessions "a Confederate Attorney General."

Appearing on Joy Reid's MSNBC show, intelligence and national security commentator Malcolm Nance said this morning that Donald Trump is "pushing this nation to a constitutional crisis of unprecedented magnitude." Nance accused Trump of working "in the interest of a hostile nation and supporting, to a certain extent, a hostile intelligence service." Nance was reacting to Trump's reluctance to give a full-throated acceptance of the views of the US intelligence community regarding Russian hacking. Nance predicted that Trump will attempt a cover-up and will "gut" the intelligence agencies.

Jennifer Rubin is the Washington Post's "right" columnist, though many people would dispute that designation. Rubin has made no secret of her Trump hatred, which came through today on MSNBC. Rubin branded several of Trump's cabinet and high level nominees "ignoramuses."
"I wish I could say that Ben Carson is the only person who doesn't have experience in his area. You mentioned Tillerson. We also have Terry Branstad, who is the ambassador to China. He's been the Governor of Iowa! And I like her, I think she's smart, Nikki Haley, terrific person, but she's going to the UN. But does she have any foreign-policy experience? So I think what we have are ignoramuses, billionaires, and a few generals."

Joy Reid and Kurt Eichenwald are a liberal-media hit team made in heaven—or somewhere else, depending on your perspective. Reid has the habit of rudely cutting off or correcting conservatives brave enough to venture onto her show. Eichenwald's MO is to laugh nastily in the face of conservatives with whom he disagrees. We've documented this before, as here, here and here, and it happened again this morning. On Reid's MSNBC show, AM Joy, when Trump surrogate Steve Cortes suggested that Hillary Clinton has jeopardized national security with her mishandling of emails, Reid shut him down: "you know better than that. I respect you too much to let you go on a rant that is full of unfactual information, sir." Reid then turned it over to Eichenwald to attack Cortes, saying "your witness," as if Cortes were fodder for cross-examination.

You know that feeling when during an interview or a debate your guy is hit with a question, and you sit there just praying that he will give a certain answer? Wish fulfilled for this Insurrectionist during Joy Reid's MSNBC show today. Reid asked conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt whether he doesn't "worry" about how a President Donald Trump would make a life-or-death decision given his "comportment and demeanor." Shot back the nimble Hewitt: "No. I am much more worried about Secretary Clinton fleeing the State Department at 1:00 A.M in the morning on the night of Benghazi." Zing!

Joy Reid has a history of shutting down guests on her MSNBC show who disagree with her. Last week, Reid abruptly ended a segment when a conservative Latino guest tried to raise Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger's support of eugenics. Today, the ever PC-Reid instructed a Trump supporter not to speak of "illegals" when referring to illegal immigrants. African-American Trump supporter Paris Dennard was making the point that Trump is not opposed to immigration generally, but to illegal immigration, and that illegal immigrants take jobs from black Americans. Dennard twice spoke of "illegals." That led guest Juan Hernandez, a supporter of Libertarian Gary Johnson, to say he was "insulted." Reid agreed, adding "this is like being in a family home. And when you're in this home, we just ask that you please not use terminology that offends people. So y'all are guests in our house, please don't use that terminology."

On Joy Reid's MSNBC show today, conservative Latino Alfonso Aguilar cited Hillary Clinton's praise of the eugenicist Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Hillary has said that she "admire[s] Margaret Sanger enormously." Reid responded by saying Sanger was not a legitimate issue because she is a "dead person." Even worse, when Aguilar tried to make that point that a majority of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood are on minority women, Reid shut Aguilar down, calling his statement "incredibly offensive. I think that smear of Planned Parenthood cannot go forward and we're not going to continue with that line of questioning." Reid abruptly returned to another Trump-bashing topic.
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