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Rich Lowry on Charlottesville: “There was violence on both sides”

Rich Lowry on Charlottesville: “There was violence on both sides”

Takes on Joy Reid Over “Anti-fascist” Violence, “White Nationalist” in White House

Joy Reid doesn’t brook much dissent on her own MSNBC show, regularly shutting down, as here, here and here, conservatives who have the temerity to disagree with her. Fortunately, when Rich Lowry of the National Review took on the Reid this morning, it happened on Meet the Press, where Reid was a fellow panelist rather than host.

The topic was the violence between neo-Nazi/white nationalists and Antifa, in which numerous people were injured and one woman killed. President Trump has come under withering media and political attack for a statement condemning violence “on many sides.”

Lowry made the point that the so-called “anti-fascists” in Charlottesville also engaged in violence, and the violence was not one-sided, as the videos show. Reid refused to admit that there was violence on both sides, claiming “there was certainly not.”

Next, Lowry, while expressing the wish that the alt-right would wither away, said that Reid was helping the alt-right by defining it so broadly as to include Trump aides Stephen Miller and Michael Anton.

Lowry concluded by saying it was “crazy” of Reid to call Anton a “white nationalist.” The Weekly Standard, run by Bill Kristol, is hardly a fan of the alt-right or the Trump administration. But this article from the publication explains who Anton, a thoughtful conservative intellectual, actually is.

Kudos to Lowry for having the courage to confront Reid, someone generally unaccustomed to being contradicted.

RICH LOWRY: Look, you have so-called “anti-fascists” who dress in black, wear masks —

JOY REID: Were they beating clergy yesterday?

LOWRY: There is violence on both sides.

REID: There was certainly not.

LOWRY: Yes there was!

REID: Were they attacking clergy? I spoke with clergy who were being beaten with brass knuckles by neo-Nazis.

LOWRY: Anti-fascists also beat people up, break things and burn things. They both should be condemned. I want the alt-right to be as limited as possible. I want it to go away and die. But you’re not doing folks on my side any favors by defining it so widely that it includes Stephen Miller and Mike Anton. That’s what they want. You’re helping them by defining it so widely.

REID: Have you read the blog posts that they’ve posted?

LOWRY: I don’t think Mike Anton is a white nationalist. That’s crazy.


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There seem to have been many incidents where local law enforcement stand down while the Antifa do their business. This time it backfired.

One group was there to protest removal of some  old  historic statues.

The other group was there specifically to prevent—by force—the first group from protesting the removal of said statues.

So, which group deliberately uses violence as a tactic?

Or is this an oversimplfication?

    Milhouse in reply to tom swift. | August 13, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    Yes, it is. Both sides were there to commit violence. Both sides regularly use violence as a tactic. But one side is much more practiced at it, and is better at it, because it’s been doing this for a century or more.

      Millhouse… seriously? Both sides commit violence? Please please, site where there has been a “white” gathering like this before and where they were violent? Where they trashed anything?

      This was a one-off event, since so many odd white-power folks were invited and others joined in. Mixed levels of animosity for say, Jews, or just blacks, or all of the above… even Nazis! I mean, come on… Nazi flags… fresh out of a package, and the cameras found them. That’s a media event and stupid. Funny, I didn’t see rebel flags… but we saw Nazi flags. We didn’t see yellow Gadsden flags… we saw nazi flags.

      Violence at PREVIOUS rallies has been incited by the antifa’s and BLM’s who routinely escalate rhetoric and throw things. The white guys or alt-right REACT and you say it’s on both sides! Just be clear,, that’s all. The LEFT is AGITATING for violence. They want reaction. They create chaos and destroy property to draw a reaction from the cops or other folks. They want to incite violence.

      I’m not seeing that AT ALL on the other side.

      tom swift in reply to Milhouse. | August 13, 2017 at 12:32 pm

      Protesting the removal of a statue is violent?

      In those immortal words of Scott Pelley,

      “It’s time to ask whether the attack … was foreseeable, predictable, to some degree, self-inflicted”

      Mihouse, stay away from math – especially statistics.

Good for Rich. His statement almost makes up for his other statement during the program that if Confederate monuments are going to be rallying points for white nationalists, maybe they should all come down. That’s just playing into the hands of the left. I would like to agree with Tom Swift, above. It would not surprise me that the pending DOJ civil rights investigation finds that the one group who had its civil rights violated was, ta dum, the white nationalists. They had a permit to march. The city knew they were coming. Yet the city did not adequately protect them. Sounds like Montgomery, 1965 to me. I would also like to know under what circumstances a municipal or state declaration of emergency can override a federal judge. The city and the state had been trying for weeks to keep the nationalists from using Emancipation Park. On Friday night, a federal judge enjoined them from so preventing. So the next day, Charlottesville and the state declared a state of emergency and prevented the rally anyway. Sounds like a heckler’s veto to me.

Socialists vs fascists vs socialists. Were there any communists present?

The trifecta of progressive liberalism (i.e. monotonic divergence).

Then there is Pro-Choice. Apparently, there was an elective abortion, that may or may not have been committed in self-defense.

How about White Hispanics?

One is always astonished how stupid Joy Reid is. Just plain stupid.

New video shows Charlottesville car and driver being attacked with baseball bats before backing up.

Just like the Rodney King video, where the media purposely edited out the parts that showed King attacking the police, in order to promote a racist white cops/black victim narrative that instigated the LA race riots and the lynching of 50 innocent people and the violent assaults of many more.

Here is an alternate view not being shown by the MSM, that shows the car from the rear just before it backed up to get out of there.

Something was happening to the car and driver that the MSM doesn’t want the public to see. Like the car being swarmed and attacked by violent Leftist protestors using aluminum baseball bats (deadly weapons) to get to the driver, and likely beat him to death, if he had given them the opportunity. Instead he apparently chose to leave and save himself.

The media’s crowd of “peaceful counter-protestors” didn’t know if he used his car as a weapon or not. The driver could have suffered a medical condition, been elderly, had a heart attack, accidentally hit the gas instead of the break. The car may had an electrical/computer/mechanical malfunction that caused the car to speed up and frustrate all the driver’s attempts to stop it. All these scenarios have happened before. Or he may have been attacked down the road out of camera view, and panicked trying to get away. Peaceful people would have tried to find out.

But the media’s “peaceful counter-protestors” didn’t try to find out; they came armed with deadly weapons, and chose to use them instead.

This video belies the the MSM narrative of “peaceful counter-protestors”.

    jhkrischel in reply to PaxRomana. | August 13, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    I’ve been watching closely, and these things stand out:

    – he accelerated *into* danger, rather than away from it initially, for hundreds of feet
    – he had zero problem going rapidly in reverse after being stopped by hitting other cars (i.e., if he had been in trouble before, he could have escaped in reverse, rather than into the crowd)
    – the airbag did not deploy (the car he hit had its airbag deployed)
    – his reaction time, after finally being stopped by the other cars, was split second – there was no hesitation at all (which would happen if say, this was driver error, he was confused, scared, etc)

    I’m guessing when they find he weaponized his car by disabling the airbag, it’ll become murder 1.

      Matt_SE in reply to jhkrischel. | August 13, 2017 at 6:35 pm

      It’s impossible to see from those videos if people were attacking his car before it accelerated forward. The truck blocks the view.

        jhkrischel in reply to Matt_SE. | August 13, 2017 at 9:13 pm

        Agreed – but if I’m attacked, do I head towards a crowd of possible attackers, or do I reverse out?

        We already know the driver had the skills to reverse out.

        The most favorable interpretation I can imagine is that the real acceleration didn’t happen until his rear fender was hit by a baseball bat, and that he had intended on slowing down through the crowd initially…but I’m not sure if all the pieces fit together for that theory.

        That all being said – this is going to court, and that’s where it should be litigated.

        Barry in reply to Matt_SE. | August 13, 2017 at 9:26 pm

        I saw another video, don’t recall where, that showed the car rapidly accelerating down the street before encountering the crowd. It looked to me as though it was done with the purpose of ramming into the crowd.

casualobserver | August 13, 2017 at 1:06 pm

I think we are witnessing the new meme for the left and the media (I know, redundant). The obsession over Russia is not only losing for lack of facts and evidence, it also no longer draws audiences like it did just a month ago.

So I expect hour after hour, day after day, ongoing focus on supremacists and racism. It will fit nicely into the growing number of NFL anthem protests to stay current. Self-proclaimed experts, elected officials, and the usual Hollywood noise makers will not miss this opportunity to tie this to everyone they already defame with the “racist” term. And there will be no end to tying it all to Trump. The loss of ability to detail Trump over “Russia Russia Russia” will feed this new frenzy.

This was an intergroup battle. The antifa and Nazi groups are the same. They just use slightly different flavors to express their desire to subjugate all the others.

Reid is just a truly delusional person.
Antifa has used violence for months and gotten away with it.

“I spoke with clergy who were being beaten with brass knuckles by neo-Nazis.”

Names, or it didn’t happen.

Joy makes perfect sense and is right…when you factor in how the left communicates. Just like the dog whistles and micro aggressions that lefties hear when conservatives and other normal people are speaking, they fill in and filter out what they want to hear.

This is probably what Joy heard: “There is [unjustifiable] violence on both sides.”

God help us. We are not headed in a good direction at all.

This entire situation stinks. I hate having to stand up for the first amendment rights of the KKK, but standing up for minority viewpoints, however odious, is the ultimate test of your freedom of speech. What makes this worse is I agree with the message (in this situation, that the statues should remain) of the NAZIs, while I disagree with everything else about them.

Seems to me the one recurring factor in all these violent “protests” is the Antifa.
Wherever they go, violence and destruction follows.

There was violence on both sides, but it’s no coincidence that violence always takes place wherever antifa shows up. It was a peaceful protest until then.

Standard operating procedure for NBC or CNN – biased host and stacked panel. Imagine CNN’s Brian Stetler trying to hold his own against a competent opponent like Carlson Tucker does or working without a stacked panel. All Stetler’s guests are stooge guests.

CaliforniaJimbo | August 13, 2017 at 3:39 pm

The hardest part about free speech is allowing speech you disagree with.
I despise the evil of nazism. That said, our first amendment allows them to speak.
Counter protestors did not have a permit. Violence erupted and the heart of America was silenced.

The knee jerk reaction would be to prevent groups like the nazi / white supremacy movement from speaking. The issue there is who determines what is inappropriate?
The antifa group has a solid background in violence and intimidation. The nazis are no choir boys either. When police allowed both to come that close there will be violence.
This is not by happenstance. Someone wanted this to explode.
Let the investigation begin. Let’s find out who caused this to blow up.
My prayers are with those who lost a loved one in this made for tv violence that was perpetrated upon all of us.

There is now a ‘drone view’ video which NBC says is of the ‘moment’ –

Trouble is, it’s a completely different vehicle.

No matter what, crazy and unnecessary mayhem.

Color guard, color supremacy, color rarefication, left or right in different countries. A conservation of principles matters.

This is real simple to me.

If they have a permit then they should be protected. Period end of discusasion!

Non-permitted protests should not be allowed to interfer with the permited event. Or should suffer the consquesces and full force of the law.

I do believe this is the first skirmish of another Civial War, this one a real Race War. It’s a very sad!

    “I do believe this is the first skirmish of another Civial War, this one a real Race War. It’s a very sad!…”

    Well, take care not to sit on the sidelines, or one day you might get a knock at your door in the middle of the night from your local commissar and her thugs. It’ll be the last knock you ever hear.

Thats alot of baseball bats for a non-permited peaceful protest, JOY!

Did they have Fund Raising Softball Tournament scheduled, JOY?

I am deeply bothered by the Charlottesville riot– and riot it was. I cannot stand the white supremacists, for my family is not all white. But at the same time, I am a traditional Christian, believe that people should enjoy and use their property and the fruits of their labor, and that too much government power is a great danger.

I agree with the others here that the so-called antifa–with their intimidation, violence, feces and urine throwing, baseball bats, and blocking roads–are a menace. But I would hate it for the country to see them and the racist “right” as the ultimate alternatives.

Antifa is a terrorist organization.


I AM NOT supporting ANY violence BUT I sure am tired of the BLATANT LYING and BIAS in the media EVERY DAY !