Joy Reid has to be the rudest “host” on American TV. On her misnamed AM Joy show, Reid has made an art form out of interrupting and shutting down “guests” who don’t toe her liberal line. We’ve reported how Reid abruptly ended a segment when a conservative Latino tried to mention Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s support of eugenics. Then it was an African-American Republican who was chastised by Reid for daring to speak of “illegals.”

Today it was the misfortune of David Malpass, who held senior positions in the Reagan and H.W. Bush administrations and now serves as an adviser to Donald Trump, to be subjected to Reid’s rudeness. When he tried to raise the pay-to-play nexus between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s State Department, Reid repeatedly interrupted to accuse him of making statements that were “false” and “untrue,” before asking for “help” from an anti-Trump guest who accused Malpass of coming on the show to “lie.”

Readers are encouraged to view the video to the end to watch Trump antagonist Kurt Eichenwald laugh, across the airwaves, in Malpass’ face. Republicans/conservatives be warned: to be Reid’s guest is to volunteer to serve as her punching bag.

DAVID MALPASS: The Clinton Foundation, what we’re talking about is hundreds of millions of dollars —

JOY REID: That’s all publicly searchable in their open database.

MALPASS: Very clearly pay to play.

REID: No, no. Hold on a second. No, no, no. Sir, sir, sir —

MALPASS: I was a senior State Department official —

REID: Sir, sir, sir: you can’t just state something is a fact when it is not.

MALPASS: I can’t conceive how that was being run and allowed at the State Department —

REID: Sure you can. It’s actually quite open.

MALPASS: Meetings were set up for money.

REID: That is not true! You actually just made an allegation that is provably false. You just made an allegation that is provably false. You do not have any evidence of that. You just made a statement that is good for your campaign. Let’s go to Kurt —

MALPASS: The timeline is really clear. Certain [people] were denied meetings by the State Department, they paid money to the Clinton Foundation and then they got a meeting.

REID: Sir, no, no. You don’t have evidence of that. That’s what you want to be true. That is not true. That is actually just not true. You can’t just assert things that you want to be true but that aren’t. Kurt Eichenwald [ed: of Newsweek, yes it’s apparently still alive], please help us here.

KURT EICHENWALD: Several points. Number one, I’ve been coming on TV for years to talk about these kinds of things and every time I’m on with a Trump surrogate, they just get on and lie.

. . .

REID: We’re going to end the segment but I’m going to do one more comment from each.

MALPASS: The Clinton campaign could have handled this very differently by having the emails come out much earlier.

REID: What do the emails have to do with the Clinton Foundation?

MALPASS: The emails are bringing out information.

[Screen shows Eichenwald laughing derisively at Malpass]

REID: No they’re not. It’s not where the Clinton Foundation information came from. You’re conflating, sir.

MALPASS: Think about what’s happening. People are trying to get her schedule. They’re also trying to get her to have a news conference —

REID: Okay, now you’re conflating press conferences, emails and the Foundation. They’re not all the same thing.

MALPASS: — to stand in front of the public

REID: Okay, she’s had two press conferences in the last week.

EICHENWALD: This is like the demolition derby of scandals.

MALPASS: Now that wasn’t even a press conference.

REID: Oh my God, now that wasn’t really a press conference. My head hurts.

MALPASS: It was eight minutes long.

REID: Sir, that was a press conference. That is what a press conferences is.

MALPASS: No. They go long enough for more.

REID: Thank you, David. Kurt, I’m sorry, we are out of time. I’m sorry, I don’t even know what else to say.


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