For someone who styles herself an advocate of diversity, Joy Reid has a funny way of shutting down diverse voices. Legal Insurrection has documented how in the past she has silenced and even ejected guests who ran afoul of her speech codes.

Back at it today, Reid reprimanded Republican consultant Katon Dawson for referring to the “Democrat” party. “On this show, we say Democratic,” instructed Reid, telling Dawson that “we’re going to have to sit down. We’re going to have a talking-to.” Being lectured by Joy Reid: now there’s something to look forward to!

Bonus Coverage: Dem Guest Perpetuates Myth that Planned Parenthood Provides Mammograms

During a segment about President Trump’s move to defund Planned Parenthood, Dem guest Jimmy Williams twice referred to Planned Parenthood providing mammograms. As has been well documented, Planned Parenthood performs no mammograms. But Reid, so quick to reprimand Republicans, never corrected Williams. To the contrary, Reid interjected “yeah” after the second time Williams mentioned mammograms.

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