When Joy Reid and her merry band of liberals sink their teeth into something, it’s hard to tear them away.

Last month, we entertained you with this item about Reid & Co. mentioning “Russia” 56 times in one hour.

On today’s AM Joy, the word was “pardon.” No Groucho-like duck came down, but Reid and her panelists pored interminably over the pardon possibilities. We counted 32 “pardon” mentions in the 14-minute segment. Naturally, the panel was horrified at the prospect of President Trump pardoning himself or others. Reid herself conjured up a nightmare scenario of Trump committing “treason, and then pardoning himself.” The reliably hyperbolic Joan Walsh spoke darkly of a “constitutional crisis.”

The pardon-mania of Reid and the rest of the MSM is a media creation. It started Friday night with an article in the Washington Post based on anonymous sources.  Since then, the media has spent the entire weekend obsessing over pardons, because discussing pardons assumes Trump and others did something illegal. As this article notes, however, Trump attorneys John Dowd and Jay Sekulow have denied that they have been discussing or researching the president’s pardoning powers.

So sit back, view the video, and watch Joy and her liberal journeymen patter on unpardonably—you should pardon the expression.

Note: we’ve only included 20 of the 32 “pardons” in the video clip.


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