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"What, like with a cloth or something?" is how Hillary Clinton answered Fox News's Ed Henry's question about wiping her email server. People used BleachBit, a software that strips away files and makes it unable to recover any data. Now BleachBit is selling cloths with Hillary on it:

Not only does the media collude with Hillary Clinton, but a Department of Justice official leaked information to the campaign about the investigation. Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik, who is also involved with the probe into emails found on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner's devices, warned John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chair, when the State would release the emails and on hearings:

The New York Times sent a bombshell through Hillary Clinton's close circle when it reported that she used a private email system during her tenure as secretary of state. That same day, March 2, 2015, Hillary campaign chair John Podesta told longtime aide Cheryl Mills the group needed to dump those emails: Podesta Dump Emails

No wonder the Clintons get away with everything! They have people scattered across the government to help them out. It turns out Assistant Attorney Peter Kadzik at the Department of Justice is also extremely close to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chair. Kadzik is also one of the DOJ attorneys involved with the reopening of Hillary's email scandal after new evidence emerged on devices belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner.

Hillary Clinton had the private email system. Hillary used her private email system to send and receive classified information. Hillary had the email server installed at her house. Yet the big three networks have attacked FBI Director James Comey over Hillary's email scandal instead of the presidential candidate.

As the Hillary email-Weiner sexting scandals and investigations unfold, we are learning that there are thousands of emails that the FBI believes to be work-related correspondence between Hillary and Huma Abedin. Abedin is saying she has no idea how those emails got on the co-owned computer, and considering that saying otherwise would reveal a crime (i.e.  perjury and/or lying to the FBI—the latter is how Martha Stewart earned her stay at Club Fed), that is not surprising. Comey stated in his letter to Congress that the investigative team working on the Weiner sexting case briefed him on the emails they found to and from Hillary.

From the Arkansas Governorship to the U.S. presidency to the State Department to the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons corrupt every institution they touch. That includes the current presidential election, with Bill Clinton meeting secretly (until caught) with Attorney General Loretta Lynch as the FBI and DOJ were evaluating whether to prosecute Hillary. Bill didn't need to say particular words to influence Lynch, the message was sent by the meeting. It tainted Lynch, DOJ, the FBI and the entire investigation. Hillary was under investigation because she improperly set up a private server to handle her work email traffic, including classified information. This was done for the worst of reasons, to create a shadow electronic government completely under the control of Hillary and her team in order to shield her records of public service from public scrutiny. All else flows from that, including putting Obama in a position of lying to the public about what he knew and when he knew it.

History's Most Qualified Candidate couldn't be bothered to read the second page of a two-page letter. That was Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook's laughably lame excuse for the lie Hillary perpetrated in claiming that FBI Director Comey had only sent his recent letter to Republican members of Congress. In fact, the second page of the letter clearly showed that all the ranking Dems on the various committees had been sent the letter. Mook offered up his feeble fish story to Chris Wallace on today's Fox News Sunday. Mook also repeatedly dodged Wallace's question as to whether Hillary has asked Huma what was in the emails on the laptop Abedin shared with husband Anthony Weiner.

There have been numerous developments today in the reopening of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton, most notably the declaration of war by Clinton World on James Comey. The war started after almost 24 hours of shock and awe resulting from the Friday afternoon announcement left Team Hillary and the rest of Clinton World attempting to hold back the onslaught of news coverage. Clinton World first tried to buy itself time by arguing over what the meaning of "reopen" was. It was comical, but arguing over definitions is what the Clintons do to buy themselves time until they can counter attack:

Loretta Lynch's Department of Justice just can't seem to leave alone the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton for her private email server and its ramifications for national security.  The "tarmac summit" between Lynch and Bill Clinton was grossly improper, leading FBI agents to suggest the meeting was to broker "an inside deal."  And now we are learning that "senior Justice officials" warned the FBI against Comey updating Congress regarding an email stash found while investigating Hillary's top aide Huma Abedin's disgraced husband Anthony Weiner. The Washington Post reports:
Senior Justice Department officials warned the FBI that Director James B. Comey’s decision to notify Congress about renewing the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was not consistent with long-standing practices of the department, according to officials familiar with the discussions.

Joy Reid and Kurt Eichenwald are a liberal-media hit team made in heaven—or somewhere else, depending on your perspective. Reid has the habit of rudely cutting off or correcting conservatives brave enough to venture onto her show. Eichenwald's MO is to laugh nastily in the face of conservatives with whom he disagrees. We've documented this before, as here, here and here, and it happened again this morning. On Reid's MSNBC show, AM Joy, when Trump surrogate Steve Cortes suggested that Hillary Clinton has jeopardized national security with her mishandling of emails, Reid shut him down: "you know better than that. I respect you too much to let you go on a rant that is full of unfactual information, sir." Reid then turned it over to Eichenwald to attack Cortes, saying "your witness," as if Cortes were fodder for cross-examination.

Now that the Weinergate story has broken, how many early voters may wish they could go back and change their votes? We'll never know and it doesn't matter because they can't do it. This is a perfect example of why we shouldn't have early voting. The practice has the potential to encourage fraud because campaigns can analyze early voting data and know where they need stronger turnout on election day. The Wall Street Journal provides a look at how early voting is going so far:

The FBI letter to Congress stating that it is reopening the investigation into her handling of classified information set off the expected reaction, documented in our prior post, Mother of all October Surprises – FBI reopening Hillary email case. Ed Morrissey suggested on Twitter that this might be another case Lucy (James Comey) pulling the football away from Charlie Brown (Hillary opponents) once again at the last minute. Hillary and Team Hillary are on the attack, demanding that Comey release everything he has on Hillary:

By now you know about the bombshell that the FBI has reopened its investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails. But wait, there's a connection to Anthony Weiner. The New York Times reports that new emails were discovered curing the FBI's investigation of Weiner's sexting scandal (the latest one, not the original). Assuming the Times report is accurate, it's important to point out that the report is not that the emails in question were to or from Weiner, but were on a device examined for the first time during the course of that investigation. The Times states:
Emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server were found after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices once shared by Anthony D. Weiner and his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton, federal law enforcement officials said Friday.
Who could have predicted this twist?

The more Wikileaks dumps Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta's emails the more we lear just how deep the cover-up goes for a supposed no big deal incident. We have also learned that quite a few on her side knew the private email system was a big deal and expressed frustration with those who brushed it aside. The loudest critic has to be Neera Tanden, CEO of Center for American Progress, who has railed against Hillary's private email system. In an email leaked today she said: Tanden Hillary Email

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) told The Washington Post that his committee has "years" of investigation material on Hillary Clinton, even after the presidential election:
“It’s a target-rich environment,” the Republican said in an interview in Salt Lake City’s suburbs. “Even before we get to Day One, we’ve got two years’ worth of material already lined up. She has four years of history at the State Department, and it ain’t good.”

In March 2015, President Barack Obama told CBS News that he did not know Hillary Clinton used a private email system when she served as secretary of state and claimed he learned about it from the news just like everybody else. Well, Wikileaks posted an email that proves otherwise: Obama Knew Hillary Email This was in March 2015. He repeated the same thing to 60 minutes in October 2015.