The FBI letter to Congress stating that it is reopening the investigation into her handling of classified information set off the expected reaction, documented in our prior post, Mother of all October Surprises – FBI reopening Hillary email case.

Ed Morrissey suggested on Twitter that this might be another case Lucy (James Comey) pulling the football away from Charlie Brown (Hillary opponents) once again at the last minute.

Hillary and Team Hillary are on the attack, demanding that Comey release everything he has on Hillary:

Expect this to be a deafening chorus of demands from the mainstream media, acting in unison. It’s all she and they can do — try to cast doubt by demanding something Comey likely cannot give in such a short time period.

So what is your best estimation of what will happen?

Seems to me there are several choices before the election as to Hillary:

1. Comey does nothing more publicly.
2. Comey releases more information, but doesn’t resolve the case.
3. Comey releases more information, clears Hillary.
4. Comey releases more information, recommends charges against Hillary.

What do you think?

For electoral impact purposes, I think it’s a narrower choice.

Comey either exonerates Hillary or not. If yes, he’s Lucy, everyone celebrating today is Charlie Brown, and Hillary could recover from whatever impact today’s announcement has. If No, then the issue lingers through election day and can only help Trump.

Yes or No. That is the Question:

Will FBI exonerate Hillary PRIOR to election on new email evidence?

Poll open until Sunday Night, October 30, 2016, midnight Pacific Time