Joy Reid has a history of shutting down guests on her MSNBC show who disagree with her. Last week, Reid abruptly ended a segment when a conservative Latino guest tried to raise Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s support of eugenics. Today, the ever PC-Reid instructed a Trump supporter not to speak of “illegals” when referring to illegal immigrants.

African-American Trump supporter Paris Dennard was making the point that Trump is not opposed to immigration generally, but to illegal immigration, and that illegal immigrants take jobs from black Americans. Dennard twice spoke of “illegals.” That led guest Juan Hernandez, a supporter of Libertarian Gary Johnson, to say he was “insulted.” Reid agreed, adding “this is like being in a family home. And when you’re in this home, we just ask that you please not use terminology that offends people. So y’all are guests in our house, please don’t use that terminology.”

The agile Dennard, a lonely voice for Trump in a sea of antagonists, brought up Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “super-predators” to describe young African-Americans. Replied Reid sarcastically: “good try, trying to take this conversation in a different direction.”

PARIS DENNARD: It’s not that we need to focus exclusively on or say that Mr. Trump is against immigration. It is the issue of illegal immigration. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. So I know this issue well. And I have Hispanics, and actually Mexicans in my own family. And so, this is something that is very important to me. But to your point directly, Joy, the issue of illegal immigration, and those illegals that come over here, there is an issue with the black community as it relates to jobs and the jobs that may or may not be there. And so, we have to get to the bottom of this, because the browning of America is a good thing. The more entrepreneurs that we have in this country that are here doing it legally is a good thing. I like that. I like having taco trucks on every corner if that means that we have young people, millennials that are entrepreneurs and that are being a part of the American dream. But what we can’t do is continue to reward bad behavior and reward illegals that come in here. We have to fix the illegal immigration problem.

JOY REID: We’re going to end this topic and I’m going to say two things.

JUAN HERNANDEZ: I’m a little insulted by the word illegals.

JOY REID: Exactly. Thank you. I was going to say the same thing.

HERNANDEZ: Thank you, thank you very much. I really appreciate you using the right vocabulary.

REID: That’s right.

HERNANDEZ: I’m always very, very careful with every group. We’re all God’s children, the pastor would say.

REID: Amen. You said what I was going to say.

HERNANDEZ: Nobody is illegal in this world. Nobody is illegal in this world. God put us all here.

DENNARD: But there are laws. There are laws.

REID: We’re going to leave it at that. We’re going to say this is like being in a family home. And when you’re in this home, we just ask that you please not use terminology that offends people.

HERNANDEZ: Amen, amen. Thank you very much.

REID: So y’all are guests in our house. Please don’t use that terminology. We appreciate it.

DENNARD: Like super predators like Hillary Clinton used.

REID: Paris, you keep on trying.

HERNANDEZ: That’s what we would like Trump to do, and I’m a Republican. We would like an apology to African-Americans, to women, to the handicap, to the —

REID: She did apologize. Hold on, hold on. The segment is over but Paris, good try, trying to take the conversation in a different direction.


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