“What, like with a cloth or something?” is how Hillary Clinton answered Fox News’s Ed Henry’s question about wiping her email server. People used BleachBit, a software that strips away files and makes it unable to recover any data.

Now BleachBit is selling cloths with Hillary on it:

The website says:

  • After you have smashed your BlackBerry, don’t forget to wipe the fingerprints from your email server with this non-abrasive, soft microfiber Cloth or Something.
  • Thin, foldable size makes it easy to stash the Cloth or Something in burn bags.
  • 6″ x 6″ size quickly wipes even the biggest email servers with thousands of emails.
  • Buy an extra cloth for your VIP (VERY VIP) client.
  • Optionally autographed on the back by Andrew, creator of BleachBit.
  • Printed in the USA!
  • Guaranteed not to prove intent, or you will get a full refund paid when you are released from prison.
  • First-class shipping and handling is a flat rate of $2 per order.
  • Yes, this cloth is real, and you can really buy it.

Don’t wait for a subpoena: Order Now!

Unfortunately, BleachBit founder Andrew Ziem has sold out of the product, but the company promises more is on the way:

“Sales have come in waves. There was a boost after the second presidential debate and a bigger wave after FBI Director James Comey reopened the investigation on Friday,” Ziem said.

“A few days ago I had just reordered the cloths from the printer and was mostly keeping up with signing them, but yesterday sales went through the roof. I panicked as I saw them selling out so fast because I do not like back orders, and I don’t know how I am going to sign them all,” he said.

He told Fox News it started as a joke, but when he made the design to sell them he thought why not? But the popularity has actually caused him to delay his actual job at BleachBit:

‘The Cloth or Something’ project has been fun, but it has also been a distraction from the software development needed to get out the next release of the BleachBit software application,” he said.

As soon as he makes more available I will buy some and let you know how well they work!