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Hillary in FBI Trumpland trouble?

Hillary in FBI Trumpland trouble?

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people don’t hate you.

It’s understandable that those who thought Hillary had a lock on the presidency are getting pretty frustrated.

She may still win, but it’s far from guaranteed now that the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play allegations are circulating and the Huma-Anthony computer cache is being scrutinized leading to a reopening of the server/email scandal.

Has the FBI become Trumpland? That’s what The Guardian claims, ‘The FBI is Trumpland’: anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaking, sources say:

Deep antipathy to Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI, multiple bureau sources have told the Guardian, spurring a rapid series of leaks damaging to her campaign just days before the election.

Current and former FBI officials, none of whom were willing or cleared to speak on the record, have described a chaotic internal climate that resulted from outrage over director James Comey’s July decision not to recommend an indictment over Clinton’s maintenance of a private email server on which classified information transited.

“The FBI is Trumpland,” said one current agent.

This atmosphere raises major questions about how Comey and the bureau he is slated to run for the next seven years can work with Clinton should she win the White House.

The currently serving FBI agent said Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel,” and that “the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.”

Seems to me that if there are FBI leaks, it’s as much about the failure to charge the clearly chargeable Hillary.

HuffPo also is reading the FBI tea leaves, or more accurately, video of Rudy Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani Confirms FBI Insiders Leaked Information To The Trump Campaign:

Rudy Giuliani said Friday that he knew the FBI planned to review more emails tied to Hillary Clinton before a public announcement about the investigation last week, confirming that the agency leaked information to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign….

Giuliani insisted he had nothing to do with Comey’s decision to announce the probe prior to Election Day ― a move that both Republicans and Democrats have condemned. He also insisted his information comes from “former FBI agents.”

“I’m real careful not to talk to any on-duty, active FBI agents. I don’t want to put them in a compromising position. But I sure have a lot of friends who are retired FBI agents, close, personal friends,” he said. “All I heard were former FBI agents telling me that there’s a revolution going on inside the FBI and it’s now at a boiling point.”

Is the FBI out to get Hillary with leaks? You know the saying, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people don’t hate you.”


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If these reports are true,, we better get used to it. She will.become the face illegitimate governance, unable to command even the silence of her own security services.

I expect that it is less “Trumpland” and more “Law and Order Land” Trump just happens to be the candidate that seems to respect the law.

legacyrepublican | November 4, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Let’s see. Hellary has the military against her, the FBI against her, and ICE against her.

She may have the Secret Service against her, LEO’s around the country against her, and potentially firemen against her too.

You know, I am not sure having the people who protect you against you bad guys is a really good idea. Especially if they think all they are doing is protecting the vast wealth you got from selling the country out.

    Semper Why in reply to legacyrepublican. | November 4, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    You forgot to add the Diplomatic Security Service. Protecting SoS used to be a plum assignment. It was relegated to junior agents because Hillary made it so unpalatable.

    Source: FBI investigation documents

Strange sick things are starting to come out in Wikileaks. That seems to add credibility to rumors the NYPD found lots of prostitution and trips to Pedi Island by senior Hillary insiders.

It appears that America is becoming Trumpland.

I’m still puzzled as to why FBI hasn’t been as thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted by Clintonistas as damn near everyone else.

It’s good … but it’s still puzzling.

And things that are puzzling are more likely to turn out to not be real.

Also … I wonder if the “good” FBI has any plans for fighting the levels of voter fraud I expect to engulf the system in a few days. The Obama admin tried to put Homeland Security on that … which would be like putting Anthony Weiner in charge of Security at a girl’s school.

    VaGentleman in reply to tom swift. | November 4, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    The standards J Edgar Hoover set for the agency are higher than hers. (I know it’s a low bar, but…) Seriously, Hoover built an agency with a very high esprit de corps and was merciless on corrupt agents. For all their flaws, they believe in the mission and the shield (Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity). One has to wonder if the ‘files’ he kept on Washington personalities weren’t used to prevent the corruption of his agency by prior politicians.

FBI agents hate criminals.

Of course the FBI leaked the information to the Trump campaign. If they had leaked it to the press, we wouldn’t hear about it for decades, if ever.

“James Kallstrom on the FBI: It’s not Trumpland, but it’s people sick and tired of the lack of the rule of law.”

Wow! This from a man who was leading the FBI TWA800 investigation of the crash off of Long Island NY and did a 180 degree turn on the cause of the crash. He was at first on the missile theory side and then after a visit to DC came back and went the center fuel tank explosion route. Not one airline or Boeing bought into that nonsense and no retrofit or repairs of other airliners were ever accomplished. bill clinton replaced every highly qualified inspector of the NTSB and the FAA with political hacks and this crowd, along with the CIA, deceived the public because clinton did not want this hanging over his head for the upcoming election. Kalstrom was part of this deception and to this day still denies he was part of it. As a retired airline pilot, this is one of the worst deceptions in American history. Read Jack Cashill’s book, TWA800, if you want to witness the corruption of our federal agencies by the clinton family. My take on it is that bill clinton was still a novice when he accomplished this deception so we can only imagine what the professional crook, hillary, can and will do if she wins!

hey could sell tickets to watch all the members of Clinton INC “frog march” to jail.

It might actually make a dent in the national debt.

“Off topic” but I have to say, I knew it!

In Wikileaks, Podesta was interested in talking with Palantir’s Alex Karp about helping Hillary’s campaign. Even though co-founder Peter Thiel is a Trump supporter, Alex Karp, the CEO, is a Hillary supporter.

Henry Hawkins | November 4, 2016 at 6:35 pm

Correct The Record, shock of shocks, took Guliani’s statement way out of context. Rudy made it very clear several times that his info came from retired FBI agent friends of his, not from active FBI agents. As per usual media trickery, they selected out only the part that served their agenda and left everything else – especially the context – out of their quote.

I just saw a Hillary appearance on ABC news.

I said don’t trust the polls one way or another. They say what the pollsters want them to say.

Look at the behavior of the campaign teams.

Today, Hillary was going around saying “Tell your friends, even if they don’t like me to vote for me.”

Somehow that does not indicate to me that Hillary has a lot of confidence.

“Deep antipathy to Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI”

I’m guessing that’s only because FBI agents are biased against corrupt people. Call me cray but…

“The FBI is Trumpland,” said one current agent.

I don’t believe that agent actually exists. Having been in and around the media for some 30 years in politics, and having direct experience with a Boston Globe reporter quoting my words as coming from 3 different people, I believe its more likely this reporter couldn’t find an FBI agent to say this, so he just made it up.

    4fun in reply to Fen. | November 4, 2016 at 9:39 pm

    I think there’s deep antipathy from most of the country toward hitlery.
    Problem comes from being so blindly democrat that they can’t actually believe they are the useful idiots for the corrupt leaders.
    RodC :Today, Hillary was going around saying “Tell your friends, even if they don’t like me to vote for me.”

    That sounds like Yeb asking the old folks to “Please clap” at one of his final campaign stops. Sounds of desperation from hitlery…….delicious.

You start with the presumption that “journalists” are courrpted liars and cheats and work up from there. Saves much disappointment.

    Lanceman in reply to Fen. | November 4, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    As Glenn Reynolds would say “Just think of them as democrat operatives with bylines and you won’t go far wrong”.

Gotta say, the single downvote of so many benign remarks is interesting….

Why does LI even use this system? It’s a simple appeal to conformity, which is antithetical to the concept of free speech. I wish you would just ditch it.